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A feature length documentary work which will present a case for a needed transition out of the current socioeconomic monetary paradigm which governs the entire world society. This subject matter will transcend the issues of cultural relativism and traditional ideology and move to relate the core, empirical life groundattributes of human and social survival, extrapolating those immutable natural laws into a new sustainable social paradigm called a Resource-Based Economy. Following on from Zeitgeist: The Movie, Zeitgeist: Addendum, Zeitgeist Movement Activist and Orientation Guide, Moving Forward reinforces and clarifies the information presented in those films. It is done so in a crystal clear fashion beginning with an examination of the conditioning that shapes our behavior, moving on to the failures of the monetary/market system, it’s resultant socio-economic collapse and finally, the transition into a resource based economy for the betterment of humankind.

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  • Sage

    Your soapbox becomes you.

  • Paul

    hmm i want to adress some of the problems with this film i like the bits at the start with human behavior and poverty and essential needs and the section about the human races insatiable materialistic wants and rampant waste and our complete addiction to oil with no intention to find some other energy source insted of saving some oil for future generations. oil isnt bad and its an amazing tool for creating plastics paints ect.. but people dont give a fuck anymore (if they ever did i can only speak for the 20 years ive been around) thats why we have land fills cities and oceans full of trash mostly plastic and i cant even talk too much i throw out my fair share of plastic but i recycle as much as i can. getting on to the monetary system i cant see money just being replaced by a resource based economy. money also isn't a bad thing not at all when u let irresponsable people/organizations run the monetary system well you get the shitty fucked up world we live in today also he says 75% of jobs can be automated okay what about the other 25% are we to expect 1 and a half billion people to work for nothing? doubtful so you need some incentive as well as a common form of bartering which money works very well for its not that the only way to manage our planets resources is without money but the way we use our monetary system is an epic failure where you do have 1% of the population own so much material wealth. there needs to be a more even wealth distribution and a wealth cap per person i think anyway. no one needs five houses and luxury sports cars and the whole bit especially when 50% of people live off 2$ A DAY and u have thousands starving to death for almost no reason at all. you can still have monetary competitivness without depriving your fellow man of basic needs such as food and water, another thing that he didnt talk about much was war he didn't tell you that if war was eliminated out right poverty could be solved for if only a small percentage of the money spent on military industrialization was put towards food production and water treatment not one person would go to bed hungry and dehydrated and whatever was leftover could be spent on global universal healthcare. society as a whole is sick in the head. 3 years ago i detested the fact that i actually had to go out and become a part of this fucked up world there was a good 6 month period when i lived in deep depression for that very fact im still not all that thrilled about my situation in life but im hopeful for the future i might not see the day where the world grows up enough to achieve these changes but i hope my kids do and if not my grandkids if we make it that far we might kill ourselves off by then i see a world war 3 coming its not improbable when things go to shit historically it leads to war and history has this funny thing of repeating itself especially when people dont learn from it which i think were doomed for that part. i cant speak for the whole world but the kids i went to school with were all fucking retarded i was pretty much the only kid who raised his hand to answer questions in like every subject not math tho haha and its not even like im a geek or super intelligent it's just kids today are so brainwashed and apathetic towards anything that actually matters i dont know this is life your given your cards and you gotta play them the best you can (gets off his soap box) goodnight or morning whenever your reading this im going to bed now :)

  • BlogShag

    What was with the space cadet ideology of finding a new planet, and that  cartoon sequence?

  • bizwizle

    First I want to say that the best thing about films like this isn't necessarily the ideas themselves that are brought forward but the fact that it gets people who see them to start thinking about a different way of doing things and to start talking about it and I think that is actually the point.  If people don't think and talk about change than it is doomed not to happen.

    Anyway the review.

    Great film that addressed a lot of the unanswered questions from the first two films but still leaves a lot to be answered.  The one thing about this and the other Zeitgeist films is that unlike many other "subversive" films it actually presents rather logical and probably achievable solutions to the problems it talks about.  There are definitely some problems with the plan such as they do not address what we will do with the existing cities in order to incorporate the model they have for the round city design which is actually an idea that's been around a long long time in the design world as a concept.  We can't obviously just abandon our cities and go live in brand new circle cities but retrofit may be somewhat of a solution.  Of course developing countries such as China provide an excellent opportunity to give this model for building cities like this but that will take a willingness of investors which in our current system will be hard to find.  The ending was a bit optimistic and unrealistic but it's purpose was to make you feel like a change on a massive scale is possible and that the long term outcome will be good for the human species as a whole.  I am really starting to believe that the death of our current system is fast approaching but I am less optimistic about the transitional phase being peaceful, uniform across the world and simultaneous as the film suggests it could be

  • Guest

    Well put, ResearcherGuy!

    AntPat, you are a real stumbling block for positive change. I do feel sorry for all the people like you who are victims of propaganda, lies, hoaxes, corruption, misinformation etc. and do not know what to grab hold of so you spew criticism every way you can. I know you feel extremely helpless and hopeless and beat. Forget about the guy who put it all together and what his intentions might be. All you need to do is try to change for the better by using all positive information you can acquire from all of these sources. PEACE

  • Nobody

    Free will abides when thought dose not interfere with "what is". Thought is the past, which is all our conditioning, beliefs, attitudes, hopes, desires, fears, etc, etc.
    Thought is who you are, the past. Therefore the idea of self is an illusion. when one sees the illusion, it is shattered and what is comes into being. That is what cannot be expressed in words except to say it is beyond time and space, infinite and any ACTION carried in presence is free i.e. not  from our conditioning.

  • Nobody

    FREE WILL abides when thought dose not interfere with "what is". Thought is the past, which is all our conditioning, beliefs, attitudes, hopes, desires, fears, etc, etc.
    Thought is who you are, the past. Therefore the idea of self is an illusion. when one sees the illusion, it is shattered and "what is" comes into being. That is, what cannot be expressed in words,as it is beyond time , infinite and any ACTION carried in this presence is free from conditioning.
    It is spontaenous ACTION.
    So the seening and action are one movement free of interference from thought.
    Not the ACTING from an idea, belief, plan, concept.
    That is thought gets in the way of  "what is".

  • Property Croatia

    This film is above current political and economic systems and religions... it is an evolution in thinking.

  • gr0gg0

    Why do people don't get it? After this movie they still believe in free will... Without any proof of its existence. Free will means "without a reason". There's nothing in the world that happens without a reason. Cause and effect, baby! And if free will do not exist, what's the right to judge someone by it (law, punishment, limitations, money etc.)?
    Those who think they have free will are easily manipulated.

  • Wendy Penn

    Lost me the moment anything was being based on finding a brand new Earth somewhere's else, and then the ending... SEriousLy?  Obviously there will be a lot of violence reported, most especially from cops (already armed) when "the revolution" comes as a result of mass discontent.  No suit is gonna "make the call" and tell the cops they don't actually have to restrain/harm dissenters because money is meaningless now.  Furthermore, no mass protesting across the world... simply gathering in the streets, is going to be the single magic formula that makes the institutions fall.

  • Horus

    The people that claim this is Communism and Socialism have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. First off -
    Communism/Socialism still has money, banks, government, social stratification, doesn't address planetary resources etc. So to compare that with and RBE is completely erroneous.
    The first thing an RBE calls for is the removal of government and the entire monetary system. An RBE transcends any kind of 'ism' box you try to put it in. Nothing like this has been tried before on a global scale. The situation in russia with a planned economy failed miserably because there was still a corrupt government controlling the planned economy not giving it a proper chance.

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