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Zeitgeist: Addendum, attempts to locate the root causes of this pervasive social corruption, while offering a solution. This solution is not based on politics, morality, laws, or any other "establishment" notions of human affairs, but rather on a modern, non-superstitous based understanding of what we are and how we align with nature, to which we are a part. The work advocates a new social system which is updated to present day knowledge, highly influenced by the life long work of Jacque Fresco and The Venus Project.

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  • karen todd

    that is it exactly- and how anyone could find fault with or be intimidated by these ideas is beyond me....

  • Stacey

    This is one of my favorite documentary, I always tell all of my friends to watch this Documentary. It really gives you a good insight of how money is corrupting our lives and how money really leads to all evil. I really hope one day like in the documentary we can get rid of money and all live equal. I don't think it will ever happen though on this planet maybe on Mars or something.

  • fer

    And to Torin Wolf:

    Communism is a political system managed by a form of ideology, which does not necessarily relate to human or environmental needs. Communism uses money, banks, armies, police, prisons, charismatic personalities, social stratification, and is managed by appointed leaders and uses indoctrination. The Venus Project's aim is to surpass the need for the use of money. Police, prisons, banking, advertising, stockbrokers, military, and government would no longer be necessary when goods, services, healthcare, and education are available to all people. The Venus Project would replace politicians with a cybernated society in which all of the physical entities would as quickly as possible be managed and operated by computerized systems. The only region that the computers do not operate or manage is the surveillance of human beings. This would be completely unnecessary and considered socially offensive. A society that uses technology without human concern has no basis of survival. Communism has no blueprint or methodology to carry out their ideals and along with capitalism, fascism, and socialism will ultimately go down in history as failed social experiments. One of Communism’s concerns is the condition of labor and the working class. The Venus Project’s major concerns are producing products with limited labor and eventually eliminating labor and at the same time giving people all the amenities of a prosperous, high energy society. It is not our aim to produce a society that does nothing but enjoy leisure time. Instead people will be introduced to limitless opportunities to explore, create, participate, and learn.

  • fer

    here are some thoughts on the questions you posed.

    "(...)for as long as there is any Human Life form on Earth, there will always be someone, who wants more, rather it be Power, Money, Prestige"

    When resources are available to everyone without a price tag and not rationed, human values undergo considerable change. Most of us have been indoctrinated in civilization immersed in scarcity – artificially generated with planned obsolescence. I am highly suspicious of those whose incentive is motivated by money. I also believe in the incentive system but not the shallow, self-centered incentives perpetuated by our monetary-based institutions.

    There would be no need for any high stressed jobs; there could be a large enough rotation of personnel to practically eliminate any high stress jobs until they can be phased out by innovative technology.

    "there will never be Humans NOT working and machines taking over, somebody has to build the machines and maintain them, install them, wire them up, unpack them, ship them for delivery which takes transport workers, to do the work, somebody will have to order the machines and the particular model number. If a machine broke down who’s going to fix & repair it, order the parts and pick them up to put them on ?"

    The best way to solve this is through technology.
    Nowadays there is a technology called "Self Healing Circuits", by means of nano-technology, machines can repair themselves.
    We already witnessed how machines can build machines
    (car assembly lines).
    As far as transport, in a Resource based economy there are no limits on energy usage, since its available in an unlimited fashion.
    So, by means of Intelligent Freight Transportation (best example, the Amsterdam Port, an almost complete automated port), you could move resources from production areas to destination.

    "I see this Fantasy Scenerio, as coming right back to eventually where we are now over time, it won’t be able to sustain itself, because of People- Human Beings who have to have what they don’t really need to just be happy and survive, they’ll always devise more creative ways to justify wanting just a little bit more in some fashion or another, so they can be ahead of the other person."

    Our greed is a product of the profit-driven environment.
    A limited money supply is what drives competition, greed, envy, etc in our behaviour.
    Nobody would need to steal something everyone has already ... you see what I mean?
    Through abundance and education, we will get rid
    of all the uncivilized behaviors WE, the current generation, are used to.

    Hope this helps to answer some of your doubts.

    Please visit thevenusproject.com for further info.

  • Tommy

    Thanks Torin Wolf. You have seen the truth in the Zeitgeist Addendum. Let me add further speculation. Speculation guided by sixty years of experience and awakened thinking.

    This is simply a magnificently clever deflection away from the complete exposure of and effective resistance to the final goals of the royal elitist~ruling class and their passionate heart's desire of which they are incessantly chattering, the grand 'New World Order'. The solution offered by Zeitgeist is a dressed up, Mr Cool version of socialism. Whats wrong with that old man... one may ask. Socialism is by it's very substance the enemy of human rights and dignity.Individual liberty must be subordinated to the "collective" through conformity and that conformity is possible through either brainwashing or through force... coercion and ultimately violence and death to the non-compliant. Socialism places control of your life's choices and the information you can receive and exchange into the hands of you 'superiors' inn the State. This is raw unimaginable POWER in the hands of your masters. Power is corrupting... has anyone experiences a arrogant bureaucrat in some government office or a macho policeman? Imagine the magnitude of power these New World Order people are going to have; now imagine the magnitude of potential corruption and abuse which must follow.

    Put it another way.... if you hate the corporate criminals, those arrogant wealthy bastards who have wreaked such horror on humanity in their greed for money and power... then Baby, your going to really hate the coming socialists world order; because the people in power now are going to be in a position of unassailable, unquestionable unlimited-power in that "Utopia". As far as I can see this Zeitgeist phenom is their work and a might clever infiltration it is.

    Fight it... find the Real fight against the NWO and their legion of "believers"... fight as if your life and the lives of every one you love is in the balance, because they are.... believe they are just people; clever, rotten, mad with power people, but people not gods, not supermen.

  • Le Fanx, Melbourne

    Rightio swarm nr, should anyone see you with a necklace of ears like Dolph Lundgren from universal soldier, I recommend you put on your adidas and run in the opposite direction because Jean-Claude Van Damme will settle your minuscule mindset. THE FUTURE IS UNWRITTEN, VISION THE HIGHEST OF, otherwise, shut it moron.

    ignorant |?ign?r?nt|
    lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated : he was told constantly that he was ignorant and stupid.
    • [ predic. ] lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about something in particular : they were ignorant of astronomy.

  • swarm nr 912982191893918928312934132y6217271832871821872818318283817282818910476

    i have hopes and plans to survive the coming apocalyptic events coming. after the virus has mutated. and all vaccinate´s victims will be diseased and no longer a good gene build for future generations. after the polarshift, and the final wars, i will miss the internet, when electronics burn out in magnetic shift. and push us back digitaly.
    but i think metal will still be able to bend and melt from fire and heat.
    and seeds and harvests will come up eventually. somewhere. somehow. sometime.
    yes, im prepared to eat you.
    in future i will shave less frequently.
    and i will have a necklace of ears.
    good luck ! see you on the countryside.

  • brad

    This is a very well made and important documentary. The evils in the current society are plane and many of the solutions presented makes sense. However there are some things that are troublesome such as the abolitionism of religion. I am personally not religious but many people are and in a way I think that at this stage of human evolution many humans still need religion as a comfort and a means of personal expression.
    The movie says that the idea of human nature is false but I beg to differ. If you look at the natural order in nature there is always self interest and the need of survival at the center of every creatures existence. This is usually at the expense of another entity. Perhaps one day we can overcome this as a species when our brain is more fully used but as it stands today a Utopian vision is just that, a vision. I agree the monetary system needs to go and massive changes must be made in society with technology and equal rights for all at the center but there is no current solution that is a fix all end all.

    Even one of the key people interviewed said the system would not be perfect, just better than what we have now.

  • Sedrick

    the begining with krishnamurti is probably one of the best movie beginings in history

  • Great Documentary.

  • JetRanger

    Great Documentary Movie, some good points made, well produced - but- I'm Sorry this will never happen, for as long as there is any Human Life form on Earth, there will always be someone, who wants more, rather it be Power, Money, Prestige, whatever,there will never be Humans NOT working and machines taking over, somebody has to build the machines and maintain them, install them, wire them up, unpack them, ship them for delivery which takes transport workers, to do the work, somebody will have to order the machines and the particular model number. If a machine broke down who's going to fix & repair it, order the parts and pick them up to put them on ? Now I don't imagine, whatever company is going to be producing these so called machines will do it for FREE since the material isn't likey to be free to make the machines !As far as the transit system, like that Hi-Speed Train, another example- it breaks dowm, whos going to repair it, and do periodic maintence, and the scheduling of the trains at particular hours ? I see this Fantasy Scenerio, as coming right back to eventually where we are now over time, it won't be able to sustain itself, because of People- Human Beings who have to have what they don't really need to just be happy and survive, they'll always devise more creative ways to justify wanting just a little bit more in some fashion or another, so they can be ahead of the other person. As far as the money monetary system goes, theres always going to be some form of trade, rather it be paper with printing on it, or some other means as an acceptable form of Barter for goods or services Exchanged, rather it be fruits and nuts, or Watermelons and Bananas, somebodys going to want something in exchage for something, its just human Nature, they won't desire to give it up for Free or Nothing just for the Sake of it all. This kind of reminds me of the TV Movie the Stepford Wives from the 1970s or West World, kind of a Nice Fantasy Scenerio- but eventually it all goes haywire, because of Humans, you'd have to of seen both those movies to know what I'm referring to. The-END !

  • Boston Revolutionairy


  • Boston Revolutionairy

    is it that they are stupid or dont want to be taught? if evil exist in this world it is because the good people dont stand up aganist it

  • innersspace

    To LadyRia, Regardless of your intended point or points, that was the most painful thing I've ever 'read'. What's more annoying is that with all the gratuitous slashes, quotation marks, parentheses, cap letters and all, it's likely you're being stupid on purpose. Now go back and rewrite that using COMPLETE sentences. Feel free to mix in a few of commas also. Ah..I see that you don't use commas or exclamation points. Please tell us why, that would be interesting. But just to be 'fair and balanced' (get it?) those two Z movies are possibly WORSE...)-''-)/('-'')'-'"?,,,!!!!
    Only if your native tongue ISN'T English could I be slightly remorseful. But alas, it is. Sincerely, Angry Bitter Old Man

  • huh

    Why is everyone so fucking stupid?

  • LadyRia

    NEW WORLD ORDER- Let me see...

    This my dear brothers and sisters has been going on since 100's?? BC - it is just a New Name For the same "changing of the guard" (so to speak) command.

    For Centuries the battle of Power has done nothing but implement it's "why we should do this- or that" upon us. Religious Battles (I laugh) In many texts I have read- from the Egyptian times- Torrah- Mayan- Catholic- New Age (new what? the same caca) no where is there a "command" from God/Goddess/Ali/Jehovah etc... to Shed Blood in battle in His/Her name.
    That is a Bunch of BS- period. I don't buy that.

    What is bringing all this out and about is the method of communications we now have- We have Always had "tyranny/chaos/disasters" etc.. but since "word" did not "get out" we where ignorant to it all.

    The net feeds you various opinions - religious- political- ethics - porno you name it we got it at our fingertips!

    For example- THE "Secret" tht dvd that circulated around and around etc- What secret?
    This are things that have always been there- and it took a few to say "Hey- let's reprint this and analyze it to the max!"
    Oh and the "human" is conditioned to always "be up to date" went crazy over it- You know the $$$$ THE SECRET brought in?
    Yet all (if you search and educate yourself) of the principles of the "secret" have been in FULL SWING since the day of creation - Universal laws are just that - UNIVERSAL and continual. (and all this excitement) BIG GRINZ =)

    It is more "The Order Of A New World".. not "The New World Order".

    Everytime there is a drastic change in "government(s)- is is a "New Order" that the "world" needs to either accept-adjust to- or fight it off...

    There has always been a "plot" a power struggle
    Both in Politics as well as in Religions/Beliefs.

    The question is- When will we just "chill out"
    and let the REAL "sunshine in"?

    Not just imagine as John Said...
    " get up off of that "thang"!
    and move on to many changes that have been "at work" for eons - the information is available now.
    Nothing can hide with this new "net" we have created... all Good and Bad will come out, NWO or not, all will be revealed as it is.

    Did I tell You An Alien Space Ship landed In My backyard yesterday? maybe I should have made a vid.
    Or drop some "shrooms" and paint visions becoming a millionaire... "visionary artist"?

    I am not mocking ALL visionaries- Not poking fun at these vids... many hold truths beyond belief, others are just what we use for "fertilizer". (get it?)

    Be informed- But be sure it is "well informed"... not just a "mind-fad" that's going around.

    Truthfully- I believe the Gov (all nations) IS/are Competing With God/Goddes/Creator...

    I'm putting my money on the heavens!
    A Sure Win! (or atleast a softer landing)

    Be Blessed & Prosper

  • Inochi

    Never ceases to amaze me how even the most educated and noble minded of people crave enemy figures. By the logic of people responding to this thread absolutely any documentary or book is NWO propoganda and must be fought against.
    Get a grip guys, the author is stating his personal opinions, his solution might not be the best one, but he never said it was. He is at least trying to bring about change, and doing so without trying to throw blame around. Any solution to societies problems will always be met with suspicion and hesitation, but he is putting one out there and taking personal accountability for it. If you folks bashing on this doc have a better one, make your own doc and show us.
    To anyone reading these, watch the film and make up your own mind.

  • Fallout

    Many of the noted similarities between the major religious texts come from the fact they are originally from the ancient Sumerian religion who themselves probably copied it from someone else. The point being that all the major religions are just a variation of the same man made stories and concepts. It's easier to believe Zeitgeist than it is the Bible at least the film has some evidence to back up it's claims. It's a very well known fact that organized religion controls, oppresses and manipulates people and has done for Centuries.

  • Be_Not_Deceived

    Bewitching!! The admissions of the source of money (Fed Notes) was on spot without compromise. The inevitable conclusion of such a monetary system is honest and frank... nowhere. There can only be an attempt to recycle and reapply yet another fiat form of the current monetary system. All true and good!! But there is more here than meets the eye. This requirement to denounce all gods, and religions, this attempt to detach mankind from a spiritual source, and benefactor, should be the red alert that all is not well in this garden of eden either. We are again being conned, tricked and bedazzled. They present to us the god of technology, the answer to all mans problems.
    I for one am not buying it.

  • Raquel

    I'm in. where do we start the site" sounds silly but how about facebook?

  • Anon

    The internet is our safehaven for now it is the only place we can share the truth world wide. now what we need a 1 Website ot a few website that unite us all 2gether as one to Form and gather and organize for CHANGE this is the next step !!

  • Mark

    From what I've seen and learned through the years, I'd be delighted if we simply started and ended with the elimination of the Federal Reserve and like-minded banking cartels, and returned to a sustainable, non-interest bearing form of currency. Remove the power to coin money (and the unlimited derivitive variations thereof) from thin air, and return the fruits of the productive capacity of humans to themselves. There is a law proposed to do this- HR2577 'A Bill to Abolish the Federal Reserve'

  • Alex

    We need to make more people aware of the situation of the world and how we need a serious reform in the ways we live today.

    Please spread the word spread the link to this video to ur friends post it on popular FORUMS we need 2 take action now Nobody can make this happens Except Us and each other 2gether

  • Torin Wolf

    Does anyone see the one world government (although theoretically not a government, just some sort of magical wonderland where everyone gets along), one world religeon (under the guise of no religeon, but in actuality Paganism... I know because I AM a practicing Pagan and I see the symbols used for what they are), and strict population control messages (how else would everyone have "everything that they need" in a society where people have little else to do but think and boink?) inherant in the Venus Project's statements OTHER than me? It's a beautiful concept, but it's actually nothing more than a re-telling of the Communism and Socialist Utopian myths.

    The facts in the first couple of sections were solid, but about 1/3 of the way thru the film, it took a SERIOUS New World Order turn... but only after establishing some initial credibility by telling you what you already know to be true vis-a-vie Arron Russo's great work, "America: Freedom to Fascism".

    "Zeitgeist Addendum" is, at best, an immature and unrealistic piece of sophomoric dreaming with fragments of logic and intelligent quotes thrown in to provide the illusion of validity to the presented arguements. At worst, it's one of the best pieces of NWO proaganda ever created and we need to retaliate with equal skill.

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