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What does Christianity, 911 and The Federal Reserve all have in common? Zeitgeist: The Movie is a 2007 documentary film by Peter Joseph. It asserts a number of conspiracy theory-based ideas, including the Christ myth theory, alternative theories for the parties responsible for the September 11 attacks in 2001 and that bankers manipulate the international monetary system and the media in order to consolidate power. The film was released online on June 18, 2007, on zeitgeistmovie.com. While the film has been praised by some for being "compellingly edited", it has also been criticized for factual inaccuracies, and the quality of its arguments, with critics describing it as "agitprop" and "propaganda". A sequel, Zeitgeist: Addendum, focuses further on the monetary system and advocates a resource-based social system influenced by the ideas of Jacque Fresco and the Venus Project. Following Zeitgeist: Addendum, Peter Joseph created an organization called the Zeitgeist Movement to promote the ideas of Fresco's Venus Project. Joseph also produced an updated 2010 version of the original film in order to address dated material and improve its overall accuracy. A third film called Zeitgeist: Moving Forward was released theatrically on 15 January 2011 and online on 25 January 2011. Peter Joseph has stated that its topics are focused on human behavior, technology, and rationality.

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  • Isac_zxc45vb

     no one is as angry as the one who is wrong, - Proverb

  • Youandi

    yeah so, your a nerd. everybody knows that.

  • Riffraff100551


  • Riffraff100551

    horus is also a form od the sun god Harakhti Horus of the sun. In this depiction he is depicted as a sun disc between the falcon's eings.

  • Guest

    I'm sorry about your illiteracy.  What grade are you in?

  • Inimene123

    Omg! Even a five year old knows that HORUS is not the god of sun but the god of sky!!!! The god of sun is RA- everyone knows that! can't even look at this poop if they don't get even that right!

  • Zeke

    The first part of Zeitgeist is fabrication. Totally made up.Right. And religion is truth.
    I have news for you religious God fearing knobs.God did not create man.Man created God.Religion is a human phenomena that evolved with man as the species evolved through time. Religion and the concept of the superior being evolved to explain the unexplainable. Also religion evolved as a ways and a means of control.
    If your interested in actually reading some books here's some titles. Written by people who have actually researched the material to write the book.
    Human Accomplishment. By Charles Murry.
    Guns Germs and Steel.By Jared Diamond.
    The Civilization of Europe In The Renaissance.By.John Hale.
    Our Violent Society.By.David Abrahamsen.
    Constantine.By.Frank Slaughter.
    Charlemagne.Can't recall the author.
    Medieval History.Life and Death of a Civilization.By Norman Cantor.
    The Crusades ,and The Inquisitions.Don't recall the authors off hand.
    The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need.By Joann Woolfolk.
    Sex In History.By Reay Tannahill.
    Any History on the Greek Hellenistic worlds.Etruscan/ Roman Empire,and
    Humboldt's Cosmos.By. Gerard Helferich.
    And read the auto biography's of Einstein.Fermi.Szilard.Oppenheimer. 
    Bore.And study some general life sciences and general physics.
    In fact. Just about any history's and life sciences/biology you would care to read about will explain the real world to you. But start with what i have listed.You will find them very interesting reads.
    And if you get through this and still believe in a superior being , then
    i suggest you keep reading. As Marten Luther King said. The truth will
    set you free. And here's some advice. Accept death as a part of life. Don't be afraid of death. It's natural and in most cases i have read about, seems to be painless.


  • Christian

    "decide to believe it due to it’s convincing tone" how condescending! Josh, you ignorant about world history and then have the gall to be arrogant about it. It's obvious that you haven't done your research. But the truth is you don't care to, you can't be bothered opening your mind but prefer to live in a dogmatic cocoon and then be self righteous about it. That you think it's not too hard to make a movie, just shows me how stupid you are.

  • william hale

    i understand you feel he is attacking your beliefs
    however i disagree with you
    zeitgeist tells us the power to change is inside not in a reward based system.
    to believe in a magical jew is completely irrational
    and its used by the elite to control the masses

  • fer

    the catholic church .... a cancer .... aint this the same church that is ruled by a pope who has homosexual relationships with the vatican guards?

  • Dave

    The first part of Zeitgeist is fabrication. Totally made up. There is not one piece of ancient text that backs up all these stupid claims. Dont believe me? Then why has no-one taken the zeitgeist challenge? Money to anyone who can prove just 1 of the claims made against christianity in this movie. It is made up rubbish. The Catholic church has some pagan elements to it but this is not biblical. Just a little bit of research will show you how incorrect and anti-christian this movie is. There is no problem in not believing in the Bible, but it becomes a problem when people lie about it......watch Zeitgeist 2 and see the pyramid symbols they make with their hands....this is illuminati through and through. Claims to be exposing the NWO when in fact the Zeitgeist movies are part of the NWO agenda.....peace to all whatever your beliefs. Do not abuse people just because they believe something different to you...thats what Hitler did.!!!!

  • mandelbaum

    @ Trinity

    Yes...you are right.

    Unfortunatly,most of these "religious" people are hypocritical,saying one thing and doing another.While the deeper meaning of their religion of Love thy fellow man gets met with condemnation if they don't believe in the same .

  • Brernda

    I agree with you. I was into it about 3 minutes and I thought, "I've already seen this so many times"..well, one thing...they are good at splicing.

  • Audrey Rogers

    Thank you, you proven the Bible to be truth

    2 Peter 3:3-6 - "First of all, you must understand that in the last days scoffers will come, scoffing and following their own evil desires. 4They will say, "Where is this 'coming' he promised? Ever since our fathers died, everything goes on as it has since the beginning of creation." But they deliberately forget that long ago by God's word the heavens existed and the earth was formed out of water and by water. 6By these waters also the world of that time was deluged and destroyed."


  • revolutionanyone??

    wow. i have to wonder, though, all of you who commented and said to do our own research: did you do any of your own? It's just as easy to tell someone else to do something that your to lazy or incompetent to carry out yourself. As for the documentary, that's some bold shit. This country is far too fucked up, posiibly beyond any hope of repair. However,it IS worth a try, but who would be willing to stand and be that person, that spark, that martyr that saves us all from this? The man who speaks out, the man who "casts the stone", the man who leads, will ultimately be the man who dies. Who is he? when will he come?

  • ratto

    take it for what it is. do what you want with the info. hes just stating facts everyone has there own theory because no one actually knows.

  • "ocho'


  • "ocho'

    josh!!!!UR FULL OF SHITTTTT!!!! ! ! ! !!!!

  • "ocho'

    "here and now " this is were reality is!!!life is to short . church???......

  • "ocho'

    open your mind.listen to the first part. it makes sense!!

  • enrique

    this guy should do some research before creating a documentary..... this one is pretty bad and based on random stuff... i agree with Josh.

  • Trinity

    To: all the 'Naysayers' of this documentary,
    The message has passed you by like a Full Express Bus! It continues to amaze me, how many people label themselves as "Christian", yet are incapable of living and demonstrating the fundemental tennets of Christianity.Christians have wrought more destruction to mankind and this fragile environment than any other society in this world.
    Take a look at the real deal...not the Christianity of your pastor, church or religion, just the simple instructions from CHRIST...you know...the red writing in the bible..where he talks about having LOVE For Your Fellow Man, and unless you have that, regardless of how much you give to charity, have the gift of prophecy, understand all mysteries, have faith that could mve mountains ...."You are nothing!" Do you think that is a fast-food slogan!? That my friends, is what it means to be CHRISTIAN!
    The secret of life is TO HAVE NO FEAR and unless we can aspire to that ideal, as human beings we are doomed to destroy one another AND this womb called EARTH that sustains us.


  • intelligentact

    The inner of yourself knows that the people that have been learned from teachers about what is truth and false is bullshit, so play their game and create and expand more of your filosophical view, but show it to people with an open mind and dont forget, you may not understand the value of this context, its just my point of the view.

    Whats the point if you know the secrets and cant deal with it?
    Just dont make an effort because its not healthy
    to your brain and can make you live one entry for delusion.

    To get inspired from a whole empire is really bullish information from some f*cked up liars, called government, called, employes of rich administration wires.

    The media is a tool for manipulation humiliation and missguidness.

    An expression is like a connection, sending from point A to point B with a directley answer to how you feel about the expression. But it can take some times longer than you expect to know the truth, sometimes you will just loose the connection. Its like a question based on another question.

    To aim at your goal and complete it, is another beginning to another problem.

    The thing you call "impossible" for the moment, is just a shout for help, but there is something you should know, the answer is allways there.


    They could not say that islam is fake, cause everything is true, but in the other religions they could.

    The most of the documentary sounded logical, but dont belive in their emotional music and the wrong puzzles that they are putting in together. its like an ingridients: 30gram error, 55gram truth, 15gram speculation = 30% wrong facts, 55% true facts, 15% speculation equals a whole puzzle... Think about it..

    If you have any question or comments then send me a mail at intelligent@live.se......

    My truth is not yours!

  • Lynne Moquin

    I am so glad Zeitgeist has been debunked - well - by many but if anyone would like to investigate why it can be debunked, some sources :

    Youtube channel ZeitgeistDebunked - the series called
    Zeitgeist Refuted, 10 vids going through in great detail.

    Many blogs have some great articles, such as this shortish one :

    And The Meeting House (5000 attenders via satellite in Ontario) has Bruxy Cavey lectures free as mp3 OR mp4 downloads (he is sincere and great, hip theologian) at
    Look up "Duped?" which is summer 2009 series about new age philosophy, see parts 5, 6, 7 for Zeitgeist great summary of some points.
    We loved this series.

    This post didn't go thru because it had links, i'd clarified which part of Zeitgeist referred to, so above remark was meant for after this one....

    oh, also agree parts 2 and 3 much truth, that's a tactic, to mix truth and error so we discard the whole, kindof like denominations or different religions... but this backing here is Luciferian

  • Lynne Moquin

    ...um pardon by Zeitgeist I mean the first half hour that is anti Christian... the part that seems to, uh, stand out.....maybe his snide derisive tone of voice....

  • Lynne Moquin

    I am so glad Zeitgeist has been debunked - well - by many but if anyone would like to investigate why it can be debunked, some sources if you have some time :

    Youtube channel ZeitgeistDebunked at
    (series is called Zeitgeist Refuted, 10 vids going through in great detail.

    Many blogs have some great articles, such as this shortish one :

    And The Meeting House (5000 attenders viz satellite in Ontario) has Bruxy Cavey lectures free as mp3 OR mp4 downloads (he is sincere and great, hip theologian) at
    which is series about new age philosophy, see parts 5, 6, 7 for Zeitgeist great summary of some points.
    We loved this series.

  • This Old Snake

    I for one loved it and though many may argue about what parts are true and which ones are false. I have always found it difficult to believe to believe in religion. Take the story of Noah and the arc. God gets angry at everyone and rather than tell man what his failing was and offering understang and guidence he wipes us out with a great flood. That is everyone but Noah and his very white family. Now if their are only white folks left to start mankind over with where do BLACK people come from. Religion has no more truth to it than Santa, the easter bunny or the tooth fairy. I would also like to point out that at no time does the movie ever claim that god does not exsist. Just that religion is not the way to god

  • Tripp Spring

    One of the best documentaries ever made.



  • if you can't accept the first part, then there's not much reason to watch any further. go back to your box and pray for someone else to fix the problems for us. Speak out for humankind! Greed stinks. i tiptoe through it every day.

  • I am looking for a George Washington of the 21st century

  • sam

    i would still go for saying that its not a really good documentary.

    documentary should not be based only and only on narration.

    it dicredit the hole thing. also abusing of narration and mixing it up with emotional music and the sensotional B.S from hollywood.

    this documantary does tell the truth about a few things but don't stop to that movie.

    check out wake up call instead. wich they are talking about things in zeitgeist they would not even abord.

    about illiminatis and free massons. while their logo is a an all seeing eye. (((NO FUCKING WAY.))))

  • sam

    i would say watch this documantary, and take it for what it is.


    this one is not as bad as the addendeum.

    just skip the first part.

    on the addendum well skip the solution part.

  • Josh

    It's really sad to see how many people will watch this without personal research and decide to believe it due to it's convincing tone.

    The creator definitely went out of his way to completely make up random facts about the mythical gods and Christianity. It's not hard to research the stories of mythical gods and see that the ones he claims were born of a virgin gods were not virgin at all, the majority were whores that partake in orgies. There are also no account of these gods being born on Dec 25th. It was just a random lie. And the 3 kings??? The bible never even states that there were 3 kings. And how could they try and connect the word "sun" with "son" which is only similar in our modern day english? These are the ones that i can just think of at the top of my head, but there is ALOT more to be said about his failing details.

    I am not convinced the creator thoroughly researched but other copied the idea from a book or has every intent to lie to sell his concept. I will add that the last 2/3 of the movie was pretty ok, but after seeing so many documentaries on the fed and the NWO, it's not too hard to splice them up to create your own, which is why i doubt any thorough research was done for making of this film.

    I would challenge anyone to THOROUGHLY research these topics before accepting them as truth. Do NOT put your trust in this film.

  • Terry

    And little did they Know, that God created all things after himself as stated in Romans. No wonder everything mimics the father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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