Wikileaks: Iraq's Secret War Files

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In the biggest official files leak in history nearly 400,000 Iraq war logs reveal the massive scale of civilian deaths and new torture allegations following an investigation by Channel 4?s Dispatches. Channel 4 News has accessed the data in the classified documents via The Bureau of Investigative Journalism and WikiLeaks. The only TV doc to have advance access to the biggest Wikileaks release ever. This is what really happened during the Iraq war, not what the US PR machine of the time wanted us to believe. The reality behind the civilian death count; al-Qaeda’s fictitious presence; torture, torture and more torture. A wall of truth revealing unprecedented levels of unwarranted aggression. Dispatches, Channel 4?s flagship current affairs strand, exposes the full and unreported horror of the Iraqi conflict and its aftermath, revealing the true scale of civilian casualties and allegations that even after the scandal of Abu Ghraib, American soldiers continued to abuse prisoners. And that US forces did not systematically intervene in the torture and murder of detainees by the Iraqi security services. The programme also features previously unreported material of insurgents being killed while trying to surrender.

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  • Quarkaz1

    Censorship In the U.S is out of control. It has been for many years. It is one of the most diabolical corporate designed, and sponsored oppression regimes in history. Look at the reality. George W Bush obviously had the mentality of a 15 year old at best. He was controlled and manipulated behind the scenes of the "great wall" we'll call it. It's the corporate fascist wall of oil baron Koch brothers, pharmaceutical companies,defense contractors, General Dynamics, Boeing, Lockheed, Big tobacco,Big religion, Big Finance, Goldman Sachs, Big agriculture, Archer Daniels Midland. Then smaller more difficult to track companies like Black Water; which sure as hell hasn't gone away. These guys are very serious customers. They play for keeps. Until the American people grow up , smarten up and begin to understand the dangers within our own government structure seeking to enslave us we are in very grave danger indeed. It's not "The Government" it's who has taken over the government. Right wingers and blue dog traitors opened the door and invited them in. It's not a theory it is as plain as the nose on your face once you simply examine the evidence with an open mind and understanding of fascist history. Good people of a gentle loving ethic can't imagine there are ruthless murderers, and thugs who will beat you, rob you, imprison you, and kill you. It's real, and it's happened here before many times. The poor innocent farmers and their sons had to learn the hard way in WWII against the Nazis and Tojo let's not make that mistake. The barbarians have breeched the wall of the castle now it's hand to hand. May we one day take back the promise of our founders and the freedom that is our right because it is fading fast.

  • UngagedObserver

    USA getting away with the worst war crimes since WW2

  • American Pride

    haha like 1 terrorist attack or even 100 could have any significant impact... that would only justify more brutal means to defeat the enemy

  • G.P. de Bies

    The Criminal racist judicial system of the USA, is maybe worse the what they did here in Irak.

    Any terrorist action against the US peope  on US soil is the most rightious an justtfull  thing to happen on earth now.

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