Who Really Discovered America?

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Did a number of explorers discover the New World long before Christopher Columbus staked his claim in 1492? No less than a dozen cultures have tales of these adventurers woven into their histories, but they are noticeably absent in American history books. This documentary explores the possibility that the Chinese, Japanese, Polynesians, Norse, Welsh, Irish, Ancient Hebrews and the Solutreans all made it to the Americas earlier than Columbus. Rebuild the ships, trace the routes, test the artifacts and analyze blood evidence to finally learn the answer to one of the greatest mysteries of all time--who really discovered America. Who really discovered America is an interesting documentary to break free of the Christopher Columbus mindset and realize that allot of other ppls have journeyed to America way before Columbus, this Docu doesn't cover all of them but it does get you thinking on the subject and opens the door for a new way to look at history. This new documentary, narrated by James Lurie, will explore many of the various theories and possibilities regarding the discovery of America, and will detail all of the different cultures that may or may not have successfully reached the Western Hemisphere much earlier than previously believed. For many generations, Americans were satisfied with the idea that Christopher Columbus was the first European to reach the “New World” when he sailed to the West Indies in 1492. Later historians began to research the voyages of Leif Ericson,  concluding that the Norse explorer completed an Atlantic crossing sometime around 1000 AD, visiting areas in and around Newfoundland. Other scholars have theorized that Ericson may have been beaten to North America by early Welsh and Irish sailors, or even ancient Hebrews, in some cases, by hundreds of years. There is an equal amount of speculation concerning  pre-Columbus Pacific Ocean voyages. Gavin Menzies’ book, 1421: The Year the Chinese Discovered America makes its case for Chinese explorers making it to the western coastline of the Americas, while others maintain that Japanese and Polynesians may have accomplished this as well. “Who Really Discovered America” will examine each theory by tracing the probable routes, and recreating the technology available to the various cultures to determine the validity of possible successful early ocean crossings.

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