War Promises

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Millions of people believe that evidence proves that Western intelligence services organised the hideous attacks on New York and Washington on 11 September 2001. Even the mainstream media have stopped defending the official version and now prefer to ignore the issue altogether. Distrust in Western governments grows as the wars of aggression waged by the USA and NATO continue to be justified with these false flag operations. Ever harsher domestic laws are being passed to crush all outrage and resistance in Western populations; at the end of the day they aim to unleash the German military on German civilians, instead of allowing morality and ethics to flow into day-by-day policymaking. Morality and ethics long ago stopped playing a part in political decision-making is shown by the use of internationally outlawed weapons in all the wars NATO has started. At best, one has heard of depleted uranium (DU) after seeing the film Deadly Dust by award-winning Frieder Wagner. But even that film is systemically blocked out and banished, although or perhaps because it shows the horrific consequences of the use of these depleted uranium weapons. Among those aghast at the actions of NATO and the complicity of Germany in such internationally illegal wars of aggression is Christoph Hörstel ( a foreign correspondent and editorial head of the German public broadcasting network ARD for many years now). Of like mind is Giullietto Chiesa, a Member of the European Parliament, who slams the ignorance and disinterest of most of his fellow Members. What they don’t know is explained in the film War Promises by insiders and whistleblowers. Annie Machon was a spy with the British MI5 and reports on false flag operations, as do Andreas Von Bülow and Jürgen Elsässer, who possess enormous insider knowledge from their membership of the parliamentary committee supervising the secret services, and want to bring this information to the public. Eight years after 9/11 millions of people have linked up through the Internet to jointly rebel against this criminal system. What was still dismissed as a wild conspiracy theory until just a few month ago is now regarded as proven, raising the question how we, the people, handle this situation, in which those who govern us have on their minds anything but our wellbeing.

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  • mike

    good one on boneslut

  • Jamie

    It is a fact we are going to have to have a revolution that will turn into civil wars because of are tyranicle governments.9/11 Was an inside job 100% and it is not even 1% of the crimes and illegal wars America and governments that support them have commited.All governments that support or get involved in any way are just as guilty.I'm Canadian born and raised and are government got involved in Afganistan and Lybia and because of that and support are just as guilty.They are commiting genocide in all countrys they go to war in mudering even useing illegal weapons like depleted uranium.And look at the countrys that vetoed at the UN a law to stop these sick weapons being used in their illegal war.We see it's the same main countrys America Britan France and Israel.And they are just the leaders in these crimes with many supporters.I really belive there will be a revolution that makes the Arab spring look small,and it will spread through most of the world.Millions have died and fought in wars for freedom,that is being taken from all the countrys that have lied their citizens into war.I also belive many will die ,but many probably half our more of the police and military will stand with the people,their famillys and friends.There is protests like in America,but 100000 is just a drop in a country with 350 million people.When millions and millions more than half each country populations decide to stop being slaves to are governments that when the military and others will stand against the less than 1% of the evil people that run our countrys.Because of the Net we are waking up it just has to happen faster and we need to get to work on real freedom garenteed in our constitutions.The sooner the better and easyier.There is 7 billion people plus and we would squash the 1%.And we no how most are and the others will rat out the ones we don't.

  • Eagles1994

    is this the best you can say about this documentary ?
    jeez mate go back to watching monday night football and american idol you are the perfect example of the saying
    pearls before swine

  • Guest

    Possibly because his views are widely held outside of America and by a growing number of your fellow Americans ! A cursory glance around sites such as this should tell you that much at least. 
    Over a decade has passed since the events of 9/11, since then there has been a steadily increasing body of evidence to contradict the official version of events. Much of this is from scholars, scientists, pilots, rescuers involved that day and from some of the survivors. All of these groups want a new independent investigation of the events surrounding 9/11. 
    If the Bush administration had had nothing to hide why did they refuse this reasonable request ? Also why has Obama not opened an independent investigation under his administration ?
    It is now widely accepted, in the rest of the world at least, that this was another American 'false flag' operation. It was designed, as stated in this documentary, to give not just Bush but all subsequent presidents carte blanch to launch pre-emptive strikes on other nations in the name of the war on terror. 
    The real aim is of course to acquire that nation's resources and to slowly occupy or destabilize that country to prevent it proving a threat to America in the future. This is the American dream for the world in the 21st century under the Neo-Con national socialist thinking of Paul Wolfowitz and Alan Greenspan et al, war without end. This is of course extremely profitable for the Bush family, his cronies and corporate America.
    Is that reference to the Beagle Boys ( whoever they are ) really all that you remembered from this documentary ? How sad, I think that you should watch it again as it is a very good documentary !!!

  • Boneslut

    Why do we care what a german politico who uses reference to The Beagle Boys may have to say?

  • Obama is like Bush: he knows and reward those supply the bread.  Veterans are just props for a photo opportunity.

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