Vaccination - The Hidden Truth

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Do vaccinations cause more childhood diseases than they prevent? If you have small children in your family, you owe it to them to become aware of these startling facts. This hard-hitting video will shock you. The truth it reveals is that vaccinations do not reduce the incidence of childhood diseases. To the contrary, they increase them. They can also cause a multitude of illnesses that are far worse than the childhood diseases themselves. This program was produced in Australia and features contributions from medical doctors, authors, researchers, and victims. If you have small children in your family, you owe it to them to become aware of these facts.

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  • Neskazhu

    Vaccinations are to reduce the population of people, they DO NOT PREVENT DISEASES!!! Many doctors know the truth, they inject vaccines into their patients but will not do it to themselves or their children. God heals and the doctors take the money-Benjamin franklin once said. The Bible says in 1 timothy 6:10 "For the love of money is the root to all evil"...Doctors will do anything to get their money but its all for the worse....God will take care of us. God Bless Every one and pass this on to all your friends !!!

  • Le Fanx, Melbourne

    Relevant today as it was then. Interesting how all these videos telling stories from different sources and walks of life, e.g. Monsanto, Nutrition and behaviour, Corruption 101, the free energy videos, Flow: For the Love of Water, and so on, guide me to some very strange but very real observations:

    * Information is being withheld, manipulated, changed, selectively made available (including that of education);
    * Judges and politicians whore themselves to no ends on everything the political and legal systems stand for on behalf of people in high corporate positions and those with passed on power from parents and family of past generations;
    * Many media people (stemming from CEO's to news and entertainment talents) are the tools of deception and have no problem in whoring themselves either;
    * Disregard for humanity is evident from large financial corporations, food industry corporations, energy and water corporations, governments and the UN. More so, any person or group of persons in positions to create REAL change, let me repeat that one, REAL CHANGE (including but not limited to: Bono, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Barack Obama, David de Rothschild, Kevin Rudd, and the list goes on) but only deliver smiles to the cameras, are no different to the corporations of which no body of stature has stood up to. No podiums, no guitars, no fanfare, just a high degree of visible change, such as in those that follow;
    * The eradication of vaccines, fluoride in drinking water/tooth pastes, chemicals in soaps, shampoos and personal hygiene products, packaged substances disguised as food, alcohol, cigarettes, and the misguided food pyramid (old and revised), are the primary causes of illness, lack of will, an over load of self talk, imbalance of body's pH and erratic behaviour, thus creating the illusion that we need pharmaceutical drugs, medical procedures and so forth. The body is made to self-heal, replicate and thrive if we feed it right.

    Most importantly, those blindly accepted means by which we have lived, directly impact our ability to perceive, in which quality of thought, mental clarity and experience of life are all greatly impacted upon.

    The multitude of police (reality and drama based), doctor (reality and drama based), law, border security and 'animal cops' (Detroit to South Africa) style television programs on tv only creates more fear and perpetuates the world state that's evident. (Search phantom DNA effect and Masuro Emoto: messages in water). Remember when nature shows were entirely awe-inspiring and educational without dramatic music or the mind-numbing commentary that's the standard now?

    You and I the individuals, need to change first.
    Eat well, drink well, breath well, think well, use cannabis (non-hydro) well, dance and listen to music.

    Educate yourselves because long-term ignorance is the fast track to death.

    Choose life as specific as you can with the utmost use of logic and common sense, driven from the energies of good will and love. Don't wait for change from others. These easily curable problems of greater society and greater community have persisted since I can recall and long before.

    We are at that point in this ever so tiny period of our existence on Earth, where we can restore ourselves and our environments and achieve the highest vision for OUR planet.

    Togetherness, knowledge, technology, ability and Will can get us there. Lock focus and go.
    Heaven is meant for Earth. You feel it, I feel it. This is true only inasmuch as we believe it.
    Lets do it, now.

  • Carol Benoit

    Excellent documentary! Thank you for posting this important video!

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