UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied

2006 Home >> Mystery 12.47K views 9 comments


Somewhere in the back of your mind, you’ve always known it was true. Special Features: Trevor James Constable – Critter footage that has never been released for over fifty years that reveals entities that exist in the invisible Ultra-Violet spectrum. Image Tampering – Learn what to look for and where to find structures on the Moon and Mars that have been hidden from you through deliberate tampering by NASA.

Moon – Mars Anomalies – A collection of photos containing highly unusualstructures and other objects you aren’t supposed to know about. Suppressed Inventions – UFO and other related technologies. Infra-Red UFO Footage – Featuring George Ritter’s Infra-Red footage. Houston, this is Discovery...we still have the Alien Spacecraft under observance." This film contains tons of original footage from the 1940s and 1950s, detailing the early history of the UFO cover-up, starting officially with the "Battle of Los Angeles" on February 26, 1942, featuring a stunning photograph of Klieg lights trained on UFOs in the skies above LA and a radio broadcast describing the 1,500 rounds that were shot at the unidentified craft -- without hitting a single one! Includes memorable recorded quotes such as the following: "The nations of this world will have to unite for the next war will be an interplanetary war. The nations of the Earth must some day make a common front against attack by people from other planets." -- General Douglas MacArthur October 8, 1955. There's much more to this story and Jose Escamilla does his part in uncovering what he can.

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  • Proof of free energy and alien cover-up. Revolutionary on so many levels! The sound improvs about 3/4 the way through....give it a chance!

  • Acuenca85

    Real bad. You can't hear anything because of the music.

  • Ian Rogers

    holy shit mix your fucking film! you music is drowning out the interviews

  • Firewater

    this sucks so bad the maker should go suck a ****

  • paul

    turned it off before one minute, the crappy "background" music completely drowns out the narration.

  • bunkerbob

    terrible, should have spent more time cleaning up the commentaries and reduced the music volume

  • Alex

    this documentary is pretty bad. i could deal with the extremely loud music but at one point it just starts taking clips from other documentaries.

  • JD

    I totally agree. If yoiu can't understand the words, what good is the film? And I can't.

  • Paul

    Who did the sound editing on this?  Please tell them background music works best in the background.  Hearing the narration should be a priority.  This is pathetic.

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