The Worlds Greatest Conspiracy Theories

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This documentary looks at some of the conspiracy theories that have abounded regarding alien abductions, moon landings, Kennedy’s assassination, the death of Princess Diana, and government mind control experiments. Also rumours that Hitler and Elvis faked their deaths.

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  • Dana

    Elvis was Tired of it all so he faked his death!! Well why then would he show up various places over the years dressed like he is stuck in the 70's and not at all trying to disguise himself.~~~Why I agree there are a lot of could be conspiracy's out  there,a lot of things are just how they were told to be as well.~~~Boring or upsetting as they may be everything is not a conspiracy! 

  • Bryan Lindsay


  • Bryan Lindsay

    wtf r u on?.knob jockey

  • Derpderpderp

    lol, great documentary, it was very entertaining, I thought that the par...wait...watching me?

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