The Winged Beatle

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This crazy one hour documentary expands on the popular “Paul is Dead” rumors of the late ’60s that Paul McCartney died, and that he was replaced with an imposter. I can’t believe people believe this shit, but I found the documentary pretty interesting. I like how they put all the stuff that seems to be based on fact in the last ten minutes of the thing. all the album covers and backwards songs, are intriguing, but purely speculative and prove absolutely nothing. interested to see if he can dig up any info on who the imposter is or the replacement timetable, or any proof. Heather Mills bit was the most interesting thing.

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  • Dannyhughes1970

    The alleged Harrison tapes are better, but no doubt some wierd acid shit going on!

  • Guest

    What an absolute crock.

  • Nat_as

    anograms are fun too....

  • Yourmom

    apperently Im still learning gninrael....practice makes tcefrep...

  • Snatas_ellitil_repleh

    Check out the last tapes of George Harrison to connect all the tods...

  • Yourmom

    rnael ot kaeps, dna etirw...sdrawkcab

  • Luayursula

    No, Maxwell, wasn't mentioned, just the song. Sun King RIP... Point me to it! :)

  • Yourmom

    but, once again alot of re searchable links to nefarious peeps...

  • Yourmom

    no mention of related explantions as to why he was replaced....

  • Yourmom

    was he...

  • Yourmom


  • Luayursula

    Was mentioned...

  • Yourmom

    The oto involved no mention of maxwell...PIR Gnik Nus eht

  • Luayursula

    Crazy cool. Either real, or in purpose...

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