The United Nations: A Look Into The Future

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The UN is fast assuming authority over many facets of our lives and threatens to engulf us in a new world order of compulsions and controls. This innovative 30-minute video gives us an inside view of what is going on, and by extension what in all probability will soon be going on, in some of the most crucial areas of our lives, including religion, education, abortion, the military, the political process, gun control, population controls, family values, property rights, and individual rights. Warning us that the UN is moving toward criminalizing all pro-life activity, William F. Jasper, senior editor of The New American, points out that the UN has given NGO (non-governmental organization) status to the world's most militant abortion organizations, empowering them to play a leading role in supporting UN pro-abortion policies. Father Nicholas Gruner of the International Servants of Jesus and Mary decries the murder of millions of babies through this most repulsive form of birth control. Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) tells us that we should be gravely concerned about UN worldwide funding of abortion plus pressure to abolish anti-abortion laws wherever they still exist. William Norman Grigg, senior editor of The New American, speaks of the historical conflict between family and state, explaining that the state expands through absorbing the functions of the family. Those who are part of the government apparatus constantly maneuver to take over family responsibilities and rights. One such right slated to go is homeschooling: Every child will eventually be forced to attend a government school, with severe penalties for recalcitrant parents.

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  • Jackson

    This documentary took place 12 years ago, and since then, regarding the U.S. departure from the U.N., absolutely nothing has changed. We're still in it, and since then, our continued presence in the U.N. has been even more cemented. It is now unlikely that there will be any escape from the clutches of the U.N.. In short, we'll always be in it, because of our controlled, bought and paid for, gutless politicians in office. Period.

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