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The Ultimate Con is a 9/11 based documentary with no narration, no script, no conjecture. There are no “theories” put forth in this documentary, only facts, eyewitness testimony, news reports, interviews, and various other clips that are combined together to tell a story. The Ultimate Con is 100% free. It is not for sale in any retail outlet or book store anywhere. It is more important to get the word out to every single person possible while we still have the chance. This documentary is the very best documentary for people who are unfamiliar with the controversy surrounding 9/11, or people teetering on the edge of finding out the truth. The documentary was designed specially for those who still believe the “Official” story, to best wake them up using various media and news clips. I created The Ultimate Con documentary to help wake up fellow Americans and people from around the globe to the lies that we have been told about that fateful day. I created The Ultimate Con for the victims, the victim’s families, the soldiers, and the various other innocent people who have become the victims of the wrath set forth by America’s military industrial complex.

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  • JustGiveMeTheTruth

    Good presentation.. Informative.. Background music/effects were a total distraction! Would have enjoyed the material much more were it not for the effects.

  • Eternal

    You could have done without the creepy background music to draw attention to certain statements. It takes away from the credibility. Naysayers will point out the use of dark sounding, attention getting music is need to enhance a point being made because the point being made is not strong enough to stand on it's own.

  • Darlene

    Well, it doesn't really matter what the public "think". They can certainly continue, and in fact do much worse. If we wait idly by much longer we will soon find out that Obama has been preparing for Martial law, creating a new army.

  • terry walsh

    I thoroughly enjoyed this film.
    I still worry another investigation wont happen.
    One of my problems is that most of the youth today know noting about 9/11 and that in a few years from now all the truth movements will fade out and these murderers will get away with this while thousands still die.
    Also, most of our troops who are in Afghanistan were only between the ages of 9 and 15 when 9/11 happened so they had the lie fed into them and don`t know the reality.

  • Tony Wicher

    It is an excellent documentary. Please visit for the facts concerning the destruction of the World Trade Center buildings presented by experts. 9/11 truth MUST come out.

  • female for truth

    This is one of the best films I have seen so far on 911 truth....All we can do pass on this info to everyone we know..and hope that it will aide in a huge wake up call...Great job!

  • PHILosophy

    Man this documentary is the business......I WISH PEOPLE WOULD WAKE UP! People don't consider our (people with real knowledge) opinions, because what we know is so far off of what we are being told/taught. THIS IS A SILLY WORLD MAN....-PHILosophy-

  • Calm Down

    Yes, the public is being deceived, but it can't continue if the public decides to educate and inform themselves and get involved in a solution. Evil happens while good people do nothing.



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