The Truth About Vitamins

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Vitamins without doubt are vital to our health. And it remains possible that high dose vitamin supplements will one day be proven to protect against illnesses like heart disease and cancer. But so far, definitive evidence for these claims remains largely elusive. And as we discover more about some vitamins, it is increasingly clear that in large doses they can have unexpected, and sometimes dangerous consequences. Are vitamins doing us any good? Could they even be dangerous? Every year we spend £300 million on vitamin supplements, but do they actually do us any good? Some believe they offer the promise of preventing or even curing some of the world’s biggest killers, such as heart disease and cancer. Others claim that taking large doses of some vitamins may in certain cases be harmful. So what are the facts?

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  • guest

    I am very concerned with monsanto seeds.  There is now a soy bean genetically modified with roundup.  I have actually seen this in action in a near by field.  I noticed throughout the growing season there was not one stray weed in the soy bean field....scary.  I can't help wondering how much spraying, etc. seeps down into the water tables contaminating not only the soil but the water we ultimately drink and bathe with.
    I was disappointed in the documentary as there was the mention of only one vitamin, a fraction of the vitamins compacted into a 'one a day' vitamin pill.  There are other vitamins (oil based in particular) that in large doses can become toxic. Water soluble vitamins are expelled through our kidneys and into our urine.

  • angie

    The scenes where the family is frolicking around in the sunny field reminds me of a boniva ad. wonderwhy.

  • A.P.

    Qaility not quantity. Balance is the way to go with most things in life.
    One worry: farmers using monsanto chems on fields brings the quality of soil down and therefore the food we it looses nutrient content.
    Watch: The world according to monsanto"

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