The Other Side of AIDS

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Take an unflinching look into an issue the mainstream media doesn't dare touch: the failure of the multi billion-dollar war on AIDS. The Other Side of AIDS gives voice to a growing movement of doctors, scientists, journalists, and HIV positives who reveal a tangled web of conflicts of interest, political correctness and unresolved errors surrounding AIDS. After 20 years and more than $150 billion in federally funded research, scientists still can't explain how HIV causes AIDS. Millions of people have been declared HIV-positive with tests that can't find the actual virus. The latest AIDS medications are taking more lives than AIDS itself. One expert proposes that the cause and cure for AIDS is as near at hand as our willingness to examine new ideas. Yet according to a prominent AIDS researcher, anyone questioning HIV is a perpetrator of death and should be jailed. Should AIDS advocates have the power to silence scientific debate? Has saving face become more important than saving lives? Watch The Other Side of AIDS and decide for yourself.

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  • Ped200014

    The HIV doesn't cause AIDS is another cog in the disinformation campaign. You have to be an idiot today to believe that. It is a convenient distraction for the epidemiology of the virus. Once you know the history of rDNA and retroviral research on IL-2 you have to be pretty thick to still believe in zoonosis nonsense too.

    ...Lets see we have a decade leading up to AIDS where we began to mix genetic sequences of viruyes primarily, study and grow T-cell's in the lab, discover the first retrovirus that is 99% genetically identical to HIV so much so that the lab that discovered both viruses literally used the same acronym and they both just so happen to cause immune collapse of the T-cell system.

    .....or the thousands and thousands of years human and chimps have interacted without any viral mutation-transmission suddenly happens in the early 80's in los angeles and new york out of nowhere.

    Gee, what seems more plausable?

  • Ped200014

    The 1970's was a pharma revolution by three primary means.

    1. Amoxicillin - An antibiotic alternative to penecillin.
    2. Glucocorticoids. Synthetic cortisol steroids like Prednisone. Cortisol is an immuno-supressive hormone. Giving these steroids to autoimmune patients is similar to giving opiates for pain. They are general (meaning overall or total system) drugs as opposed to local treatments.
    3. Recombinant DNA techniques. In 1972 Paul Berg at Stanford was the first person to cross genetic sequences between two biological agents. The Simian virus 40 and the Lamda virus. In 1975 the National Cancer Institute developed Interluekin-2 through these techniques. Interleukin-2 (IL-2) Is an in-lab T-cell growth factor specifically used to study retroviral effects on these cells. In 1977 the same lab at the NCI discovered the first human retrovirus HTLV-I and showed its corrolation to ATCL (Adult T-lymphocyte Leukemia) by means of IL-2. In 1978 the same lab again discovered HTLV-II and showed its corrolation with HCL (Harry Cell Leukemia). Both diseases cause a collapse of the immune system over time and are hard-transmission virally causitive. Meaning they are blood-blood or semen-semen as opposed to surface to surface as say Influenza.

    That same year recombinant techniques had evolved to the point that the first rounds of FDA approvals were made for drugs using rDNA.

    A. Human Insulin
    B. Recombinant human growth hormone (HGH, somatotropin)
    C. ELISA - immunoessay test primarily used for HIV antibody reactivity
    D. Hepatitis B vaccine
    E. the first draft of GM foods
    F. Factor VIII blood clotting protein

    In 1984 the same NCI lab discovered HTLV-III which we know today to be the HIV-1m virus.

    So your question is why were people dying of a collapsed immune system before we detected that it was viral and what viral agent was the causitive factor.

    The state of AIDS is nothing new. Many diseases do exactly the same thing. Chrinic leukemia whether it is virally proliferitive or envirmonetally dissassociative (like HIV) cause immune collapse. Lymphoma causes immune collapse. When a organ transplant patient goes through surgery they are given medication that totally collapses the immune system so their body is less likely to reject the new organ. Heavy use of antibiotics is immuno-supressive. The new wonder drugs corticosteroids are extremely and specifically immuno-suppressive. Chemo drugs designed to inhibite DNA-RNA replication are inherantly immune-suppressive.

  • maya

    if you do your research youll find that they have been able to find the virus, they just dont use this approach in standard tests because it is more expensive and time consuming. instead they look for antibodies and as you migh imagine they have checked the results of the presence of antibodies with the presence of the virus, meaning the tests are accurate. i dont know where you get your information from.

  • Raoul

    The problem of not identifying the virus with any tests remains..

  • TJ

    Oh. My. God.

    This? Is the biggest piece of cr@p EVER. (This doesn't mean that it wasn't fun to watch. On the contrary, I've never laughed more.)

    Let me ask one question. For the first few years after AIDS was first reported, people were getting sick and dying. How, then, could HIV cause AIDS only in those who know they are positive and allow themselves to fall into the AIDS zone? How does that make any sense whatsoever? People were sick first. The virus was found only AFTER they were sick.

    The progression is as follows: HIV - Advanced HIV illness - AIDS

    If people were to believe the lies in this documentary, they'd be putting themselves (and, by extension, their communities) in harm's way. If people are going to think this ridiculously, it's almost better that they don't think at all.

  • JC

    Good job. I have always believed that AIDS was our government approach by design, to subdue and terminate Gays via poisonous drugs. Who benefits? . . . the big drug companies, people who hate gays, etc.

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