The Obama Deception

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The Obama Deception will be the first hard-hitting film to expose Obama, his agenda & handlers cutting through all the media hype, side-issues and Left/Right rhetoric. Alex has made several films exposing the Bush agenda and will approach the Obama Administrations plans from the same non-partisan point of view looking past the frontman in the White House to the real owners on Wall Street, in the Bilderberg group and at the Federal Reserve. Please help spread the word about this powerful new film. Make sure everyone you know whether they claim to be a Democrat, Republican, independent or none of the above sees this film before it is too late.

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  • Joan DeSantes Goldman

    Holy shit! I'm blown away by this!

  • Guest

     Obama makes Bush look good.Who could of predicted that...

  • Concerned Patriot.

    This is bigger than race! Can you people not see that? Do you think the elite care what color skin you have? NO! This is about the AMERICAN CITIZENS vs. THE ELITE BANKER THUGS! Not Black vs. white, Republican vs. Democrat. Wake up before its too late. 

  • brian brown

    Lots of rhetoric-not much Reality. Ever heard of inappropriate definitions and inverted value systems?

    Keep trying guys, you have a long way to go; maybe someday you can figure out proper societal structures.

  • Dennis Paul Habern

    You have said a true-mouthful.

  • Dennis Paul Habern


    It is apparent that you are not current into the background of the
    Moron in the White House; that Obama is following in the
    footsteps of his Communist fathers and mother as he pursues
    to destroy the United States in his belief that the U.S. is the
    largest offender of colonialism.  In addition, the U.S. Senate
    did not vet by law, Obama's background, giving him a pass.
    Obama has associated himself in Chicago, with individuals such
    as William Ayers and his wife, known Communists and bombers
    of Federal Buildings, and in addition, Ayers gave Obama his first
    official political position as a Community Organizer where he
    preached the ideology of Saul Alinsky, another known Communist,
    to his charges.  This small exposure is just the tip of the
    iceberg.  It is understandable that Obama inherited a political
    mess, but since his 3 years in office, it is apparent that Obama
    does not care about the American people, because he is not one
    of US, but one of THEM, if you follow.  He has accomplished
    nothing positve for the United States with the exception of
    eliminating DADT (Don't ask, don't tell).  His obamacare has been
    a complete fiasco, therefore, do yourself a favor and the United
    States of America, vote Republican in 2012.  Obama and "THE
    NEW WORLD ORDER," in conjunction with "THE BILDERBERGER GROUP," maintain a mission to destroy the
    United States and to insert a non-elected World President to
    maintain jurisdictin over the entire planet, bringing to life the
    book, "1984," written by George Orwell in 1949, with the theme

  • Too smart to fall for this

    This is nothing more than libertarian spin. The guy who produced this 'documentary' doesn't want any government at all. As far as I see it this is just republican fodder. Enjoy.

  • blueyesj41

    The corporations could give a rats ass about our 2nd Ammendment rights or our guns. I would even say they love it because they are the ones selling them and the ammunition to use them to us in the first place.

    The people who want to get rid of our guns, are the ones who want a Socialist society (utopia in their mind) in the US and look at what all the communist/marxist/progressive/socialist's that have 1: came out and admitted they are such, and 2: a great number of whom are working within this administration to change this country into that "utopia".

    And they are so far in the minority, that if they should do it right now with the two US Supreme Court decisions that firmly state that the 2nd Ammendment gives every citizen of the United States the RIGHT to own fire arms for their personnal defense, and to form a militia. If those seeking the "Utopia" tried to take over now, a huge number of the 300 million Americans will stand up, and these folks will be fortunate to end up in prison, if they don't end up catching bullets against a wall.
    In order to avoid this, they need to take away our rights under the constitution or to eliminate the US Constitution all together making it illegal to own firearms in this country. Once that happens, say hello to the death camps colloqually known as Re-education Centers that Bill Ayers and his Weather Underground planned back in 1969 (do a search on the weathermen and you'll find the document), in which they stated it would be necessary to liquidate 10% of the population (250 million at the time, 10% of = 25 million)since they woulnd get with the new order's program. Bill Ayers (nor any former Weather Underground member) have ever said he (or they) no longer believes that would be necessary in the current times.
    With so many of those seeking the Utopia in our government, in league with others who want to end the threat that the American (and Western) way of life poses to their plans and ideals, it is not possible to believe concentration and death camps would not happen in the United States.
    To do these things means they have to disarm the population of the united states, and I wouldnt' be surprised to see UN troops trying to do it. Blue sticks out.

  • Anon


    I hope for your sake you are being sarcastic, if not, your inability to understand just the topic of this documentary shows the incredibly low level of intelligence you possess. We shouldn't be looking to the left or right wings to place blame, we should be looking up at the head.

  • ShaiRomance

    Liquid thats bullshyt, I didn't vote for him just because hes black, but even so its because he's black u didn't vote for him. See I am for right and wrong not black and white, but I see that everything is damn near a conspiracy theory. Everything is manipulated in a way as to where we are left out but for our own good (bullshyt). But the people dont speak up on it. That terrorist act is bullshyt. The media is bullshyt, the government if bullshyt.

  • Sabrina

    I'm sorry but if you people think that this is credible then your wrong. People are pissed I get that. However how do you expect one man to change the economy and change everything for the better when he has a congress who hates him. And I hated Bush, I couldn't stand the man. I new men who hate Clinton however they didn't show such disrespect for those men so yes it is a race thing. Your can't tell me that if it were a white man up there that people would hate him that much.
    This is why Jones is wrong. First of all London and New York and Washington are not the top of the world. China now has now money of the U.S. thus making the U.S. less powerful. Not to mention the Euro's value has risen above the dollar making New York and D.C pretty much worthless. Lets look at this from a global stand point which is what he attempts to do. The U.S no longer leads the world. That didn't happed because Obama. And well known and well trusted International Relations Expert will tell you that considering the theory of realism (which with a bit of consideration I've gathered that Jones is a realist) we know that once other militarys' left us in Iraq and in the middle east we lost those ties and that power. Once we had to take loans from china (which came from the war that was unpaid for and the housing market that was unpaid for) we lost power. we lost the stability that we once all knew. that had nothing to do with Obama trying to destroy our country. Also international theory would state that all of these PEOPLE would have no relevance what so ever. International theory is going to assume that because there are other people balancing out individual actors that a sovereign state is going to be rational. I'm sorry I know you people love this guy and if her told you that Santa Claus was really God you probably would believe him. But as a college educated adult (who has a degree in Political Science and in International Theory and Law I can tell you that this man did not get accurate facts and is only telling one side of the story. the exact same thing that he accused the government of doing. If you people would stop taking everyone elses word and read and learn about what is really going on then maybe you would understand that this film is completely a waste of your time and that this man is an actor and really just wants to make a dollar.

  • Deliverance

    Do you live in a fantasy land where history is whatever you want to believe it to be.

    A quick history lesson. Europeans have been responsible for the majority of death and destruction throughout the entire globe since the defeat of Andalusia. Since then, Europeans have been directly involved in almost every war and have colonized every continent on earth in an attempt to rediscover what had already been discovered, defined, and utilized.

    Through war, pestilence, and naivete Europeans are responsible for the near extinction of the indigenous peoples of North America and the death of millions of indigenous people in Central and South America.

    The chaos you detail as the state of affairs in Africa are a direct result of colonization, mistreatment and maltreatment, economic starvation, resource exploitation and exportation and systematic degeneration.

    Not to mention that there are more animals on the threat of extinction list than any other time in its recorded history.

    Another event to remember would be when the Euro Americans dropped two nuclear bombs killing millions in two swoops.

    The historic public display of torture are notorious in European history. There is a long detailed history of Euro children watching the spectacle of lynchings, be-headings, and people burnt at the stake as one would watch a sporting event today.

    In general, Europeans history is dominated by systems of suppression, torture and inequality (i.e. Jim Crow, indenture servitude, Slavery, Indian reservations, Share Cropping, Japanese Concentration Camps......the list goes on an on an on!) In the end most of us so called "minorities" are holding back from all out aggression, which is what is being asked for when it is said "minorities need to get their stuff together". However where does that leave any of us? No closer to common ground. But like many countries (i.e. Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina) have opted to never forget the abuses and U.S. support of terror and have let it go. All while exercising their autonomy and declaring their sovereignty.

    Race is a side bar to this major issue. Important, yet a distraction. Proving every time that unrelenting ignorance is still alive and is persistent. Bottom line is all the stereotypes are bs. No one person can effectively speak for the entire group. So with all that I said about European culture, all cultures have had there day in the sun. None have conquered the entire globe though all have tried. In the past this has proved to be impossible. Trying to quell that many people with basic low level communications and transportation will not pan out. But with today's technology and widespread ignorance, success is very plausible. So its time for all people to work together to come up with an answer. I cannot dictate for you what is right. But together we can come to an agreement that equally governs us both.

  • lhyra silvertongue

    They're ALL going to drop the ball... WHY? ... as I'm sure you already know, because they ALL report to the same boss. It's just as it is outlined in this documentary; they're all sell-out puppets who are more concerned about personal gain than what's RIGHT and BEST for our country and for the world.

    We are just the "lowly" masses... the slaves, to them. They look at us all with equal disdain... black, white, latino, etc... it doesn't matter. They could care less about any of us, except to the extent that they need some of us to keep they're "gerbil wheel" spinning.

    Shirley Shirrod said it best, on National Mainstream News: "we have to stick together." They don't care about any of us! What's so sad is that it's the part of what she said that was focused on the least. They were more concerned about blaming someone for taking the video out of context than her message that she discovered through her experience with this white farmer that the same things that she thought only happened to black people, happened at the same rate to white people. She realized that it is an "us and them" but not the "them" wasn't the "white man" as she suspected... it was the ELITE!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • lhyra silvertongue

    It’s idiots like you that give them power to run the rackets they run on us. If people like you don’t WAKE UP and get it together, the intelligent “thinkers” of this world are going to end up paying the price right along side you… and THAT is a grave injustice. THINK! Pay attention… even if you were able to find some things about this video that you felt were taken out of context, there’s much more evidence and information circling than just this video to conclude that most of what’s being presented here is couched in TRUTH…

    GROW UP and WAKE UP before you doom us all!

  • azboy4liberty

    well stated.

  • azboy4liberty need to wake up...there are documents upon documents of Obama a.k.a. barry Soetoro's unconstitutional and illegal actions. He pledges alegiance to the international corporations and wall street...You are the weak minded-type of person that the globalists LOVE...easy to control and're a sheep..and a slave....good luck, and I hope you open your eyes.

  • angelbabe43

    Race has nothing to with this film,a yr ago I didn't have a clue .had my head in the sand so to speak.......Plane a simple they (the puppet Government)don't give a .... about any of us Wake up America this is real do some research ,have an open mind.....the truth will be found .

  • The Obama deception2

    This has nothing to do with race, because i believed like many others. Until the man decided to go back on all his campaign promises! So leave race out of this your just trying to stir up trouble.

  • John Finkelstein

    Because YOU are an empty-headed racist bigot, that's why. This film is not about racism, it is about globalist bankers taking over the USA.

  • Sally Smith

    This movie is right, a thousand times right. For those of you that call it racist, on what grounds????
    I am neither Republican or Democrat, I'm not a registered voter, I don't vote, because I've known for longer than this movie has been out that the left-right paradigm is a bunch of baloney. I am also highly intelligent with an international business degree and widely-read. And I would bet the ranch on: this movie is right. Please read a book called The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin. And stop believing the propaganda you are fed by mainstream media, the fact that one lends any credence at all to the corporate controlled mainstream media should be enough of a sign that whatever opinion you hold without getting the alternative media perspective, is BRAINWASHED!!!

  • zippytie

    to patriot, eat your words my friend. cuz the new financial reform bill is fascism, it is the definition of it.

  • Tomofthemountain

    LMFAO!!! Homeboy thinks its right/left! Yeah, "Smart", you're right, sure ... keep grinning, muthahfu(k the evangelical right wing, and buy into obama_da_1da. He's gonna save the country,

  • Btok

    Shows Barry Soetoro aka; Barak Obama, the first Illegal President of the United States of America, for the sniveling "Fascist", Sock Puppet of The Parasite Global Elite - Re: Bilderberg Club, Triqlateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Club of Rome, Canadian Council of Chief Executives, Skull and Bones, United Nations, World Health Organization, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization - that he really is! An empty headed teleprompter reader - who does the bidding of the "New World Order Agenda", to set up NAFTA and the North American Union and establish the United Nations Fraud Carbon Tax in America!

  • Scott


  • Scott

    Sooo you don't see any of this happening right now? I'm in my 50s and have seen our freedom slowly fade away over the last 30+ years,I believe my own eyes.

  • katimba, khamis j

    obama is still a good symbol of african, what would u expect him to do agaist the existing US long stand administrative structure?

  • A disappointed black teenager from RSA

    im very disappointed that the first black american to become a president turns out to be the biggest criminal in the USA.He has shamed and dissappointed all the black people of the world.I wonder if Oprah nd other media giants know about this plot.

  • setra

    Did you know the illuminati cards depict a bi racial president? Hmmm, look at the other cards too! 1993.

  • ollie

    I'm sorry to say, that the worlds elite care no more about you, than you do about the impoverish people down the street in your neighborhood. Imagine on a small scale, how much you would do to protect your way of life. Now imagine it on a large scale where people with mass wealth capable of just about anything, can and will protect theirs. WAKE UP, because were all about to repeat history, but maybe this time they will get it right and enslave us and our children permanently.Cause they have the tools and technology behind them this time.

  • herbal ecstacy

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  • Sonny

    I dont think alot of people are understanding the video. Its bigger than obama. obama is just a puppet for the fed and the expansion of the new world order. the people controling this country are an elite group of banker.They are destroying our country and everything thing educated american patriots stand for

  • iztok


  • rixk

    To everybody that understood the information on documentary: this is final pazzle that clearly confirms that the vienus project[zietgiest] is thee logical path/way to solving the mess up moneytary system. please please please, let us join the movement for we are just one human family after all.: EARTHLINGS

  • Done With It!

    I've been studying this political crap for over 20 years now and it's always the same lies! The rich take and the middle & poor class get next to nothing.

    I would like to see the left & right wings join together and fly right of this planet!

    As for you truth deniers, READ! Stop talking out-the-side of your necks! Research! Follow the money!
    See who the spinners of the truth work for!

    Alex Jones has been fighting to expose these criminals for years. He sticks his neck out there with his bull horn and lets them have it. Do any of you know that he actually single-handedly delayed the first “Patriot Act" from becoming law?
    I've listened and watched him from his beginning.
    Yes he is a bit extreme but that is because he's passionate about FREEDOM & LIBERTY. What are you?

    I agree with people here like Rody and others.
    We need to put aside the race card and join together!
    Educate yourselves and get ready! If Obama signs the “Copenhagen Treaty” there will be global revolution!

  • Rde

    Great, everyone should watch and be aware.

  • AndroidBoy420

    We're White Punks on Dope...
    Mom and Dad went to Hollywood
    Hang ourselves when we get enought rope
    White Punks on Dope
    White Punks on Dope!
    You might be interested to know that human flesh tastes like pork, so you can substitue man for pork in all your old recipes.
    When I read the above posts I see a thin slice of people who deserve freedom, and the rest can take up residence on my dinner plate. I'm disappointed in Alex. Look at him run from the bad men tailing him. Pussy. He's in the hotel, but does he try to bug or infiltrate it in any way? No. Why not? He's afraid to die. I will die. By 2070, there will be no more me, and I'm guessing that's true for all of you. You all quote Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson. Stop it. Compared to those men you are all bootlickers. Raise your voices for all the good it will do you. The time is for action. Do what it takes to cover your own ass because that's all you care about. If you were really going to do something about this you could organize by trading pictures--using blowfish encryption to post messages to organize a REAL revolution. The founding fathers were crazy as sh!t by today's standards. The world thinks we are crazy, but only a select few are crazy enough. Kneebiters. Most of you are kneebiters.
    It's HAHAHA funny that there are ppl on here quoting the bible. Like they didn't watch Zeitgeist. Jews dead for over 3000 years are controlling your thoughts with a false morality while the NWO boogeymen, unencumbered by that BS are free to do what they want to. Your stupidity only assures that your brains will be thrown away instead of eaten. We get what we deserve so when the time comes to rend your clothing in grief and despair be sure to beat yourself X-tra hard about the head and upper body and if I have the misfortune to be alive that day you can kick me square in the balls for my failure.

    Or maybe not.

  • sam

    I can't believe you people! no wonder we europeans think of you as a bunch of stupid ff's! You've got yourself the most promising president in the most difficult time in world history & all you can think of is how to find a reason to dispise him while he's optimistic and anxious to find a better way (so you can drag yourselves in debt again, buying homes you can't pay off in 100 years), to provide you with the healthcare every other western country takes for granted. Yes, he is charismatic & cute but he also makes mistakes & misjudgements. He's a human being. But do you really think a proud black man would risk humiliating millions of his kind so he can...what actually? Be rich, have a lovely family?

    NO, he's not acting fast enough, since it will take years to get out of this mess (the mess we're all in, BECAUSE OF YOU)

    YES, he might be a puppet, but one of your own government, the government you chose over the years. Try running against hundreds of votes against you, let's see how fast you'll get anywhere

    & YES, Jones is right by stating "wake up", yes WAKE UP & start creating your own opinion, one not manipulated by deep dramatic narrator voice & discontiguous editing.

    You're all wraped up in your scepticism about the new guy after having none for years & electing a puppet president TWICE.

    YES, you said YES TWICE when the whole world was screaming "NO!" and seeing a nightmare repeating itself, and now, when the world is saying "FINALLY, YES, YOU! CAN" you are beeing blinded by conspiracy theories & your own impatience & sorrow.

    You've got yourself a smart, dedicated president who loves his country & is willing to try everything within his power to help you get back on your feet. No one is expecting you to praise him yet, but at least have some dignity and respect instead of being puppets of media.

  • bmaw


  • Dorothy

    I find it hard to believe this country didn't pay attention to the hard left line this man has taken from his beginnings, from his ghost-written books to his pastor to his Czars ... what on earth did you people expect? Well, you got him ... now get ready for the end.

  • enigma

    proud white man you are proud but are you proud to be ignorant as well? do you not see that your anger at the non whites is fed by you own inability to see through the blackman's ignorance makes you no better than he? (the blackman)?

  • Proud White Man

    The modern definition of a racist is any person who is winning an argument against a black person.

    Black people see themselves to be perfect, without fault and any accountability for anything is dissolved with one word..... slavery, apartheid or racism.

    White people need to stop being pressured into abandoning their own agenda and giving up the things that they worked for, all to appease some big mouth, shouting insults our way.

    I am tired of being blamed for every shortcoming and failure of black people and then being forced to pay for it, by funding their welfare.

    Bottom line, if you wan to stop being poor, stop having so many children, especially out of wedlock.
    Use your brain and show some initiative and perhaps consider that you are not so perfect, faultless and blameless for your own lot in lives.

    People forget that white people, were also slaves and also had a very tough rise to the top.

  • Seb

    The angle and content of this video is quite sad. I hope viewers realise that opinions can't be stated as facts just because they've been stated 1000 times. If you're gullable enough to believe everything you read or watch as fact, it's probably best not to read on turn on the tele. With sufficient will, we can be convinced to believe anything. Stalin made a country of millions believe that 2 + 2 did not equal 4. Whether the content of this film is true or false, I would urge caution in referencing it as a source of fact.

  • abc

    pathetic, stop being paranoid people. live your lives. go to your coffee shops and play with your children and do whatever else youve been doing months ago. stop all of this. you people would have thought up some crazy bs if it were mccain or anyone else. SHUT UP

  • Instincts831

    find this most interesting along with m other research...I too work in Security and I have worked around scientist with most compound evedence of global warming going on for over 40 years, Government not doing nothing about it along with the housing problem and bankers it really all falls into place.
    Jesus said when he was walking the decern the seasons , but not the signs of the end times which is already here when he was walking the earth. read

  • Chris09

    I heard President Obama was going to use his South African medicine to turn us into scocalist zombies.

  • Zodiac1962

    Love the ominus hollywood soundtrack

  • KnOt Jørgen

    "Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognized.In the first it is ridiculed, in the second it is opposed, in the third it is regarded as self-evident"

    - Arthur Schopenhauer

  • Tyler

    Its funny how Jermiah says to ignore the makers and ask questions before accepting the information presented here, when the makers themselves urge the viewer to do just that. They encourage people to research these claims for themselves.

    It's cautiously optimistic to say that this is a load of crap, but you know what? They don't have to lie about Obama being a liar, because it's a fact. He said he was going to take the US out of Iraq, and instead he sent more troops. Fact. He said he was going to keep lobbyists out of Washington, and instead he instated a number of lobbyists. Fact. He said he was going to repeal the Patriot Act, and instead he allowed it to remain. Fact. The Federal Reserve Bank is a private company who LOANS money to the USA, WITH INTEREST. Fact. I personally find it to be an outrage that the top 1% of the country owns 90% of the wealth. Doesn't that concern any of you naysayers? Isn't that enough for you to say, "hey, maybe there is something fishy going on here..." Keep in mind that I myself prefer to be cautiously optimistic. I'd rather not believe that the upper crust of society is attempting to unite the world under their thumb. But most of the evidence seems to point that way.

  • kyler mikulski


    the people who are so certain that these are people are telling the truth to us while EVERYBODY ELSE is involved in a scheme don't see that there's no reason to be outside of the scheme. or us.

    they're lying just as much as much as the other liars. what makes them so damn holy?

  • why was this made

    this video need help! first get some facts that might help a little. some of it is interesting but needs help a lot of help. it is funny how some can make this film when the guy only been in the office for about 6 months. i bet you that this film was done when he was in office for about 2 months!!!! i know he is not perfect but i didn't see some attack good old BUSH when people voted for BUSH the first time. i bet you the person the made the film didn't do this to his good old friend BUSHED!!!! i like KRS ONE but that is his opinion but where was the facts? we need a third party to step up and take down this two party system and BE FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!

  • Army Vet

    Rob you voted for the mirror image of yourself, an American hating coward who Vets like me, real patriots that honor our oath, will be coming after. The main difference between you and the impostor in the White House is he an illegal alien destroying the nation at an unprecedented rate and you wish you could. In truth, Alex Jones doesn't like anyone like you, a lowlife piece of garbage that has the temerity to post on this site, proud that you had a hand in the final end of America as we know it. The trillion in debt you refer to as Bushes legacy ( I have no use for Bush) is a spit in the bucket compared to the work of the mutt in chief. It took Bush 8 years to screw us, it has taken you boyfriend, the mutt in chief, 5 months to accomplish that feat 30 times over. You Rob are just one of millions of lemmings heading blindly to your demise. Well, there are tens of millions of us that are ready to save real Americans, in your case I wouldn't hold my breath!

  • Rob

    Paranoia crap fest...

    Alex Jones does not like any Government, at all. It does not matter who is in office, he isn't going to like them.

    A lot of the comments are a laugh because it displays their naive mentality. It is also sad at the same time, but what can you do. People are going to believe some really stupid shit..look at religion as good example.

    For those bitching about not getting what they wanted the day after Obama was sworn in, the shit does not change overnight. There is no magic wand for cleaning up 8 years of repuke reign and the with the repuke roadblocks that still linger in the halls of the Hill is a real pain in the ass.

    I voted for Barack and I have no regrets. You people would still be crying if McInsane/Falin won. The state of the country, if left in those two morons hands, would be 100x worse then things are now. How quick people forget whose mess this is, who left things the way they are. This is all the end result of deregulation and corporate favoritism over the people. Bush left us with a 1 trillion dollar deficit, but no one here seems to recall that.

    And who invaded two sovereign nations for really no reason? hmmmm...So before you go trying to pin the shit on Obama, I recommend you repuke asshats take a long look in the mirror, because you got more than blood on your hands, your covered in it.

    The 'birthers' on here are a riot! "no mention of his birth certificate or his family" blah blah blah. Are you just too stupid to realize that in order to hold any public office(Obama was a Senator before his was elected President) he had to be a US citizen? Obama was born in Hawaii, so get over it.

    Obama a messiah? Not hardly. who ever thinks that is a hero worshiping idiot. Politicians should never be put on a pedestal.

    I helped elect President Obama and I have very little to complain about. 3.5 years to go, well more like 8, so I will not come to a Good/Bad judgment on President Obama's tenner until then.

  • yourfault

    Maybe the new world order wants to *help* us? Yeah, this is all for our own good. After all, we have more important things to do than make sure we're really free and fairly treated. We have picnics to attend, and music to hear, and cars to wash. Ever wonder why life seems so futile? Because it is. You will all keep making excuses, whether you believe in freedom or not, and you'll not lift a finger. Oh, I guess maybe the middle finger, but that's it.

  • Realpatriot

    Alex Jones' video, The Obama Deception can stand up to people's attempt to debunk any of the claims he has made. Idiots or detractors like Jermiah Jameson can attempt to discredit Jones but cannot provide a single example where Jones is deceiving us or distorting information. Anyone that can find valid evidence that Jones presented misleading information is encouraged to present it to us. We should always demand the truth and expose lies where we find them. If the viewer takes what Jones has shown us as a whole and looks at the big pictue they will plainly see that it is coherent and all the pieces fit together to give us what we are now witnessing in the world. Great job Alex. Keep up the good work.

  • thinkdeep

    There are a few important points to mention. First on the clip " Obama Deception Part 3/12 " on youtube, Daniel the reporter mentioned that the oligarchy understand that the people are aware of the housing prices are going down. The oligarchy are going to create an illusion that the market is going well, and they will bring the economy back to 1998 1999 level and get all the suckers ( the regular people ) to reinvest all the money they have left over into the market and then the oligarchy will turn the market upside down again.

    So beware and spend your money wisely. Don't be suckered by Obama's lies. He mentioned about Federal financial regulation, that is the start of trying to build an illusion that everything is going to be alright. No it is not going to be alright!!!

    Obama lied about bringing troops out of Iraq and Afganistan, lied about shutting down camps, lied about warrantless wiretapping, lied about getting rid of NAFTA and GATT and now expanding it. What makes anyone to trust him what else he is going to say?

  • snake_lady

    First of all, Obama is not black, he's "PARTIALLY" black...he is just as much white as he is black. So I wish everyone would stop saying the first "black" president, etc...

    Normally I consider myself a Republican, however, this time around I was simply rooting for the guy that could do the best job of bringing this country out of the toilet, regardless of wheter it happened to be Republican or not. Well Obama was the chosen one, and so far he has done absolutely nothing except guarantee a Republican victory for the next two terms. I just do not like the man...I also understand where 'Liquid' is coming from because I previously had two "black" co-workers that would support Obama to the bitter end on something that Bush was supposedly a "dirtbag" for doing or saying basically the same freakin thing. But of course they're not racist for being that way. I'm the racist for being the way I am. I don't think Liquid was saying ALL blacks...he was saying SOME blacks.

    Whatever...I've been to war twice for this country and seen people die for this country and it's supposed "freedoms", and Americans whether Democrat or Republican, whether black or white are very lazy and selfish people that only support ANYTHING when it benefits THEM!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thinkdeep

    Actually it should be to save the whole world, because it is a global situation, the oligarchy are trying to bring out a New World Order.

    The sad thing is an absolute government will only fail absolutely. This is the kind of lesson we can learn by watching Star Wars movies and these Bilderberg Group members, despite the huge amount of money they already had earned, have all these secret meetings ( Federal crime ) cannot have time to watch some Star Wars dvd and learn the lesson from them. It is both sad and stupid. And we, the middle class, have to spoon-feed them ethics by exposing their crimes and pointing out what they are doing wrong. It really is stupid and a huge waste of time !!!

  • thinkdeep

    Unfortunately the film is very correct about their findings. It also explains why on ( search EDP ) and you will see the clip on Bank Account Scams - "More and more people are reporting that companies are taking money out of their bank accounts without their knowledge" and they cannot do anything to get the money back. This is a sign of destroying public confidence, the very first step of threatening our liberty and enslave our future for years to come - all planned out by the oligarchy.

    The very first step to do is to get the whole nation and even the whole world to view the movie, view it a few more times, do any research to verify that they are correct. You can even view it in parts on youtube it has 12 parts (obama deception part 1/12 , part 2/12..etc ) each lasting 10 minutes.

    Also convince the military and police officers to view them because if the oligarchy cannot order the military to carry out commands, the oligarchy are useless. View the clip on ( States Stand For Constitutional Sovereignty ) Every serviceman has an obligation to refuse unlawful order.

    Please do not get emotional, it is time to help the nation, to save the nation from evil hands, not blaming each other.

  • Mgl2009

    Wow, it feels like I'm having time travel back to 1900's of Mongolia when we were under communist slavery. We've lost over 30000.

    Those who wanted to shut your mouth and slave you are very toxic, yet looks very innocent. One by one, very silently they will start to eliminate the SMARTEST and the MOST ACTIVE person who can see through their fake mask. They will take their time and smoothly they will choose one, very good one indeed. Once you realize there might be something odd going on, there will be no one good enough to oppose them and make a revolution.

  • Katie

    Fortunately, I can honestly say that I already believed most of what was in this video. I did investigate, because I feel we have all been being manipulated and fed a pile of steaming s#@% since this evil man was elected. I'm not a Bush fan, nor did I vote for the people's "messiah". Anyone who buys the media's version of "truth" is in for a rude awakening.

    I have used my brain, and my investigation of facts over a period of 8 months led me here. This only furthers my belief that what I thought was going on, without anyone first suggesting it, was indeed what was going on. This is the first period of time in my life I have bothered to even research history, law, and politics, as before, I was not afraid of what was going to happen to my country. If people already have a feeling that this is what is coming, without reading or watching anything like this, we're either all taking some good drugs, or we're right. I would love to think it is the first, but I will prepare for the latter. Thanks for posting.

  • Michael Platt

    As long as we are a divided people we shall fall. And as we fall this country falls. As a divided government this country will never pull out of it present situation. I see nothing here that helps in the current situation. What it will take is for all of us (as one voice)to stand up and make our voices heard. To let the leaders of this country know that we the people are so so so tired of what is happening here. Isn't it our goal to be free to pursue life liberty and justice for all and to be happy. This is not happening with the current adminstration nor has it happened in the past. The people nolonger have a voice in this country. Our government has ruined this nation and will continue to do so as long as we the people continue to do nothing.

  • Nabil Al-Murabit

    This video is bullshit. I like the way that Alex uses the new pepsi logo to his advantage

  • R3volution

    Barack Obama one disturbions of mental and big for Traitor

  • dbizzle

    The problem with this is that everyone was to stupid to think BEFORE they voted! Hate it or love it , its your fault.. at least he has "swagga"..... isnt that why you all voted for him>


    This movie is garbage. The director has no proof of anything, he just dictated the whole story with a few uncreditable sources. This film is a sham of a film. The secret meeting was at sen. feinstein house in georgetown, with video footage unlike this film. Even the three people the director did use contradicted themselves through out the film, just listen. This guy must think that we are idiots.

  • Ireland

    What an unmitigated piece of crap. There is not a single convincing argument in the entire film. Alternative journalism my hole....

  • ramiro

    I live in mexico and it is good to listen to every side of the coin, because the more that you know, the awake we are, we all are the same in our soul, and we all are humans from this planet(stick together).thanks

  • obama and bush sittin' in a tree

  • CBass

    You all are fools based on your comments...

    Fucking idiots! Do you not get it you dumb shits, movies, all this propaganda was made so that you would respond just like that...fucking dummies

    Most of the greates prevelent lies and truths have always been hidin in plain site right under our nose for a reason. (Because that would just be to easy!)

    Fucking dummies, life is easy and you all, YOU ALL have been played for a bunch of fools. Fools!

    Thank you and be happy living your life as a slave of the New World Order because it is coming and you are all going to get exacly what you asked for!

  • makavelli187

    The filmmaker is a moron and anyone who falls for this garbage is a moron.

    This country is in hell because of the idiot of a President George Bush.

  • jaguar

    same old story ... we all know the U.S president has no power and they are all just puppets...and if u didnt know this, its time to come out of the cave.

  • Walter Bumphuch

    The truth is that the sock pupeteers who have there hands up our ass get a kick out of manipulating outcomes. They knew in advance that the public would never vote in anyone representing the Bush legacy. That's why they chose a black man to run against him. In fact, he could have been black, female and Jewish. The public did not vote for Obama; they voted against the legacy of Bush. And of course Obama is a fraud. He wouldn't be there otherwise.





    I promise you if you think bush was bad, obama will not disappoint...

    people get together, quit pointing the finger and lying to yourself this guy is a fraud...

  • Joan


  • shane


  • scott

    I tend to believe that this is in perfect alignment with bible prophacy. This is pretty close to the truth. These gretty men have taken over our goverment because enough money is never enough. I have seen a lot of stuff on You Tube that says alot of the same thing. Take a look at Conspiracy: False Flag attack on You Tube and it goes right with this. I hope that people wake up and pull their heads out soon and get informed because they just dont know anything else than the propaganda they watch on cnn, I watch Foxnews its closer to the truth and talk radio has not been bought out buy Rockerfeller yet, but they are trying to pass the so called fairness doctrine bill, thats not at all fair and will silence talk radio so that they dont have anyone opposing anythng they want to brain wash the public with. Wake up they are taking away our civil rights by banning guns and our freedom of speech with so called terrorist laws they make each time they bomb a building like 911 and the Oklahma City Federal building. Its not terroist maybe the Bilderburg group does this so they can make new laws to delve into our privacy and take away our civil rights. I wonder if a lot of the shootings are constucted so they can have reasons to ban guns. If they can take away all of our civil rights then they can rule us like Hitler and Stalin and Mao Say Tung we will be their slaves and pawns that way they can make more money but it wont work their will be violence like never before and then the end of a age. New World Order is already here look it up on You Tube and the Mark of the beast they already have micro chips that they intend to inject in the top of yor hand or fore head to keep track of you and control everything you do. Look at it on You Tube punch in Micro chips & the Anti Christ. I was talking to a friend of mine and he said whats to stop them from making the micro chip to release poison to kill you if you dont do what the say.

  • TP

    I chanced on this film whilst surfing the web. Initially I thought it a bit over the top but now having seen it to the end I find it thought provoking. I did a search into the Bilderberg Group and its allies. There were quite a few surprises as well as it being edifying.Prominent leaders from all over the world belong to or are affiliated to the Bilderberg group. "Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely'
    It is important people worldwide see this film so they can think and decide what is correct for them.

  • tony

    Jargon and out of context? how could you even come up with that conclusion? did you even look at the websites they showed in the video? because it says it all right there! did you read the government budget, how there is a mass amount of money going to overseas crap in the next two years? did you read that it changes the deficit a little bit but still puts people into more debt. I live in Illinois they are trying to get rid of the 2nd amendment here! Gun-control... because as the state attorney said, guns kill people... which is a joke because people pull the trigger, and it's usually not those who own a gun legally.

    Even the schools say the banks control the interest rates, deflation, inflation and so on....

    So don't put your faith blindly in those people who want to control you.

  • Mark

    You cannot watch this film and summarily dismiss it. While you watch it, set your emotions aside and simply say to yourself "what if". And if you think that it's completely off-base, you better go back and learn world history 1900 - present day. Hopefully you will see that we are in the process of repaating what other countries have already tried and failed to do. This is about gaining knowledge and forgetting emotion, understanding that money is power, that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. In the end, at the very least, educate yourself.

  • googoobh

    This smacks of someone who has nothing to rail against anymore.
    It is more likely that what ever Oboma does will be undone by corperate america.
    Yes Onama isn't perfect , given this countries world influence and our puppet governments in Africa and south america that still are strong , and unjust.
    But new world parinoa is a bit to thick. Too many people are too greedy , and too power hungry to let anyone take the whole thing.

  • ObservationMan

    Alex Jones is good at bringing the truth out. The only problem is that he is an arrogant loudmouth who hurts his own cause by 1. Acting like a megolomaniac, and 2.Promoting anti-semitism and surrounding himself with racist kooks who spoil the message.

    It's always struck me as ironic how truth gets spread. Jones might be an asshole, but he's dead right about the New World Order/ Globalism threat. I think he's like so many other disinfo agents, he tells the truth, but puts in the wrong package to confuse people. He takes the truth but blames it on "The Jews." This makes no sense because if you apply the same message to "The Christians," one could easily make the same argument, even though it's false.

  • kyle

    Ahh man, what did I tell ya, There is a second Obama film coming out. Alex Jones just admitted it!

  • harry

    People seek a world order because they do not trust themselves and live in fear. Until people switch from a fear based metality to a heart centered growth existence they will continue to support a rulership by the few and unqualified.

    Watch Kymatica:

  • samwiseup

    he says that the current crisis is orchastrated then he says the crisis is a failure of the federal reserve wtf??????? am i missing something??

  • samwiseup

    there's quite a lot of conflicting views

  • hick

    People, people, people. Everyone has a point of view. For the most part, based on each ones personal perspective, you all have valid points. I can relate to a lot of the things posted here, being an old guy who has seen a LOT of changes in fifty years. We have all been duped by every single president, and politician who has come down the pike, one way or the other. It won't change. Alex has identified the problem pretty well. That's just my opinion. The guys with the money win! Do your homework. The power...or money base is consolidating. We are all going to be paying BS taxes for a better enviroment? Please. We are going to line some pockets,that's what we are going to do. The bailout money went to just that.

    Quote: "I guess he does it because he’s going crazy because people won’t wake the crap up and like me, he feels like he can’t even talk with people who are still living in the dark and it’s hard to carry on a subtle conversation with them because they are so ignorant, uninformed, brainwashed, and closedminded."

    Fact is most people don't know what else to do except vote, and hope they get fair representation. There are too many complcated issues to keep up with, too much disinformation, and too many smoke and mirrors. People want to trust their elected leaders...and THAT is a mistake! But the election process is rigged all bets are off! The RATS have taken over.

  • kyle

    Why are people attacking me? All I said was it's mostly old clips from his previous films.Though why not, he works 24/7 and it's his right. I just think the film was rushed. I respect what Alex has done, he started a movement and is putting this all in the mainstream. He is a patriot. He woke me up, and if you aren't awake then watch the film, and watch everything, read everything and research everything you can. This movie just didn't blow me away and didn't show at all who Obama really is. If you put out a film that claims the mask will come off then do it. Maybe the sequel will show more facts. I'm sure I'm not the only one here that feels at times he goes a little off base, like he did with Peter Joseph, that was incredibly ridiculous, just take everything with a grain of salt, research it as much as possible. I do want people to know that when Alex says something it is almost certainly true, though like most people it may get stretched or come out a little too direct, I guess he does it because he's going crazy because people won't wake the crap up and like me, he feels like he can't even talk with people who are still living in the dark and it's hard to carry on a subtle conversation with them because they are so ignorant, uninformed, brainwashed, and closedminded.

  • Wake Up

    For those unbelievers I feel sorry. How can you listen to daily news and not see where we are moving? Did you not think anything about the "bank failures"/"bailouts" within days of our national election? These rulers manipulated the entire scenario, making some of the American people blame the Republicans and vote Democratic. (I am neither Republican nor Democrat). And I grew up with African Americans and have some as my dearest friends. Obama is being used by these rulers--go online and find out their names, and see of any of the Bilderberg people are African American. As soon as they are finished with Obama, they will dump him. He is their pawn.

  • SeanC71

    This is what we get for once again believing what a politician says on the campaign trail.....truly sad & terrifying. I just hope we can ENDURE! Welcome to the American, no, the worlds nightmare!

  • Ben

    To Live The American Dream You Must Be Asleep.

    WAKE UP.

  • ice1968

    nice film again alex. can't wait for the jew version :)

  • OG

    Wake Up - this is not about left vs right, Conservative vs Liberal... that is just a distraction for the people. Obama is carrying on the same bigger govt, bigger spending deficits as under Bush only more so. This left/right circus is like the pro-wrestling circus - it's just a show... follow their actions, not their rhetoric.

    Main point to note in this film: since Carter, the majority of key administrative positions are held by members of CFR and Trilateral members, as well as Bilderburg attendees. The influence of these groups and their strategists such as Brzezinski and Kissinger is remarkable. Ask yourself why.

    Obama is not calling the shots - his role is to unify and pacify, while the elite are systematically undermining and dismantling American economic and civil liberties.

    Alex Jones style is a bit in your face, but he is right. Also check out Edward Griffin's stuff. Liberal vs Conservative = False Choice.

  • Jeanne

    This is a piece of trash. I, and 46% of the voters did not vote for this incompetant socialist. Interesting to see where some of you are coming from, but please put it in perspective. This thing is not supposed to make money?????? Gimme' a break.

  • sam sonite

    This is for a few people who have commented already!!

    Polititians calling for a NWO

  • Scott

    This is for Jeremiah. My friend, I beg you to get your head out of Obama's @#%! This man is a Fascist at it's worse. I have been doing some research of my own. I interviewed 100 minority Obama supporters and 100 white Obama supporters and all I have seen is voting based on race from both sides. White folks voted for Obama out of fear, and out of all minorities I interviewed there were only 2 individuals that did not vote for Obama because of his skin color, and the 2 that did not vote for him because of his race voted for him because they thought he was better than McCain, but we all know they are the same damn guy. Here is the problem---we need to quit putting Politicians in office and start thinking about voting for those that can actually fix this economy, like Scientists and Mathmeticians for example! We need to start trusting ourselves because there can be no Government without us allowing it.

  • justin_o_guy

    I see people like Patriot & read their words. How is blind faith considered Patriotic? Just sit there & arrogantly "Declare" what will & will not be, as exacty the opposite rears its head. HOW can anyone be so blind?
    I saw the direction of the USA when I was 12. I even asked a teacher in 5th or 6th grade "Who is running things?", because I could tell the whole damned thing was out of control.I wish I had known someone like KRS, maybe he would have inspired me to do something besides go live my life foolishly, out of a sense of utter frustration & inability to envision a decent future.
    I believe the unruliness & lack of direction seen in many youth today is because they SEE whats happening & cant envision a place for them in the future.
    I cant believe anyone with enough Snap to get a drivers license cant see whats happening. Hopw utterly moronic, to delude ones self into believing the future is all gonna be Hunky Dory..Patriot, you are a major Dumbass..Maybe I know you from somewhere else..your words sure sound familiar, as does the name.

  • wakeupamerica

    how do i get vid to play? it still hasn't played for me.

  • Reimer

    Say what you will Jermiah Jameson, Kyle, cdef, flatsoda, Kylertown, fightback, and Huzein, the seven of you just keep running over the cliff that Hussein and his band of Usurping thieves are herding you over. On the off chance that the seven of you wake up to the fact that what Mr. Jones is telling you is the truth maybe just maybe the truth will not scare you to death. Better still it will scare you to death because the Patriots of this country will certainly not miss the seven of you mindless IDIOTS. If any of the seven of you are able to read pick up the book "The Creature from Jekyll Island" and you will learn the same truth that Mr. Jones is trying desperately to get the mind numbed mindless dolts of this country like the seven of you to get your head around. Now I realize that in order to read a non fiction book such as "The Creature from Jekyll Island" requires an IQ that does not have a decimal point in it so perhaps the seven of you could get together and collectively (as Hussein the NON CITIZEN would have you do) and manage to get this non fiction book read. If not then enjoy your trip over the cliff into COMMUNISM you IDIOTS. I am one Patriot that is willing to die for my freedom and yes even the seven of you worthless mind numbed dolts.

  • 007agentgrace

    Great investigative reporting. Great sources, great clips that applied to the topic. This film isn't about Obama's race it is about who really controls him. It is a desparate attempt to wake people up to what is really going on with our economy and the global economic collapse so we can extricate ourselves from these wicked globablists who are Bilderbergs. I liked Obama at first, but when he voted for the banking bailout that made me see he was a liar and he supported special interest! Nobody could be as squeaky clean as the mainstream media presented him to be. Also, he kept skating around 9/11 Truth and he is promoting George Bush's phantom war. Obaaaama said he was indifferent to abortion. This was a horrendeous lie! Indifferent is "not to have an option." After he got elected our tax dollars is now going to Africa to fund abortions and he made it so women can have abortions up to 5 months! Next he passes a bill to use the these aborted babies for stem cell research! He really let a lot of Christians down! Liar, liar pants on fire! I would rather my money go to feed starving children in Africa not kill the unborn children in Africa! I am so disappointed in Obaaama! People like him because they believe in the TV, LOL, they believe in tv...the idiot box! TV is so mind numbing! We sure have a lot of zombies in the USA. Alternative news is far more informative! I love Mr. Jones XOX He's the man! Good lookin too! God Bless You Mr. Jones! He an integral; passionate for the truth and justice and he's smart!

  • Major Karma

    All I can say about those who refute and deny the facts and realities put forth in "The Obama Deception" is that I feel sorrow and pity for them, especially the blacks and so called minorities who thought and believe Obama would bring a new day, way and world for them and theirs. Such people deserve our compassion because they will be amongst the first to willing submit, be chipped, vaccinated, cataloged and thrown into the fire as canon fodder or worse, used to repress, abuse and murder those that oppose and will oppose these Traitorous-Globalist Vampires.

    To you who believe in Obama but are not so brainwashed and in the belly of this to be beyond saving, I ask you note two things: 1) Do you see Obama surrounding himself with anyone who represents you and yours, and 2)Besides hopes, dreams and words, have you personally seen or realized anything good in your life from Obama,,I maintain the answer is and will be NO.

    As for characters like this "Nice Propaganda" character, I hope you can keep laughing.

  • nice propaganda

    ehehehe are you actually buying this shit? :DD

  • Ballz

    I doubt OD will help the cause that we all believe in. The mainstream media from radio to television will ensure this documentary will stay "alternative". The masses have been programmed too long. Maybe Rihanna and the guy that beat her up will unite together and promote Obama Deception. We can only "hope"

  • oneBob does being anti-obama make somebody a war-monger? Stop being a fan boy and look into what the film says.

  • steve

    abaddon is a dickhead

  • ice1968

    im awake alright :)

  • abaddon

    America, you look in deep shit from where I am standing. You are going into total meltdown and will take the rest of the world with you.You appointed a black guy? Have a look at what the blacks have done to a CONTINENT, (Africa) Its a sewer of corruption, disease, chaos. Millions of blacks are leaving Africa, and where are they headed? To white mans territory thats where, they are not seeking their black messiah Nelson Mandela, they are seeking the white mans way of life. Who is the biggest menace in America is it not the blacks, they are becoming a similiar menace across europe, these people are bad news. This is a fact as proven by what I have just described about these people. When blacks move into an area the whites move out. That is why they should all be transported back from whence they came and left alone to get on with what they do best and that is destroying everything about them as they have so vividly demonstrated by their behaviour wherever they live. As one person described their inevitable aftermath of creating ghettos, drugs, prostitution, crime, corrupting everything and everyone around them. The evidence is overwhelming against them. Leave them to their own continent then they cannot blame the white man anymore.

  • bill sixx

    I think that I can categorically state that those who hate Alex Jones love Michael Moore.

    Love/hate the messenger, we need to see that we are being cornholed by the money-grabbers. Black, doesn't matter. We are all being used like batteries to power the money machine. First, economic collapse, then the North American Union with the Amero replacing the Dollar. Next, the combination of NAU and EU, with another currency changeover. Then a Sino-NAU-EU pact will make the NWO a reality. At that time chipping of the peasants will replace all currency....your asses will be totally enslaved.

  • chris

    lol O CANADA

  • chris

    You are all slaves get on with it pay your tax and bend over it makes no diference who you vote for when the want to fuck you they will.

    Sad I know but this is life remember every thing you say online will be used to lock you up and your friends why do you think they allow the internet so they can track all us slave when its time there watching YOU RIGHT NOW!!!

  • TCPatriot

    cdef, flatsoda, Kylertown, fightback, Kyle, Huzein Its kinda funny how you guys continue to berate anything that doesn't agree with you, no one I listed in this post will take 5 min to check a single fact for yourself, you dont have GB to attack anymore so your going to attack you fellow Countryman, I feel the hate big time. good to see your still lost in 2004 propaganda, wake up and give up on your GB attacks (he isn't President, Shhhh ;)).why so much hate, I thought you guys would be full of hope and change, na you all are so full of hate and now you have nowhere to put it. Of course, that is what the left is about isn't it. They hate the blacks so now they enslave them with socialism, and trick them into abortions to get rid of as many as they can (the origional intent of planned parenthood). they hate the wealthy, they hate everyone who live right, work hard,and play by the rules, because its just not fair. Some truth you don't want to read, anyone who voted for this Pres. needs to get on their knees and beg for forgiviness from the Lord Almighty, and then they need to beg for the forgiviness of every real patriot who didn't vote for a Pres based on the color of his skin or the fact that he can read a telepromter. I understand why you all are so mis informed, you either went to collage or you are just a fool (in the biblical tense). Either way you have to wake up, and realize it is just the same old politics that the Dems have been pushing for 100 yrs. Nothing new, no change, no hope, just a bunch of zobombies who won't lift a finger to check a single fact. As long as you can distract from the issues with your hate, your marching right in lockstep with your side. Good job!!!

  • Richard Brown

    I watched all the videos and dozens of other people’s as well. Even if only 10 % of what is being said is accurate, we are still in deep Doo-Doo.

    If this information was being put entirely by Joe Blows, I may not put as much credence in it but there are some high level folks telling the same story. I would rather be safe than sorry so I will prepare for the worst and while I am preparing, I will do my best to seek more information in an effort to seek the truth. I advise you to do the same!

  • Richard Brown

    I watched all the videos and dozens of other people's as well. Even if only 10 % of what is being said is accurate, we are still in deep Doo-Doo.

    If this information was being put out entirely by Joe Blows, I may not put as much credence in it but there are some high level folks telling the same story. I would rather be safe than sorry so I will prepare for the worst and while I am preparing, I will do my best to seek more information in an effort to seek the truth. I advise you to do the same!

  • kyletron

    this is ridiculous!!!
    anti-obama propaganda!!!

  • Repo__

    I have seen this Documentary 3 times now... and still coming away with new information to research ... so far : everything I have looked into is absolutely true.
    Very Good Film / Very Good Information.


  • TCPatriot

    This is quite interesting, Michael Moore puts out a documentary, that was completely full of lies. Then he does it again and again. Algore puts out lies in his documentary on climate change. Obama lies all through his campaigning, and still cant get it straight. "I know of no safe depository of the ultimate powers of society but the people themselves and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion; the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform them." James Madison If those on both sides would look up the info for them themselves, they would see the indescretions on both sides. George Washington said and I paraphrase the parties will destroy this Republic. The problem is your ability to overlook the issues that are the most important to this Country. It sounds like both sides are to lost in the politics, which only distracts from the important issues we need to focus on. and to those who do support this President, you have been deceived big time. Do your homework and quit letting people like this form your opinion this is information good or bad. You souls on the left need to broaden your research, as do some on the right.If all my research was based in left or right politically motivated media or groups I could be just as ignorant as some in this post. "The truth will set you free" is from the Bible not Martin Luther King. Learn real history and not the recomposed history offered in our schools. I challenge you Obama supporters to step out of your boxes and read the founding documents and research them. If you dare.

  • Inochi

    Alex Jones is using the plight the people of america find themselves in currently, along with the rest of the world, for his own financial gain. The guy may throw grains of truth in his films, but its always mixed in with a lot of personal opinion and FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT THE NWO propaganda. I don't mean to offend anyone, but christians many times have difficulty viewing the world in shades of gray. Black and white is very simple, heres the enemy, fight them. However that doesn't actually solve any problems, it merely opens the door for new ones. Don't buy into this rhetoric. The most effective way to combat elitism, corporate fascism, globalism, etc, is through education. Fighting solves nothing, all these people with all their money, corporate and political power, they are absolutely nothing without the participation of the public. Educate the public and you eliminate the elitists not through putting their heads on spikes but by making them no longer relevant to society. We have truth on our side, and people who have the will to pursue it. Focus on keeping the internet free and change is inevitable. Free access to information is our greatest weapon.

  • tom magnusen

    Oh yeah just go to youtube and google their names and the NWO and find their video about them talking about it.

  • tom magnusen

    Patriot how many people have to say something about the new world order for you to believe it

    bush 1
    bush 2
    tony blair
    gordon brown
    and many other smaller names

    Do you want them to spell it out for you

  • Patriot

    This paranoia has been going on for centuries in some form or another. The whoe concept of a New World Order is just a way to blame one's misfortunes on an external force to avoid taking reponsibility.

    The whole concept of a 'New World Order" as may be mentioned in mainstream news simply means a new way of doing world business; not the dictatorship that Alex Jones claims. There are no FEMA camps in the US, the economy will not collapse,and facism will not dawn on America anytime soon.

    How many people in the past have come out with these scare tactics only to be proven wrong shortly after? People have short memories and so they frget about all the false past predictions by comparabe people.

  • flatsoda

    This movie was alright alex jones has a certain way of putting his self absored dumb ass in every video... the shit is fucked up we know it... yet this motherfucker makes it seem like he is a god... fuck i hate alexjones... but his shit is reall this IS happening obama is a fuck and we are all shit fucks for letting this happen

  • istyar

    SMART stop telling people what you think what they should do. Documentary is based on a lot of arguments based on official statements and mainstream media articles (and some independent ones). For example the promises of Obama :) If your so indoctrinated by the establishment to see that then I fell sorry for you. I come from a ex communist country now strangled by international corporations and I can tell you stupid and limited thugs like you are worth more for them than 1000 tanks. You use bi words that you probably don't understand.

    The only way for the evolotion of human society is to QUESTION EVERYTHING. That's the main reason you not a hunter gatherer, because smart people thousands of years ago decided to question their condition and to think outside the box. Progress is spearheaded by this kind of people, society doesn't move by itself forward.

    Anyway i liked most the 5 yo terrorist banned from flying. What next? Arrest all dogs in US for being chinnese spies?

    I think the people miss the message of the documentary (the same in Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist Addendum): seek the answers for yourself.

    It's so easy to reject everything as conspiracy and propaganda. Even if it's proven in 3000 years of recorded history how every single government manipulated and abused it's own people. Most of the people see this as religion. People like you burnt others in middle ages for saying that the Earth is round. All for power.

    That's sad. Most are pones, deluded they mean something, when they are just used by smarter people, deluded with the sense they fight the "conspirators". History is just repeating itself and will do so until people say it's enough.

    If this documentary is a hoax, then it's a brilliant one and US will withdraw from IRAQ in 6 months :)

  • sam parker

    Excellent Documentary , I voted for obama but he has already lost my vote , not because of this video. Why is he covering up Bush's crimes for him.

  • Joe wu

    "God for bid regular humankind get a break !" what are you talking about do you even know. You lash out at this calling it propaganda not sure if you watch t.v. or go out in public but you are constantly being pumped full of propaganda, lies. Stop being a victim blaming your problems on a documentary your nothing more than a follower, so go follow because I'm sure no one is following you. It's pathetic people don't believe in their true potential I just want freedom. I thought that was the American dream.

  • Joe wu

    I think that the documentary was great it goes into detail about the real people behind Obama and thats the mask. Alan Greenspan basically say's we do what we want F*ck you America. Timothy F. Geithner became the ninth president and chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Hmm He's Treasury Secretary now! of America we are screwed because simple minded people can't comprehend even the most basic of research. makes me sick to see all those idiots running out there just waiting for the tsunami to come down on them. No need to try and convince them they'll figure it out when the big bad wolf's blowing their house down.

  • fight back

    one thing should at least get from this movie.

    the right left wings BS. people need to get that in their heads the right and left wings are one. just not during election period, throught media show.


    Stop polluting people with this garbage. cdef is correct in categorizing this as propaganda! Do your own research, don't believe everything you hear, and you will see that this is a pile of crap.

    I am sick of evangelical right wing crap that manipulates the masses with misinformation. Propaganda.

    If you like this "Documentary," punch yourself in the eye.

  • Weapon.Of.Mass.Distraction

    Excellent doc...
    WAKE UP people...

  • cdef

    All I have to say is Bush! Oh and big oil and business is just scared they will lose everything. God for bid regular humankind get a break !
    This should be listed under propaganda not documentary.

  • AnonForGreatJustice

    kyle do you cash a goverment check?

  • AnonForGreatJustice

    Jermiah Jameson you can't ignore that your God Obama is a puppet for a greater evil. Fool.

  • Homebrew

    I say Alex did a good job. He had already said that he didn't cover the Natural Born citizen issue. I think Alex intended this to be copied and given to others to wake them up.I also agree with Rody, this is not about race, I am white, and know of plenty of young whites who voted for Obama. This isn't a RACE issue, it's an AMERICAN issue, for now the problem belongs to all of us, and it wouldn't matter if Obama was green blue or purple, our nation is in serious T R O U B L E!

  • god

    Great Job. Nice to see more of the Truth.

    ps Jermiah is an IDIOT. Get your facts straight man or fuck off.


  • Barbara Jensen

    I am addressing this to Jermiah Jameson above. What you are calling unrelated snippets etc. is all documented information. Obviously you are seeing this video cold turkey without having been exposed to the substantial alternative news instruction on as well as many other credible alternative news sites. You are lazy and cynical. Do your homework of becoming informed before you shoot off your idiot mouth.

  • DissentFromDayOneDOTcom

    Jermiah, is Axelrod still paying astro-turfers or are you logging in from the homeless shelter?

    We WILL be frogmarching fauxBama out of the people's house ... he is not a natural-born citizen as required by the Constitution. And he will be ousted like the Soros sockpuppet that he is......LET'S ROLL PATRIOTS!

  • Rody

    People like "Liquid" really need to shut up, trying to impose their racism all the same on this topic as any other, I'm a Black man, I know plenty of Black people who didn't buy into the image of Obama and realise that he is only a tool. But of couse that doesn't matter to people like "Liquid" who just couldn't wait to assert the blacks are so sheepish and will follow the lies no matter what, I wouldn't be suprised if that person was a Bush supporter her/himself to even bring up
    Bush. We all need to see through the b.s. no matter our "race", end of story, but being a bitter prick just because they let a "black" person be the figure head for once doesn't scream that you're against the system as a whole, just makes you look like another racist asshole.

  • dj

    Wake up people!!! WAKE UP!!!
    This is happening right now, Alex Jones is right
    on and all of us need to PAY ATTENTION AND GET
    INVOLVED!! I've been listening and researching
    this material for months and it's real and
    happening as we speak. Know your history!
    Forward this to as many people as you can, rip
    off those rose colored glasses and UNDERSTAND
    that if we don't rise up and fight this we
    lose everything!!!! Get that people, EVERYTHING.

  • kyle

    You know I agree with a lot of what Alex has brought to light, but the way he puts it out there it's either his way or the highway. I try and research whatever he says, he tends to stretch the truth a bit to add more drama. If your knew to all of this, watch the film, watch all the films, and research it all, I'm just saying this film to me is nothing knew, I'm not impressed, I'm not blown away, the mask did not come off!

  • Freedom

    All I have to say is for the people that disagree with this video maybe you could link some of the info that discredits what Mr Jones says. To put it bluntly when a country is 2.5 trillion dollars in dept and you have a hand full of people that can create money out of thin air with no questions asked... Who has the upper hand?

  • kyle

    Stick with Jason Burmas.

  • kyle

    HOLY CRAP! not a single thing about where he was born, his birth certificate, family, anything. What a joke, just a bunch of clips from his other movies, if you watched his other movies, dont even waste your time. Wow, he's chargin 25 bucks for this, I guess its worth copying and spreading to the masses, other sheep might learn something. The only thing I learned from this is that Ron Paul has a brother names Wayne Paul, pretty cool dude.

  • Huzein

    jones you did it again, a bad job might i add. you only gave your fans what they wanted to hear and stated yours, and other celebrities opinion as fact, and left no room for question. i dont care what any of you think, remaining neutral is the key to waking people up , asking why, not throwing nearly mindless accusations like fact.yea there could be a conspiracy to userp the free world, so what? stop saying the same thing over and over nobody over their head in mindlessness is going to listen a word you state here. you fucked it up, i thought it might actually be capable of making somebody educated or over the age of 19 see some sad truths about our reality, but no. all i heard, obama, new world order, geo-politics, bush, and a bunch of names to try and solidify the fact that most of the statements in this video were garbage. three thumbs down

  • TheRevered

    I gave Obama his chance and he dropped the ball right off the bat. Giving more money to the wealthy. To bad they don't teach the true history in schools because here we are repeating it. Infating the inflation with more infaltion will only bring about destruction. We are doomed for a repeat depression. And then the corporations will come take our guns and unite the west in a move for globalization.

  • Liquid

    TheRevered, you need to understand Jermiah Jameson. Jermiah Jameson is a black guy that can´t accept that the President is a puppet. He could accept it until Obama won...

    Jermiah Jameson and other black people don´t care anymore what Obama do, why ? Cuz he is black, its not harder than that.

    Black people that were against the war under Bush Administration will see the war Obama start as a war for "freedom." Why ? Cuz the President is black.

    Even if Obama change hes politics and start war after war, Hitler style, the black man will still accept him as there new Messiah.

    Whatever Obama going to do, kill more people, scare more people, manupulate more people, the blacks will bee behind him, not some, but people like Jermiah Jameson.

  • Somedude

    why do i get a horrible feeling like racists will latch on to this and use it agaisnt free peaceful loving people

  • TheRevered

    Are you kidding Jermiah? If you can't see that globalists are wiping out the middle class, then please remove ur head from your butt so there's room for my foot.

  • Jermiah Jameson

    This is a steaming pile. Out of context snippits and jargon and history twisted to sound meaningful - when it is horribly, horribly outrageous. I pray the watchers of this video can ignore the makers and ignore me and ask questions before accepting these boneless explanations.

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