The Men Who Killed Kennedy

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This artfully constructed series offers chilling evidence that American democracy has become a convenient lie; that a conspiratorial coup d’état removed a sitting president and then hid that fact from the American people. This sounds like the stuff of wild-eyed paranoia, but these filmmakers did their homework well–interviews include levelheaded witnesses, suspicious government agents, and Dallas cops present in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. Some of the “proof” (especially in Episode 2, “The Forces of Darkness”) seems a bit far-fetched, but the sheer number of unexplained facts is riveting. An autopsy attendant describes a procedure botched by meddling Secret Service agents. A deaf-mute eyewitness shares his recollection of uniformed men hiding a rifle and leaving the site of the assassination unchallenged.  

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  • Agelbert

    So that's how they killed Jack ruby. That cancer virus that was being developed in New Orleans to kill Castro (and DID kill at least one mental patient in a Texas hospital) was, after the kill Castro plan was aborted and Lee Harvey Oslwald put on the JFK hit team as a patsy was then used on Jack Ruby after he killed Oswald. It's almosty as if the patsies for the JFK hit were selected bcasue of their knoledge of the Cancer virus development.
    The USA is not a democracy; it's a an extension of Las Vegas.

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