The Last 48 Hours of Kurt Cobain

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The week before Kurt Cobain was found dead from a single gunshot, he went missing. His whereabouts for that week has remained a mystery until now. But for the first time, the story of what happened to him can now be told, using the testimony of people who knew him, the witnesses who saw him in that last week and the ordinary people who found themselves written into his story that as one puts it, 'would have been a keystone cops comedy were it not to have ended in such tragedy'. On April 1st 1994 Kurt Cobain jumped over the wall of the drug rehabilitation centre he was staying at in LA. On April 8th an electrician discovered his body at his home in Seattle. During those seven days Kurt was officially listed as a missing person. This 2007 BBC documentary speaks to some of the people who saw or met up with him in that last week. The woman who watched him lick his plate clean and fail to sign a cheque in his local restaurant; Duff Mckagan, former bass player of Guns n Roses who sat next to him on the plane back to Seattle; his drug counsellor from rehab. There are also those who claim to have seen him in those last few days, to have touched the hem of his cloth. And there is Brant, who saw him in a dream the night before he died. There are stories: about Cobain dodging private investigators hired by Courtney, Kurt hiding shotgun shells with cab drivers, and bizarre sightings of Kurt pointing at eagles in the sky. Back in Seattle, Cobain proceeded to start scoring inordinate amounts of heroin, heading on out to the seedy-as-fuck Aurora Avenue to score them in Room 226 of the Marco Polo Motel (checking in as "Bill Bailey", the real name of Axl Rose). These last days have become a key component in the deification of Cobain. Nobody knows what actually happened to him between April 1st, when he jumped the wall of rehab, and the 8th (when his body was discovered), so the last days serve as a kind of rock equivalent of the stations of the cross, each movement or sighting loaded with almost religious significance It is a film about the generation of a myth. Of the deification of Cobain, his demon addiction that controlled his life and the eery silence that fell over Seattle in the days following his death when his ghost wandered the city.

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    This particular version is in Spanish.  An English version can be found on You Tube.

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