The Age of Stupid

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The Age of Stupid stars Pete Postlethwaite as a man living in the devastated future world of 2055, looking at old footage and asking: why didn’t we stop climate change when we had the chance? It is a co-production between Franny’s company Spanner Films and Executive Producer John Battsek’s (One Day In September) company Passion Pictures. The production was notable for its innovative way crowd-funding financing model, as well as the Indie Screenings distribution system which allows anyone anywhere to screen the film.

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  • Mortenteddys

    another broken link.....

  • lil

    Lot of good docs on here, but this isn't one of 'em.

  • Phil

    P.S. Im going to DELETE this doc site as my regular, THERE IS TOO MANY MEGAVIDEO files! Why dont you start charging us for watching as well.
    Phil UK!

  • Phil

    Greenhouse effect is a lie, an excuse to tax us!
    They tell us were experiencing Global Warming but THEY don't tell us that Mars is also warming . . .

    Go look up the what I'm saying and for ghads sake STOP BELIEVING WHAT YOUR GOVERNMENT TELLS YOU MORON!
    We are the sheep and they are our farmers!
    From cradle to birth you are told how to think, what to think and when to think it and the rest, well they will tell you its a conspiracy theory.

    The internet will set you free, don't take one item and tell your mates about it, take ALL that you can find and do something obviously unique to you, THINK ABOUT IT!

  • Yagisanatode

    Well said Chris.

    I wonder what has caused such a negative response to this doco. While the films fictional future can never be proposed as fact, it is a rational and telling example of our potential future.

    It might be the combination of real modern day footage and evidence and a guilt laden fictional future that is causing viewer to respond in the most convenient way possible...bury you head in the sand.

    The psychologists call this 'cognitive dissonance'. It occurs when a person is subjected to strongly contrasting information to that of their own belief. Generally when this occurs most people react angrily and with absolute denial instead of relying on the evidence at hand.

    After carefully researching the evidence about climate change, my family and I have decided to make some serious changes in our life and to be a green as we can afford. We are not going from one extreme to the other like many seem to think should happen. Rather we are taking small steps constantly to make our lifestyle greener.

    A recent example of this is that we have changed our flights to sea and land travel for our holidays. Another example is that we all riding bicycles instead of driving (It is amazing how many groceries you can fit into half a dozen panniers).

    We are also petitioning our council to encourage them to make greener choices and have be apart of a successful adoption of solar panels in our junior high school and elementary schools in our region. This will not only be good for the environment but will also save the school money and provide a learning platform for students.

    These are a few examples among many changes we have made. We have also discovered that we are saving a lot of money from the whole exercise.

    Read the evidence, lots of it. Make sure the evidence comes from an academic source, not political. Check the evidence for logical fallacies and then make a decision.

  • Chris

    I guess it's easy to live witty, ignorant, uninvolved lives when we feel threatened by truth and reality. And most of us are just not man or woman enough to get serious and take a stand. And this is where we stand, on a downhill. Because we chose to be witty and ignorant. Because we weren't confident enough to be leaders, and because we chose to be blind soldiers. Because it was easier.

  • Is Documentary Wire part of the Megavideo set up

  • Bob

    hahahaha. complete nonsense.

  • Nuckelhedd

    If you wish to avoid being stupid, then avoid this piled of lies altogether.

  • Yagisanatode

    Interesting technique and some great stories were followed.

  • Stewart

    disregard the above. I meant it for another show.

  • Stewart

    A very interesting documentary but it leaves you hanging. How did the drug work? Did the warts come back?

  • Allan

    Total garbage

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