The 2012 Enigma

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2012: Tragedy, transcension or just another year? David Wilcock exposes many great secrets: DNA, consciousness science, wormholes, stargate travel, sacred geometry, three-dimensional time, the Mayan Calendar and much, much more!

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  • Peter The Rock

    Some truths

    and some speculation with no proof and poor continuity.  If Saddam had the scrolls he could not have used them or he would not have lost the war -

    The Ascended Masters who want the DNA are in fact demons.   This man is a confused and deceived New Ager with some insight into the way things work - and speaks with total conviction; as we say in the company "Often in error but never in doubt". 

    Disappointing.  David Icke is more credible.  Anyway 2012 will be very interesting and I hope Jesus returns at that time.. 

  • Peter The Rock

    Some truths

    and some speculation with no proof and poor continuity.  If Saddam had the scrolls he could not have used them or he would not have lost the war -

    The Ascended Masters who want the DNA are in fact demons.   This man is a confused and deceived New Ager with some insight into the way things work - and speaks with total conviction; as we say in the company "Often in error but never in doubt". 

    Disappointing.  David Icke is more credible.  Anyway 2012 will be very interesting and I hope Jesus returns at that time.. 

  • jimi

    only in america, what a bunch of idiots

  • Servant

    This is the most ridiculous rubbish I have ever watched. I tell one almost true statement and follows it with a pile of lies. This is luciferianism disguised in a garb of 'science'. He criticizes luciferianism just to avoid identification. The occult will stop at nothing to fool people. If you find it's true form detestable, it changes form and criticizes itself so as to avoid the link being made. This is all pure babylonian lucifer worship.

  • zen

    omg, the drunken Englishmen creating those crop circles must be laffing their asses off at this guy when they're back at the pub. I can't even watch past the first ten minutes.... he's clearly completely nuts and I feel bad laughing so hard at a crazy person :S

  • umwiza

    that is yr own understanding,,,,,socialist i think you will be number one for the new world order mr cigar...

  • tommy

    youve got to be the dumbest moron on the internet, please dont reproduce in your lifetime.

  • Old Git Tom

    Wilcock mentioned factuals that are easily checked.

    To my knowledge, Ford only built trucks for nazi Germany, not tanks. Opel (GM) built trucks & tanks.

    There is no shred of evidence that Boeing built civilian planes which were delivered to the Nazis, then converted into bombers: not an iota.

    So you can guess how accurate is the rest of the 'astounding' cotton candy. "This guy I met said - - - - - ". Is he serious?

    'The guvmint' put details of their advanced projects in Hollywood & TV fantasies? Let's turn that round. Wilcock & his other Californicating fantasists get their ideas from sci-fi fiction.

    The world is headed for a macro catsstrophe, for sure. But the empirical evidence for this is clear enuf for those motivated to look. Do we really need New Age dopers & cranks? OGT

  • moron

    2012 everything ends. of course that after thing ends there is a new begging, but probably new begging in the after life mate

  • Chris

    Hi there,

    I think that the end of the world really means the end of the world the way it is now and the beginning of a whole new world with major earth changes, etc. but as of now we are all mostly on the road to hell even though it can be changed as what we each do can affect our future’s destination. Things will be very different than they are now but there is too much to say to go into details here anyways but i suggest researching more about the year of 2012 on the internet as not everything is going to be as bad as they say i believe.


  • Deeley

    The religion nutters are here too!! I'd rather listen to David Wilcock ANY day.......he's more entertaining.

  • Adrenlinfull

    Dont judge everything from the outside guys, you should read and watch every information that is out there and then make logical opinion. Its time to put aside our religious beliefes and open our eyes that many things were kept secret from the ordinary people. Many things had happened in history that we do not know about and are starting to break to surface. The truth can sometimes be very difficult to understand thats why people are ignoring it, but the main truth is that good things are coming to humanity and wonderfull things will happen so you should educate yourself to this fact so you can understand what you will experience in greater times. Check out David W. website it will surprise you how many important people are waking up and going public. Stay positive and free your mind...:D





  • tmoney

    we are all our own god

  • Oscar


  • intelligentact

    Well, in my opinion, most of this information that i have fed up sounded logical, the alien cheer, muntauk chair timeline was something new to me, i will read more about it and the glass thing "sees the future".

    The mayan calender has never picked up the wrong information, they knew about the planets before us, they have had it correct atleast 200/200 times, how small is the propability that the calender will say wrong now? Very small i believe.

    I believe that we are spiritual(energi) beings, we are restricted on this flesh, but we will become more advanced when the time is right, on 2012.

    Believe in what you wanna believe in, and it will happen. -intelligentact....

    You haters cant judge with nosense, join the haters movement.

  • YURI



  • abhi

    THIS GUY IS A MORON. JUST LOOK UP crop circles ON GOOGLE AND I JUST WASTED my precious 10 minutes which I could have utilized doing my HW

  • laughoutload

    i wonder if this moron has ever watched this video and realizes how stupid he sounds hahaha i think you've done to much lsd and watched stargate bud!


    christafari Says:
    July 23rd, 2009 at 2:13 pm

    > "Stop drinking haterade..."

    The single greatest quote of all time.

  • christafari

    Seriously, stop hating! Most of the comments I read on these pages is usually some hater trying his/her best to hate!! Stop drinking haterade, move from haitis and stop relishing in the moment where you feel like it's necessary to hate on someone who is trying their best to liberate our minds. STOP HATING, HATERS!!

  • christafari

    Wow....these comments are hilarious. I mean, we begin with an essay on religion, and end w/ 8 ways to Kevin Bacon (lol).

    First off, there is an ancient saying my friends that goes as follows: "truth is myth, and myth is all". This is to say, that truth is hidden within myth. This is what Wilcox means when he says that these facts are hidden in plain sight. It is well known among occultic circles that truths are hidden within the arts. However, we must be able to discern between the fantasy (usually the storyline) and the fact (the objects or events within the storyline). This is why he focuses on movies. How else will you, the listener be able to relate? Now, I live in Hollywood, and work in this field also. So please keep in mind that most of the studio logos and names are occultic in orgin. And the owners are well aware of this.

    Secondly, why do I here so much about plagerism??? These videos are called "synthesis documentaries". Meaning, they synthesize massive amounts of data, stories, events, documented over massive time spans into one two hour documentary. They do this to help YOU connect the dots. If he "created his own" versions, than we would know it isn't true! C'mon people, stop hating!...Please! By the way, to the commenter that talked about the images from the movie contact...He knows it's from Contact, he mentions that and uses photos w/ Jodie Fosters picture in it. Stop talking like this is a revelation to the viewers, we are not morons.

    Lastly, I apologize for this long comment, but I feel it is necessary to get my thoughts off my chest. I must say that some of this information is new to me. Not all of it, but some of it. And most of his information is documented and verifiable. Just because you haven't heard it before, doesn't mean it's fake. It is up to you to hear the info and then take the time to verify it yourself, with your own research. Furthermore, you must know yourself enough to feel if this information resonates w/ your heart-mind. Yes our hearts have minds the research. Scientifically, everything he speaks about makes sense. Religiously, it sounds like 'witch craft'. We must remember the link between the two and stop seperating them like your elitist want you to do. To some of you, he may be crazy, but he is not stupid. Please consider this in your judgements. Many thanks and best regards to you all. Thanks for the knowledge and food for thought, Wilcox!

  • Fuzzie

    come on guys its simple 23, 8 ways to kevin bacon etc we look for what we want to find. im not saying nothing here is vaild its just u guys look to hard. the simplest thing is we advance thru science, technology, we create a world we the people are free of labor and give us time to think wonder and create. Push limits let us go farther then we have before. Let us invent and push our limits. let us spend our money to find ways to improve the world we have then just making shit smaller and faster. we have the resorces the technology everything we need to make infinte energys or pure waters better air and so on. we dont because we let corperations take control and we dont fight them. I want more i want my tax to be used to create ways for my life to be free not wasted fighting a war or in endless federal reserve debt and yes i have enlisted and served my time.

  • The Messanger

    Why do people have to quote scripture like its fact? What about 2 peter V 16 the bibles own disclaimer? Its amazing people buy that crap. Jesus' story is a direct rip off of Horus. Yet Jesus is only mentioned in the Quaran and the Bible and no historians of the time just fail to mention who would be the most famous person on the planet at that time? Rubbish.

    Prove jesus existed without using the Bible or the Quran and you realize very quickly that orginized religion is just a tool to control the masses.

  • Brad

    Ok I am open to the idea of paralell universes and humans eventually evolving to a higher contiousness but this guy is either very clever and creative or off his rocker! He is almost like an evanjelical tv preacher that gets likeminded people to buy into what he says and then buy his stuff or give him money while having fabricated everything he says and not truly beleiving it himself. Many of the examples of what he calls "real" technologies like this looking glass thing and the cube are taken strait from holywood movies. The drawing of the looking glass looks exactly like the one in Contact for a reason (he is not creative enough to come up with his own version). He justifies this by saying they are hiding in the open. He references like "black opps" operatives that he apparently has contact with but it's all bullshit.
    I think that when 2012 rolls around and nothing spectacular hapens he will probably orcestrate a mass suicide like what happened in Jonestown and tell people that the poison is how you open your third eye.

    And 'goodseed'. Just because someone is searching for spiritual fulfillment or enlightenment in a way that is not exactly the way you do it does not mean that they are waiting for the antichrist and hate humanity. Every major religion (not just Christianity) has love and peace at it's core and we are all trying to find "God" in the way that seems to make most sense to each individual whether it's through Christ, Muhamed, Budah or any number of dieties and prophets. People like you who try and force everyone to beleive exactly what they do are one of the main reasons that there is hate, biggotry, racism and war in this world. And also why I personally have no use for organized religion. Watch the movie Stigmata and you'll know what I'm talking about.

  • Major Karma

    I'm sorry but, after years of watching and listening to Wilcock,not limited to his involvement with Project Camelot, I must now say I reject and resent his attempt to claim any connection to Edgar Cassey. He is an opportunist and fair plagiarist but, if he told me it was going to rain today and there were dark clouds in the sky, I still would not depend on his judgment and especially his psychic abilities.

    All will believe and be led as they will but, for my vote, he is a fraud. Although some of what he talks about may well be true, it did not come from him.

  • Steven

    All I know is that the so called government wants to kill you. No savior Obama is gonna stop them if he trys they will kill him. so, its Business as Usual. The mass~depopulation program will begin shortly. No amount of planning will save anyone so the best thing you can do is prepare your mind for the transistion from this old world into the new and you will make it out ok.

  • Evan

    So if buckyballs go through a diffraction gradient (13 min in video)and make an interference pattern then therefore the buckyballs must be flipping inside out?

    Why? Where did that come from?

    This guy is a little far out. And by far out I mean he is making this up, and believes it totally

    Keep in mind this is no different than science except science uses experiments to prove or disprove.

  • Standing Strong

    Gimme A Cigarette, your way off brother. The things you are saying are as old as time too. Your falling for the same lies that the New World Order is engulfed in. The religion of the elite is completely based on what you just stated. The idea that one can evolve to a higher state of being. That's their corrupted belief system, that's why they want to rule YOU and why they believe that they can take away your rights. They believe that because they have evolved to this state it gives them the right to control those who haven't. These are all occultic ideas that come from esoteric mystery religions and groups like the Theosophical Society. Wake up before its too late.

  • Gimme A Cigarette

    Godseed, first of all your comment is way too long!! anyways, humans will evolve spiritually regardless of the Jesus bouncer at the door, its sad cuz the very thing your PREACHING is hypocritical to you, you say humans wont spiritually evolve without jesus, if you think about it though, somthing ancient like the bibles instructions, somthing old does not evovle into somthing new and still using the old ways.. xtianity is old tired and corrupt system that is no longer relevent, if we want to evovle we must drop these corrupt "religions" and pick up our spiritual oneness, our coming together with love & understanding, that is tru spiritualty, not your old dusty book that has caused more wars, fighting and bloodshed for way too long, humanity is moving out of its adolescent stage and into a stage of maturity and responsibility and love and I dont see the bible or its scriptures fitting into that future..

  • jay

    this is hilarious!

    scientology look out, this video might take some of your core market.

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