Shadows in motion - Exposing the New World Order

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Billed as the muslim view on the war on terror it covers a variety of topics. What is the 'New World Order' and who is this group conspiring for complete world domination?

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  • George

    another my religion is better than your religion


    Exactly Jack People Need To Wake Up And Face The Facts.. It Doesn't Matter If You Choose Not To Believe It Is Still Gonna Happen, Maybe Its Free Masons Maybe Its Not, But The Fact Is Something Big Is Going To Happen Very Soon..

  • Bax7a

    What a load of paraniod propagana. Everyone knows that it's not the freemasons that are trying to take over the world, that's Pinky and the Brain.

  • Matt


    How quick everyone is to make sweeping generalizations. Vitaloverdose, how do you KNOW they aren't that powerful? Are YOU a Mason? And Brad, don't be so quick to believe the AIDS accusation (although I've reason to believe there truth to it)

    This film presents some very interesting ideas, but nothing more. If you want the truth, go find it, but don't offer it to people after watching a 50 minute film.

    The point of these films is NOT to convince you of anything, but to open your mind and make you skeptical of what you hear on the news (as you've good reason to be!)

    If you liked this film, watch Zeitgeist and related films.

    As for me,? I'm going to look through some scientific databases at my local University to see if I can find some recent publications regarding the possibility of an engineered AIDS virus. ^_^


  • Jack

    This is the reality whether you believe or not, wake up people.

  • Brad

    Interesting film with lots of interesting ideas. Some of these ideas were new to me like the whole AIDS thing which scary as it may seem is not to far fetched. I think the whole thing about the masons is inaccurate however. While I do believe that many things are controlled behind the scenes by a select few elites I do not believe that it is freemasonry itself and the whole organization is behind what's going on. The free mason society is too large with to many members to be behind such a thing. Also near the end this movie became a religious propaganda film and almost a call to arms for all Muslims to fight the "Masonic West". Due to that fact alone some of the "facts" presented are suspect. The fact that Canada was ignored when they were talking about NAFTA shows that fact checking was not a huge thing in this movie while slanting toward a certain view is.

  • KnOt Jørgen

    "Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognized.In the first it is ridiculed, in the second it is opposed, in the third it is regarded as self-evident"
    - Arthur Schopenhauer

  • Adrian

    Muslims have a good reason to hate the USA.

  • Great flic. Lots of new ideas to consider I have not seen in other docs about these problems. Great work.


    Very Interesting and very informative
    A Must See A+++

  • vitaloverdose

    LOL the masons are not this powerful... this video goes completely over the top.

    A lot of the information in this video is ill informed. I wouldn't recommend this film to anyone who really wants to find out whats going on in the world.

  • John H.

    WOW....this was a really good 50 minute film. I was surprisingly impressed. If you liked the Money Masters which gives a good historical background as to how it relates to will like this film. It had information which I had never heard of before...particularly about FreeMasons, AIDS, drug wars in the US, and why we need to keep oil around.

    In terms of it being about a muslim view on the war on terror...that is misleading. This film was done before 911. If is giving you the events which would forshadowing the crimes of our US Freemason system to commit these war crimes. It does relate to the Gulf War in the 1990's.

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