September Clues

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This comprehensive analysis of the 9/11 broadcasts shows how the mainstream media actively participated in the 9-11 false-flag operation. This documentary film by independent audio/video researcher Simon Shack was was released on in June 2007. In the film it is suggested that no airplanes hit the World Trade Center towers, and that all footage shown on the television news broadcasts, as well as the 36 known amateur clips that appeared afterwards, have been forged to create the impression of planes hitting the buildings. Part of the suggestion of the film is that missiles hit the World Trade Center, much in the same vein as other theories claim missiles hit the Pentagon and the Shanksville field. The main assertion is that the 5 major tv networks ran digitalized imagery (or hybrid techniques including real images) to insert computer-generated airplane animations. It is pointed out that all local tv stations were blacked out as the first tower (with TV antenna) was hit. The film stresses that only simple, bi-dimensional silhouettes of planes were shown on the live broadcasts. It also points out that the 5 networks only showed a plane in motion yet not its actual impact in the tower - on live tv. All the other subsequent clips that emerged later were credited to a string of alleged authors, all linked to the newsmedia industry. These subsequently released videos, it is claimed, were designed to conclusively imprint in the public belief the idea that real airplanes hit the towers. However, SEPTEMBER CLUES demonstrates that all these videos betray significant discrepancies in speed, trajectories, pitch and yaw of the plane silhouettes. Some clips show the plane clearly disappearing into the steel-frame tower without any apparent breakage of the wings or even the aft assembly. This is claimed to violate Newton’s 3° law of motion as well as basic laws of structural interaction (aluminum vs steel) applied in mechanical engineering. One WNYW/Fox shot features a helicopter camera’s view of a plane silhouette appearing in the bottom right of the screen, disappearing into the tower and re-emerging on the other side ( with its undamaged front cockpit section ). The claim of the author is that no aluminum plane can impact on a steel-frame building, thrust through its entire length, and emerge with its nosecone intact. The ensuing conclusion is that the plane silhouette must have been a 2D computer generated image (CGI) which was edited into the shot without accounting for the backdrop scenery’s sideway drift. The film also shows a fly-over plane over Manhattan at the exact moment of impact, suggesting this could have been deployed as a decoy to induce many bystanders to report the presence of a real airliner. By the end of the film, which mostly features official TV archive high-resolution footage, two screenshots from NBC and CBS are compared. Both show a panoramic view of Manhattan, with the Empire State building in the immediate foreground. In one, the Empire State is on the left of the image while in the other it is on the right. Yet, the relative distance and perspective of all buildings in both backgrounds, are identical. Inversely, in other shots, the New York Verrazzano bridge (in the background) appears to be moving by several miles in spite of only slight shifts of the camera’s viewing angles. This is claimed to challenge the laws of perspective, supporting the underlying thesis that the live footage was actually a multiple-layer video composite. In support of the latter claim, the film compares pairs of synchronized footage. On several occasions, helicopters appear to be flying over the towers on only one of the two broadcasts, suggesting the broadcasts were not truthful representations of the real-life events in Manhattan that day. Those helicopters, which in fact only appear to fly by at sustained speed from either side of the screen, are claimed to be CGI (computer generated imagery) overlays to make up for the digital masking needed to obscure/control the skyline to conceal what in reality hit the WTC.

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  • Abuabudazzi

    total douche crap conspiracy bs! Get an education (and a life) people

  • Abuabudazzi

    why do all of you conspiracy douche bags have to post your crap 3 or 4 times?

  • zonsb

    According to Newton’s laws of motion (physics 101, often taught in high schools outside of United States public indoctrination schools) it’s impossible for two Boeing 767s to have flown into the twin towers. Watch: — WHAT PLANES – Morgan Reynolds – Madison Wisconsin

  • MartinL


    Either you are payed to support the media hoax of 911 and thus protecting the elites biggest weapon against humanity, or you are a "truther" who have not done his/her homework properly.
    If you are in the latter category, which I of course hope you are, I would suggest you to go to and and also visit youtube channel simonshack and go to forum and look at media related theories . Please read through the Q&A with Socialservice and take a look at all the evidence of media fakery on 911 before you make your final stand on this issue.
    Best regards from Norway

  • TheParadigmShift

    This is pure disinformation meant to discredit legitimate 9/11 research.

    Watch: 'September Clues BUSTED!'

  • John H.

    This is the orginal video no plane film. Shack has updated this video at his website. Though this is an incredibly good introduction into just how criminal our media, military, and government really were on 911. Once you realize just how sick these people will understand that staging a few false planes on 911 is nothing to them. The complicity of the military owned media is the worst of all betrayal. GE owns NBC news. Westinghouse owns CBS and 60 minutes etc. These companies have made over $1 Trillion dollars since and because of 911 in military contracts and financial bailouts. Complicity anyone?

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