Eye of the Pheonix: Secrets of the One Dollar Bill

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Adullam Films’ director, Christian J. Pinto has completed work on the new film, Eye of the Phoenix: Secrets of the Dollar Bill, which is the third volume in the Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings series. With our crashing economy, the big question is: what is the future of American currency? As with the rest of our series, we believe the past will help us to understand the future.

Eye of the Phoenix documents the bizarre history of the design of the dollar bill, exposing the occult activity surrounding the FDR administration. There is perhaps no other period in U.S. history when so many people were so deeply involved in the occult, and held positions of power that reached all the way to the White House. Phoenix focuses specifically on the years prior to World War II leading up to 1935, when the Great Seal was taken out of obscurity and placed on the foundation of America’s currency.

According to official records from the State Department, FDR and his Secretary of Agriculture, Henry Wallace, specifically chose to use the Great Seal because, as Freemasons, they believed the “Novus Ordo Seclorum” (which they equated with the New Deal) could only be fulfilled under “the eye” of the Great Architect of the Universe (the god of Masonry).

Two heavily influential occultists during the FDR era were Manly P. Hall and a Russian mystic named Nicholas Roerich. Manly Hall’s writings influenced Freemasonic presidents FDR and Harry S. Truman. It is even said that Hall was responsible for the number of stones on the pyramid of the Great Seal, and for the identification of the eagle as a phoenix.

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  • elementgirl

    I thought it was an awesome video. Yeah, a little dry at times. But the last 45 minutes was the best!

  • Trinity

    Save yourselves the time of watching this long circuitous drivel. I had the same sensation as when I watched a 'docuementary' of an autopsy on creatures from Outer space.Yeah Right!

  • Ian

    Alright... I wanted to see this because the title drew me in, but seriously. The narrator has THE SHITTIEST voice ever, and this documentary was terribly organized with almost no transitions or good explanations for all their content. It was so hard to follow what the fuck they were trying to say, I just stopped watching to video.

  • Rob

    Mysticism and religious nonsense.

    I made it to the hour and forty five minute mark, where I called it enough. I enjoy a good mystery as much as the next person, but this tried to tie religious fiction with 'something' from Sirius.

    First, anything that is being called 'supernatural' does not exist. To be 'supernatural' it has to operate outside of nature, which then excludes it from having any bearing upon the natural world. 'Supernatural' claims are bullshit.

    Secondly, before one can make claims as in this documentary, it is best to have some empirical evidence to support it. So when one claims that god(s) exist, there better be some hard evidence; ambiguity is just not going to cut it and faith, is nothing more than the lack of facts and evidence.

    Being that Sirius A is over 20 times brighter than our Sun and over twice as massive, that makes it very visible in the northern hemisphere of our night sky. Just as the Sun has been the most worshiped celestial object in Human history, so to has the brightest star in the sky, Sirius A. The Sirius system is actually a binary star system, that includes Sirius B which is 10,000 times dimmer than the bright primary Sirius A.

    Now, how exactly would people know where that magic rock came from? seeing that Sirius is 8.7 light years from us, there is NO WAY they would know that.

    It is most likely a meteorite, as is the rock that Muslims claim to have been where Mohammad ascended; the Dome Of the Rock. Again, ambiguity, the greatest tool in religions shed. Ambiguity is an excuse for something that they know is not true or real.

  • angie

    Hey, just wanted yo say thanks to Satyran for the links-Cool dude.

  • John

    This video will not play here, however, I watched it on google with the help of Satyran's link above.

    This video is a waste of a reasonable person's time. If these "Illuminati" folks were as intelligent as they make them out to be, than they would drop the religious angles from the stories. Anyone with any shred of reason and intelligence knows religion is nothing more than allegorical fiction.

  • John

    This will not run?

  • ste

    ahh booo!

  • Satyran

    Here is a new link for this film
    It's pretty awesome btw.


  • pete

    would love to see this movie but it wont run

  • Joe

    Heard about this from Alex Jones, been wanting to see it.

    Thanks for putting it up!!

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