Screw Loose Change - Not Freakin' Again Edition

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This is a counter-video of the famous "Loose Change 2nd Edition". Using their own video and words, "Screw Loose Change" debunks the theories and statements made in Loose Change 2nd Edition. This new edition features urls to sources and longer rebuttals. NOTE: There are some grammatical and spelling errors in this video due to lack of proofreading on my part. I greatly apologize for this.

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  • ja

    Don't waste your time. I'm an architect and I just KNOW those towers couldn't had fallen the way they did without imploding. Melted steel works like hot chocolate. Concrete never pulverises, it only breaks.

  • hotshotnumbr1

    due process my ass.who is this amateur who has not made his own video.he cant even spell.not suprising considering he believe's every word of the "official story".he must fancy bhandar bush or he is just an out + out idiot.i think both.brownnoser for bush. this guy has his head so far up bhandars backside that he is begining to sound like him.a bare faced

  • Nwo

    Not one scrap of de-bunking in this rubbish.
    I recommend watching "Loose Change: Second Edition" if you wish some de-bunking, except it de-bunks the US Govt's pathetic excuse for why and how  911 happened.

  • Kennedy76ca

    Exactly cant come up with their own video. Get a life and start looking at your old administration instead of hijackers

  • Stan

    this is the best attempt that the debunkers have.  They are resourceful enough NOT to make their own video.  But to impose ridicoulous mis-spelled comments over the simple relaying of documented facts.  can anyone say FOX News?

    WOW... great debunking, and go figure, up until this brilliant exposing  of "Loose Change" I alway though that the 911 atacks were an "inside job".

    Now I can go outside and play.

  • DJ Love Hz

    Absolutely Jonny, I agree with you. So why doesn't the new film maker make a new film? Why doesn't he create a film just as well put together as the original Loose Change that tries to debunk it? To put ugly misspelled text over the film doesn't do anything but discredit anything it has to say. It's like scribbling over a Bansky, and demanding that the scribbles look better. It's fucking ugly.

  • DJ Love Hz

    This is the worst thing I have ever tried to watch. It's trying to debunk a documentary but does so by placing misspelled text over top of the original film. Whoever uploaded this to the site must of made this themselves because it says they didn't get a chance to proof read it. Please take this down as it ruins the credibility of any other documentary on this website while it is still here. Bad move web admin, bad move.

  • Djax_s13

    moronic! enjoy your servitude deuchbag!

  • Charles Zachary

    This film is absolute rubbish.

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