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“Reality of Illusion” is a mini-documentary series by Josh Reeves Part 1: The Pineal Gland – Looks at the pineal gland and the pine cone symbology, and why the truth and information about this knowledge have been a well-guarded secret of the priest-class for millennia. Part 2: Norway’s Spiral – Covers the mysterious “spiral blue light” that appeared above the White Sea in northern Norway on December 10, 2009. Despite recent news reporting the cause for this light display was due to a failed Russian missle test, this video looks at the phenomenon from the perspective of it’s perfect resemblance to an ancient symbol found in many cultures. Part 3: Operation Haitiquake - Explores the information concerning the Haiti earthquake and its importance to the elite masterplan. Part 4: Julian Assange, The White Brotherhood, and the Nazis – Deals with the hard evidence and background of Julian Assange. Topics discussed include: cults, theosophy, Wikileaks, Nazis, Tron, the Council for National Policy, and more.

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  • ExHelot

    So let me get this straight....The Pope met with the Martians and arranged for Julien Assange's birth while the CIA and Interpol protected the blood lines of the Aryans and successfuly plotted the assassination of the last Lemurian kings in order to establish the New World Order. In the mean time the Japanese were conspiring with the Reptilians through the Bush administration to sell crack cocaine in the ghettos and foment a general rebellion which John Lennon tried to warn us about but was assassinated with the help of Yoko Ono who is really a Lemurian-Reptilian hybrid working for MI6 hoping to gain favor with the Atlantians and be allowed to live in exchange for giving birth to a Hitler clone after the take over of the world by Anti-Christ... Do I got that right?

  • logan

    the pine cone in the Vatican is green because when copper rusts that's the color it turns.

  • someone else

    i guess its worth a watch. but i gotta tell everyone, theres no knowledge here. this guy puts forth no answers, no newly discovered facts. nothing. ten miutes searching in yahoo or google would give you exponentially more knowledge than this poorly researched video. i think he just watched other docs and spliced together all their material.

    and btw theres no haiti vid. im wondering about this site. but in this slave world i guess were lucky we get anything

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