Permaculture in Costa Rica

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Permaculture course in Costa Rica that explores the core principles of Permaculture Design and applications with the intention of meeting human needs as individuals, within society and community, as well as creating harmony with ecological systems. In both lectures and field- work we explore different bioregional design techniques, natural building, renewable energy alternatives, waste and watershed management, community development, tropical orchard and garden design by creating and constructing diverse and truly sustainable ecosystems. After registration we will provide you with the course syllabus, recommended reading materials, travel information and FAQ's.

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  • Addie464

    really great film, shows you that a practically stress free, harmonious, rewarding and self sufficiant lifestyle is possible and quite easy & inexpensive

  • I find docs on Permaculture like this one, lacking. It seems there is too much of a push to use shiny happy people holding hands and the soft music of brotherhood while working together in perfect harmony without disagreement a bit of an over promotion. Trust me it is not all cake and ice cream etc etc.  Maybe that is the norm, or maybe there is a better way to sell permaculture to old hard farmers that tells the real unvarnished truth.   Time to tell that story like a Sepp Holzer farming system in Austria or the Joel Salatin Polyface Farms in North Carolina.

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