Operation: Last Patrol

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This documentary captures Born on the Fourth of July scribe and film subject Ron Kovic's world-famous march at the 1972 Republican convention. Ron Kovic's difficult journey from soldier to activist is chronicled in this acclaimed documentary featuring historical footage of the '72 protest. Kovic is also featured in a brand-new interview on the disc and his thoughts on today's war situation and how it compares to recent history. This is the first time the film is available on video. Oliver Stone's 1989 feature Born on the Fourth of July was based on the experiences of Vietnam veteran Ron Kovic, but Kovic had already made inroads into the cinematic medium with this film in 1972. A documentary that follows Kovic and a group of veterans as they journey to the Republican National Convention in Florida, Operation Last Patrol follows various members of the group as they prepare to confront Richard Nixon's stance on Vietnam. Kovic proves to be a powerful force throughout, and the attitudes of the veterans involved represent the burgeoning peace movement of the era. An important film that struggled to find distribution for many years, Operation Last Patrol is a great example of ordinary people attempting to take control of their own country as it appears to be careering dangerously out of control.

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