Occupied Cascadia

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Occupied Cascadia is a documentary film both journalistic and expressionistic. Exploring the emerging understanding of bioregionalism within the lands and waters of the Northeast Pacific Rim, the filmmakers interweave intimate landscape portraits with human voices both ideological and indigenous. Stories from the land contrast critique of dominant culture, while an embrace of the radical unknown informs a re-birthed and growing culture of resistance. Filming began during the outset of the populist “Occupy” movement, and finished by joining the voices seeking to re-contextualize popular revolt within our life-world as a movement to decolonize, un-occupy, and re-inhabit the living Earth through deep understanding and identification with our specific bioregions (literally “Life-Place”). Cascadia Matters is a collective effort of writers, artists, educators and media activists. We aim to highlight the emerging ideas, struggles and times of our bioregion and beyond. In order to effectively provide clean air and clean water for future generations, our attention must not only shift towards our bioregions, but also towards stopping corporate agendas within them. The diverse voices throughout this land have forged the way for many movements. We feel the growing necessity to inspire a unified culture of resistance. We are here to promote that dialogue through bioregional awareness.

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