Montana Meth

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Montana Meth is a personal look at the physical and psychological damage caused by Meth, a particularly vicious drug, whose effects range from tooth decay, skin lesions, and paranoia to brain damage, convulsions, and death. The filmmaker, Eames Yates, speaks with several addicts and recovering addicts whose lives have been crippled by this drug. The Montana Meth Project is a large-scale exercise in prevention, aimed at significantly reducing Meth use in Montana. The integrated program consists of an ongoing, research-based marketing campaign—supported by community outreach and public policy initiatives—that realistically and graphically communicate the risks of methamphetamine to the youth of Montana. The Meth Project was conceived and founded by businessman and Montana rancher, Thomas M. Siebel. The purpose is to inform potential Meth consumers about the product attributes and actual risks associated with methamphetamine. The goal is to substantially reduce methamphetamine use. We approach methamphetamine as a consumer products marketing problem. Meth is a consumer product. It is readily available. It is affordably priced. It is distributed statewide through a very effective distribution channel. It has many product attributes that are perceived as attractive. Every day young people in Montana are making product consumption decisions regarding Meth. Many perceive benefits in using Meth. Many perceive little to no risk. This is the root of the problem. Our goal is to arm the youth of Montana with the facts about Meth so that they can make a better informed decision when presented with the opportunity to give Meth a try. The Meth Project conducts extensive statewide surveys and focus group research to more thoroughly understand Montanans' attitudes and behaviors related to methamphetamine. This research provides the foundation for our messaging programs.

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