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Thousands of new animals are discovered every year, yet science refuses to acknowledge the existance of many. Often based on the grounds that “they simply can not exist!” They have been filmed, since by hundreds of witnesses, and left tracks and other proof, but still these unexplained creatures are not acknowledge by some science. From werewolves and vampires, to ape men and demons, Lost Tapes promises nasty creatures and big scares. 1. Devil Dragon: Raw footage of an unaired survival program details a solo expedition that goes horribly wrong when the host is bitten and stalked by a supposedly extinct jungle creature. With infection setting in and a deadly predator on his trail, the survival expert is forced to put his skills to the ultimate test. 2. Oklahoma Octopus:  Locals claim that a freshwater demon lurks in the depths of Oklahoma’s lakes and rivers, hungry for human flesh. The legend becomes a horrifying reality for a group of recent high school grads who head to a local lake to celebrate their last days together. For some in this close knit circle of friends, it will indeed prove to be their last day… 3. Bigfoot: Her field reports clearly indicate that someone or something is watching Rachel Glen, the lone Fish & Game researcher in a remote forest outpost. On the verge of breaking one of science’s most enduring mysteries, she finds herself the victim of a vengeful stalker. Her only hope comes in the form of an unlikely ally… 4. Monster of Monterey: On the last leg of her around-the-world adventure, solo sailor Sharon Novak diverts her course to respond to a frantic distress call when she is knocked overboard. Alone at sea and now stranded in open water, she encounters something monstrous lurking in the deep waters of Monterey Bay. 5. Vampire: A family renovating their new house discovers they are not alone. Initially, they attribute the creepy noises and midnight scampering to raccoons. But what they discover instead is a secret room in the house, a hidden lair inhabited by nocturnal beasts that feed on the blood of the living — and have now been disturbed by their hosts! 6. Werewolf: A young documentary director follows the search for an animalistic serial killer. When he is allowed to ride along with the lead detectives on the case, the discovery of a new suspect launches the investigation into a terrifying new direction. 7. Alien: A former astronaut is placed under psychiatric and medical observation after reporting strange ailments with no known medical cause. Are her symptoms psychosomatic, or has she returned to earth the unwitting host to an unknown life form? 8. Thunderbird: Three friends sneak out into the night to film themselves skateboarding in an isolated area. On their way, they are attacked by a massive winged creature. When a dangerous prank leaves the youngest brother injured, the other boys are forced to leave him alone and get help — only to return to a more horrifying mystery. 9. Megaconda: In a warehouse known for illegal animal trafficking,something enormous has just slithered out of a crate clearly marked “dangerous.” On the same night, two animal rights activists gain entry to expose the company’s nefarious owner. Unfortunately for the activists, escaping the warehouse and its deadly contraband will prove far more difficult than breaking in. 10. Death Raptor: Paranormal researchers are summoned to a rural village to investigate “demonic” activity. What they find instead is an unexplained phenomenon of an entirely different sort — evidence of a previously undocumented owl-like creature that emerges from the trees, terrifying all who witness it 11. Death Crawler: An entomologist and her husband venture out in search of undiscovered insect species. When engine trouble leaves them stranded, their search is fulfilled — in the form of a deadly new predator — that stalks on 100 legs! 12. Dover Demon: A group of mischievous hoaxers attempt to re-ignite the legend of the infamous Dover Demon — the mysterious creature that first terrified residents of rural Massachusetts in 1977. The hoaxers venture deep into the woods with their costume and cameras only to fall prey to the very entity they intended to imitate… the actual Dover Demon! 13. Bear Lake Monster: The only thing more frightening than the creature lurking beneath the surface of Utah’s Bear Lake is the same creature crawling on dry land! This nightmare materializes for a group of women gathered for a lakeside birthday party whose late-night swim leaves them running terrified from the water. But when the lake monster leaves its murky depths, there’s nowhere left to run! 14. Lizard Man: Beneath the city, an unknown horror slithers in the dark sewer system. An intrepid news crew follows rescue firemen underground to track down a family pet. But what they ultimately encounter is a different creature entirely — not human, not reptile, but all deadly. 15. Southern Sasquatch: Deep in the bottomlands of rural Arkansas, a horrifying local legend comes to life. A city slicker joins his southern friends for his first deer hunt, but when their actions draw the attention of a ravenous creature that roams Boggy Creek — the real hunt begins. 16. Swamp Creature: Deep in the bayous of Louisiana lives a creature — half man, half reptile — that roams the nights in search of food. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, a college professor and her nephew travel to the swamps to research the dwindling alligator population. Despite the warnings of their seasoned guide, they venture deep into the marshy maze and stumble into the terrifying creature’s lair. 17. Skinwalker: When college student Andy Miller returns to his parent’s ranch in Arizona, he is confronted by the possible existence of a terrifying creature of Native American legend. Like the werewolf, the skin-walker is able to transform from human to animal form at will. As the mysterious events surrounding his return unfold, Andy and his father find themselves trapped in a nightmare. 18. Jersey Devil A family returning from vacation hits an unidentified animal in the road. When they pull over, the family dog leaps out and, attempting to retrieve it, they eventually come upon a creepy abandoned house — only to discover it is lair to the Jersey Devil. Their only hope is to make it through the woods back to their vehicle, while eluding a powerful winged creature that will stop at nothing to kill them.

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  • Allychally

    what a load of rubbish.............not worth the time and effort,  no missing tapes here just bad acting

  • Lol

    Even though this isnt real, it still gives u some information about the supernatural. pretty fun to watch

  • Lilu

    Good to watch for a bit of entertainment, if you are into monsters and documentary style story telling. Gave me a good laugh.

  • Mahmahlady

    this was a joke series, lol they filmed it them sleves

  • Guest Critic

    Inspired by the possibility? Piss off!

  • Venom6622

    Pretty lame

  • Venom6622

    Pretty lame

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