The Living Matrix - The Science of Healing

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In our full-length film, The Living Matrix - The Science of Healing -- we bring you breakthroughs that will transform your understanding of how to get well and stay well. Now you can get an up-close look at the science of information as medicine. Leading researchers and health practitioners share their discoveries on the "miracle cures" traditional medicine can't explain. The Living Matrix – The Science of Healing, uncovers new ideas about the intricate web of factors that determine our health. We talk with a group of dedicated scientists, psychologists, bioenergetic researchers and holistic practitioners who are finding healing potential in new places. Tapping into the power of information, Leaders in science are examining the body through the lens of quantum physics. They’ve discovered that we're far more than biochemical machines. Instead, our cells are senders and receivers of information, controlling our health in ways we never imagined. In the film, researchers and others who faced health challenges put the science in perspective when they tell their stories. The family of a young Greek boy with cerebral palsy tries to improve his quality of life through reconnective healing. A British woman, diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, immerses herself in neuro-linguistic programming. An American woman runs out of options to treat her chronic fatigue syndrome, and as a last resort, begins using an information-based therapy. All three make remarkable recoveries. Science-based healing or “miracle cures?” How can we account for these cases, and many others like them? Modern biochemical medicine has no framework for explaining these events, often dismissing them as spontaneous remissions... or the result of some kind of placebo effect.

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  • how can I watch something google seems to prohibit me from watching.? And why are they doing this.?

  • Carrol

     I  got more ill with diabetes and menopause for being in a country too long and being homesick so bad, suffering, but prayer helped me ... but no other way did I know of to help  my self... I have to relax to recievethe help , to let it work in me, to be positive and rely on God or the help.... God made us and he can send help but you need to relax and to pause and concentrate on our own part...

  • Carrol

    Maybe me being ina country I amnot happy in,  does give me a breakdown       in becoming ill by being sad and homesick so bad it is m aking me  ill... I got worse in diabetes as time went on being away from my homeland...and my menopause was so bad and my nerves worked against me... nowI get it that I was not happy and it made me ill, and did not know of this way to get better ...

  • Southernfink

    Interesting ,and I have seen that bridge before.
    I will do some more research on this matter ;>)

  • Jessica

    You do realize you are the product of propaganda, right?

  • Sheldon Richard

    How anecdotal do you think modern medicine was before it became what it is? I think it is presumptuous to disregard the, as yet, unknown and untapped potential of the mind. What has been described here helped people... it worked for them, and that resonates. 

    Yesterday, that lightning bolt came from an angry God... today, not so much. 

  • John

    Ah great, another program to perpetuate ridiculous myths. When will people learn that individual case studies and anecdotal evidence isn't proof of anything? 

  • Patrick McGean

    The living matrix is our cellar biology, individual cells working within the matrix to keep our whole alive.  Miracle cures are biology working as intended with all of the minerals of life.  Currently our matrix has been trying to keep us alive without sulfur in our mineral compliment.
    Organic Sulfur is no longer bio available to us we the people and you can thank the greedy rich for our deficiency.  Replacing the deficiency should allow us to rid ourselves of the Rich who planed this form of mind control.
    Dear one percent, get you house in order, we are coming for you useless rich selves, and if we should hurt of kill some of you think hard is you wealth worth dying for.
    We win you rich and powerful loose, your life is up to you.
    Organic Sulfur a crystal food the rich will learn addresses stupidity, and rewards greed with elimination, just like the toxins of man.

    The Agents of the Crystalline Matrix

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