The Legend of Marilyn Monroe

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The Legend of Marilyn Monroe is a 1966 American documentary film chronicling the life and career of actress Marilyn Monroe. Directed by Terry Sanders, and narrated by John Huston, the film was also released under the title The Marilyn Monroe Story in the UK. A documentary about the life and career of 1950s sex symbol Marilyn Monroe, narrated by director John Huston (who worked with her on "The Misfits"). Included are interviews with friends, cast and crew who worked with her and others who knew her, clips from her films and some scenes that were cut from her earliest movies and not seen for many years. The Legend Of Marilyn Monroe is the first biography documentary which came out in 1964, only a couple of years after her death. Directed by American filmmaker Terry Sanders, with narration of John Huston, the film unveils Marilyn’s whole career, before it starts upto to her demise with video clips from several of the movies she leads in. A lot of rare footages are delivered on this biography, presenting the viewer a much deeper exploration on the world of this well-known sex symbol. This film boasts in-depth interviews with Marilyn’s school teachers from childhood years, along with her Family and lots of of the celebrities she previously worked with. This is the best Marilyn Monroe documentary ever made. It transports the viewers to the past, from her younger years be transferred from one foster house to another with foster parents. A short “real” home together with her real mother is shown during the time Marilyn was 9 years old prior to her mother was taken to a mental institution. Additionally, this biography show her short-lived marriage at the young age of 16 and also her modelling profession that lead her to the Hollywood stardom. She has a sad and bittersweet story, from Norma Jeane to Marilyn Monroe. The filmmaker excellently captures the emotions along with her joyful moments. Perhaps the most celebrated actress of all time. This is a must watch for movie devotees of Hollywood’s golden age.

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