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This movie focuses on human and universal consciousness and points out psyche disease that mankind has induced that is creating insane illusion which is the main cause of pain and suffer. Goes deeper into metaphysical aspects and connects ancient hidden myths and history with modern ways of society and political outcome. Explains shamanism, duality, and reality behind DNAs and modern false beliefs. Overall, Kymatica is another excellent movie which attempts to point out the fundamental misconception that humankind are facing today that has resulted in imbalance between planet, nature and species. Evolution is a term to define only one organism and that’s the self. The self is the universe, the self is the alpha and omega, god, and infinity, and that’s the only thing that evolves because we are all part of the self. Nothing goes through an evolutionary process alone or without direct benefit to the whole. So when you begin to think that there’s this controlling elite, this controlling hand behind the curtains leading the planet to destruction… When you think the end is near, the apocalypse, Armageddon, and when you think we as a species are doomed, it is not they, it is you that brought this about, and for a very good reason. You are evolving. Stop blaming everybody and everything else. Quit panicking about global tyranny and natural disaster and pay attention, because the world is telling you something; it’s tell you exactly what is wrong with you and how to fix it. (Excerpt from the film)

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  • batcat

     left brain much

  • RealitySucks

    Anyone who fails to grasp this message or, even worse, denies it is TOTALLY SOUL-LESS!!

  • RealitySucks

    Anyone who fails to grasp this message or, even worse, denies it is TOTALLY SOULESS!!

  • Agds

    Great documentary!!  A MUST SEE!!

  • dan

    very interesting,but l had to stop watching when the animal cruelty was shown, i could not watch anymore, i wish those clips were left out,

  • dan

    very interesting,but l had to stop watching when the animal cruelty was shown, i could not watch anymore, i wish those clips were left out,

  • dan

    very interesting,but l had to stop watching when the animal cruelty was shown, i could not watch anymore, i wish those clips were left out,

  • Mary

    You love even the ones you hate?? Did someone mention "Doublespeak"?

  • Mary

    Get an education instead? What do you think this is??

  • Food as medicine

    Plagiarism - Who honestly cares! its the info that should be of concern not where the author got the information from.

    I fully agree with E.D and Evita - "The comments above are a perfect example on a micro level, of all the movie tried to illustrate that is happening on a macro level."

    I also think that anyone watching this needs to do further research - into ALL the points discussed in this video and the esoteric agenda video before dismissing anything. You may be shocked at the accuracy of some of the info.

  • E.D

    I found this documentary insightful and interesting. I don’t understand some of your disagreements however the sources put together about the ancient mythology/scriptures were a bit of nonsense to me, creating and revealing illusion? An excellent message said and I quote “In the problem I see which is humanity today is we don’t truly know ourselves anymore. We have the 9-5 job, we have the house, the children, the bills, the television and the hobbies. We eventually begin to believe that this is who we are. But who are we to the means of the job title? The means to the status mother or father. Atheist, republican or democrat, black or white, man or woman. Who are we deep down inside? We don’t know because every time we hear an answer we don’t want to accept about ourselves, we deny it. We pass it off and project it on to somebody else and judge them for it, this is repression. We see what repression can do to us on an individual level but what about on an collective level of humanity. What happens when the whole world refuses to see what they truly are on the inside“. It’s incredibly illiterate to see in reality how much society and individuals pass the world by unconsciously. However, another great statement and I quote “A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. Overall a great source of different information.

  • Evita

    Wonderful documentary, and truly a lot of great thought provoking info put into a short time, but well presented.

    The comments above are a perfect example on a micro level, of all the movie tried to illustrate that is happening on a macro level.

    That is all good I guess, each comes around at his own pace and time - hence the idea of evolution.

  • man of the land

    this video started strong but failed

  • Jack Jones

    What a load of nonsense! From the first minutes in I was amazed at the rubbish that was presented. I'll continue watching when I have some more time to waste. Really, like someone else said. Get a proper education, learn how to critically think, how to understand when someone is using pseudo science or science misrepresented to fool you. And, please, what the bleep do we know is a terrible film.

  • EsoDerrick Agenda

    I fail to understand the point/basis in condemning this documentary as plagiarism. A Truth is a Truth, whether repeated or not. It's just as the Truth that was repeated in this doc: You're killing the messenger and discarding the message. It's always amazing, reading comments. 99% of the the comments are criticisms of the body of work. Very few actually discuss the subject matter, which is why there is never any progress or building on our part. These comment attest to the Truth of the ills of humanity as stated in this film.

  • Adrenlinfull

    As someone mentioned in their comment this is really huge information put in a short film so many people watching dont get the point and the message. Those who comment negative things dont really understand the power of a single human mind capable of so many things, or just want to disorient other people...i feel sorry for them as the time comes they will realise for themselves that we are ALL the same and live in that exact place, sharing the exact purpose(when we get to that level of thinking)and that WE ARE ALL ONE. David Wilcock is an excelent mind in my opinion, he has many things to share about what is going on in the world and what was going or google him for incredible information. Beautifull things ar coming, stay positive and open minded!



  • Diana H

    If you call it mumbo-jumbo, then you did not understand it. Lots of information in such a short period of time. I can't wait to watch it again.

  • Claude H Oliver II

    This is a thought provoking piece of work. Shakespeare basically said the same
    thing in "Julius Caesar". The acceptance of personal responsibility for our own
    behavior instead of relying on a deity to take our place is a difficult pill for any-
    one who has been steeped in a theological milieu. That this information is
    already out is no reason for not looking at what has been presented and evaluating it.

  • Cody

    I have to agree with those who disagree. This is a fantastic film, don't get me wrong. But there is far to much you you you then there should be. The bias in a lot of documentaries coming out disgust me.

    We hear to take everything with a grain of salt, yet all we hear is one sided propagandistic bullshit.

    Here is my advice: Watch the film. Don't believe a word of it.

    Sit on it. Think about some of it and relate it to your daily interactions.

    Watch it again.

    You'll find that many parts of it may be true but most of it is telling you what you should do. Which is not right.

  • peter

    Great film.

    For all the haters... I've met the person who made the two films. He is cool and his intention is simply to spread the information which he feels has helped him and will help those open to it.

    Judge the info on it's merits, accept it, don't accept it... but why needlessly bash someone who is in the very least attempting to do some good? I would agree that much of the info is stuff that is already out there, but what isn't ?? I do like the way he put it together and I think that there are some new concepts.

    I personally found that the first film he made gave me some illumination and helped put some of the 'darker' stuff into perspective.

  • Litse

    Putting together a film like this which brings to the forefront a vast collection of research and information that the average person will not usually have neither the time nor the facility to put together on their own, is admirable. I found the film to be a great compilation of things, ideals, people, research, and a well executed synthesis by the creators, all to be brilliant and all of which would be very difficult to put together myself under one heading. Thank you for your valiant and truly courageous effort in bringing these wonderful things forward into the collective so that we can study and interpret for ourselves. In doing this you expose yourself to criticism and to responses that may be aimed at making your efforts feel as though they aren't valid. Well, they are extremely valid, especially given our current state of existence. I doubt that in the creating of this piece that you ever expected the masses to all be able to appreciate your valiant efforts to raise consciousness. The responses I am reading are mostly from people that hold negative emotion above loving kindness. You deserve loving kindness for your efforts, the fact that you hold these truths at such a young age makes me feel hopeful that the wave of enlightenment is reaching those generations that have the biggest potential(due to numbers) to promote change. You are evoking a thought process that creates a realization that we are living, evolving, creatures within a larger living and evolving space in time. You have made my day with your film, your efforts, the young age at which you have come across these truths, and the hope that you represent for humans and all living things for that matter. I have ideas on a specific approach which might be able to bring these thoughts and ideas to the masses, in a format that the larger masses of people might be able to absorb more easily. If your purpose is to raise the consciousness so that we might have a chance to make it as humanity, then we are on the same page since this is the purpose that I most closely align with. Maybe a cooperative piece within this ever-growing community of seekers of the truth and consciousness awareness might be able to cause a change like one that creates a tipping point.

  • you is all. all is you. i am you. we are all.

    very nice film. well war feeling. i heard it. saw it. laughed alittle. took some serious. got some ideas while watching. will process it for a while. i might become nicer after a month or so. some was positive news to all of us. but good news are not good food/energy/nutrient today. we have different idea of nurture. fearculture breed from early ages. and it depends on the negative inputs. t-shirt with Fire/skull/cross/tribals/symbols is citizen army clothing.
    war is coming and they are prepared.expressing one reality experiencing itself. some kid with hello kitty t-shirt, is sending out another power.most energy is drawn from not so positive things in our society.
    we and me draw alot of power from death,symbolism/wordcrafts.bloodworship, pain and destructive forces. annihilation of self,
    for control of this force, we project on another aspect, a not extrovertly aggressive force. it do not wish to harm anything outside me and we. merely living out reality as i/you create is kind of nice ride. and i do have a really good perception to experience it with. if need positive force. heal wounds and grow.meditating is very fine time spent. when thought is centered. no left or right conflicts, only center. middle, very powerful energy there.
    find a mantra and keep it clean. do not make it another mindcontrol or prison. make it center. balanced.
    your movie is a good message to spread.good for survival. and good for waking up sleepers.
    keep it going and coming.
    do think though ,the flock mass will shun this.
    flock is very,very tamed at this point.most people have more than 1000 laws that is applicable on bodily self. obstructing all given options in life. to follow in action. if not,we is percieved a obstructive force of the common good. and evolvement of our cultures survival and growth. do not stray from the flock. or we will take back all we have given you is the masshypnos received info.

    me and alliances made closebound, got massive electrical energy vortex in our immediate living area. outside metal/stone shielding apartment. wifi signals,mobile phones,radiotowers everywhere,several powerstations,electrical information is streaming everywhere.and i am confined by concrete and metal, glass is shielding abit of it.filtering. inhibiting my capability of elctrical transmissions. and recieves 99% unwanted energy crap flowing around.
    im sorry to complain. but when my neighboor is download porn on my wifi signal. my body is receiving many parts of those electrical impulses. as i am built as a processor and receives and sends out what is coming to me. i dont know how. but this traps us somehow. making us incapable of decoding all information around. confusing us. i dont even remember a time when all of us danced under moonlit sky, stars visible. fire burning. spirits talking from within. with only natures magnetic field, and the living organisms powers of energy. receiving only natures produced energy. being a catalyst of all living things. and to tell truth it has all made me stupid. im an idiot. im probably at 5% efficiency in general operations.
    bought vitamin drink yesterday for good health.
    i come home. it says "contains aspartame"
    i google aspartame. find studies of negative effects. my world becomes dark for 24 hours. water is bad here. fluoridation is high. we put it in food for teeth protection. and its in baby foods here(babies do not have teeth. thank you very much!)our entire region of countries is under constant surveilance of all digital information inside country and in/out information. its democracy we have here. i fear they will silence me soon. im living in a prison. they are killing us all. destroying natural medicine and giving us fluoridated drugs. im sick from the medicine they given me. my third eye, brain gland is full of calcium, oppressing its core signals, i turn on tv. i see alphamale kill something weaker. or a subspecies controlled by the alpha. always conflicts, and problems. smog cover my town often. many trees are sick in my park from something they inject into the cut off left branches of trees to heal them.(they inject somthing in tree wounds). it is a very important timeline occuring now. we are witnessing a new era. a new dawn. a new world order. a polar shift.
    F*** that !
    i will build my own world.

  • Frankie Jane

    Sorry, I just wanted to add a bit more.

    Even if this has been said before elsewhere, I have either not seen it or not been in a state to listen, so they can repeat these messages as much as they like as far as I'm concerned.

    Also, again for people who are like me, I read these comments before watching it and really did not want to agree with the positive replies. This film was able to reach me beyond that. I don't want to sound pretentious or what some (often me) would call 'mumbo jumbo,' I just don't want another me out there to stay closed.

    You don't have to consider yourself a spiritual person to get seomthing out of it, and you certainly don't have to agree with all of it. A lot of it is very political and relevant to all of us.

    But then, like the end of the film says, I am not in a place to tell you this is good for you. Watch it and decide for yourself. I'm just glad I did.

  • Frankie Jane

    A lot of this film really hit home to me.

    What I would be worried about is if anyone is remotely like me, they run the risk of watching this film with a closed and angry mind, and will not benefit from it at all. Even if only one part of it hits home, it's worth a watch.

    I would say, when they were talking about animal abusers, they weren't suggesting to do nothing about it, they were saying not to respond with violence and hatred. There is a crucial difference.

    Anyone who felt this film was of use to them, I would recommend the film Wake Up Call, and the work of Bill Hicks.

  • christafari

    By the way...those who are so focused on plagerism can lick two balls. This is a "synthesis". A documentary of a group of documentaries organized to help you further understand this stuff on your journey toward evolution. It is disgusting to see you morons focus on plagerism, when the film maker is trying his/her best to give you 10,000 years of information within two hours. Yet again, we see an example of haters working hard to discredit greatness. Thank you for your work fimmakers.

  • christafari

    I found this film to be enlightening and refreshing. I truly understand and identify with his philisophical perception of the survival and revival of self, the conflict between the secure subconscious mind and the insecure egotistical mind, and the conflicts between the collective unconscious and collective ego. I also appreciate his position on the negative aspects of the self reflected upon the faces of others; and that the hatred we feel for others is indeed the very same hatred we feel for ourselves (for most of us, that is). Unfortunately,I don't agree w/ his apathetic stance on dealing w/ these "negative reflections" within others. During the segment about animal abuse he mentions that he fears the reaction of those who wish pain upon those who give pain. He feels that their self-riteous actions makes them no better than the very people who are 'causing' their pain. He feels they are possibly more dangerous than the perpatrators. My thoughts are as follows...Isn't apathy and indiffernce even more dangerous than self riteousness? And if it isn't how are we to conduct ourselves when we truly see a moral injustice? Please advise...Many thanks.

  • George Thomas

    Since Eckhart Tolle started teaching his 'Presence' exercises the question of Ego can now be laid to rest (phew! At last! How boring was all that psych

    Pure Awareness and peace of mind can now be taught (in minutes and for free). The ego is a persistent myth of the babbling brain. Thru living in the now by simply practising it, it becomes our predominant state, so based on lasting inner peacefulness we can create all the details of a new, sustainable Earth.

    But we'd better get a move on and stop our chat about it all. Create the new hi quality green lifestyle before rampant degenerative diseases and domino extinction take over. See Tolle's 'Practising the Power of Now' mini book; get your home green, clean and simple - right across the nations. Be part of restoring the Earth a home at a time starting NOW, hand on your heart. This is NOT just another blog but a call to action.

  • Marlon :

    What a great way to speak of FEAR and the SELF..
    the connection idea aod EARTH and human.. is always interesting and
    Money being a symbol.. for.. something inside of ourselves..
    PLEASE WATCH ALL of IT guys...

  • Wow. That gave me the same inspiration as What the Bleep do We Know? Great work.

  • Evalina

    Good documentary. Had to turn it off when the animal torture scenes started as they saddened me beyond words. Other than that it really made me think.

  • ew keane

    Here is a booklist;
    Bulfinches Mythology
    Frazers 'The Golden Baugh'
    C G Jung 'Man and His Symbols'

    'Lucfer, an enemy of creation, seeks the agency of mankind to undo creation. The sublime truth of the creator is stamped on every living thing and its material constituents, but Lucifer causes men to think that they can improve on creation, and thus the fall of millions into the hands of Satan, the great advisary of the Creator.'

  • donfranco

    quelqu un sait ou je peux regarder ca en francais?

  • Satan


  • sketchy

    Correction on two items mentioned in this film that might or might not make a difference to anybody..and those are,THE REVELATION of JOHN not REVELATION(S) as refered to the last book of the BIBLE. It was ONE REVELATION...Also it is The LOVE of money which is the root of all EVIL,not,MONEY is the root of all evil. the verse is stated in 1Timothy 6;10

  • Rick78X

    The ego is a necessary and vital part of our psyche in physical reality. The real danger is not the ego itself, but rather a lack of self-control in the areas of human activity that bring results that are unpleasant or destructive. As spiritual energy or beings having a human experience we exist to hopefully learn and grow. This seems our greatest challenge. It is not so much that our egos are inherently bad or lead us down the wrong track. Instead, it is our choices. Overall, I think this is a great video with a wide range of ideas meant to guide us into a deeper contemplation of ourselves and our universe. Ultimately, we create our own reality individually and enmass via our beliefs, thoughts and intentions. Let us challenge our current, inherited beliefs, thoughts and intentions with the desire to fashion a better world for ourselves and everyone else. I think that is the intention and idea of this film.

  • sedrick

    does it look suspicious only to me that the movie posts unsubstantiated claims and at the end the guy says 'well theres no good or bad information its all equal' Its retarded guys they claim 'consciousness' keeps everything together and then they define consciousness as a pulse you recieve from the universe in the form of electromagnetic waves - so consciousness is a photon now? nice

  • Legion

    Its easy to watch a documentary like this and think "Now it has been brought to my concious mind, I can choose to defy the EGO" however if I am to believe that when I see cruelty to animals, children or any living organism that instead of exacting cruelty to those who impose cruelty I should treat it/them with compasion otherwise I am victim to the same offence/Ego albeit in a subconcious manner, then unfortunatelty I am victim to Ego.

    I have always considered myself as a Bully....albeit a Bully of Bullies, and if that makes me no better than the original perp then unfortunately "so be it". It does not sit well with me but perhaps that is my own inner demon I need to live with.

  • Steven

    Ben Stewart the creater of KYMATICA has givin formal appologies to those that have claims he plagiarized their work. He has begun creating a KYMATICA 1.0 to be released soon where he will put names like Tsarion, and Maxwell who I think we all can agree deserve some credit.

  • Fus

    where can i get the soundtrack for this music?
    You can hear it even in the end. It's awesome can someone tell me the name or where i can get it from?

  • giukan

    "this film borders on plagairism. Lots of information that has been extensively presented before, by the original researchers who EXHAUSTIVELY researched and presented original material." Satyran.

    talking about religion's myths, ruling bloodlines, the real meaning of israel, admiralty maritime laws is not original material. how can a research produce original material?? research brings up evidence, your conclusions could be original material. and btw nothing is original, everything lies somewhere in our consciousness waiting to be discovered, intellectual property is just another way to get people to fight against each other. jordan maxwell wouldn't give a fuck about money. he gets pissed off when people like david icke sells shitloads of books entirely based on maxwell's research and doesn't even mention him.

  • giukan

    i don't understand why people keep on talking of plagiarism. hei! you just watched this stuff FOR FREE, FREEEEE! no money, cash, dinero or commercials, this guy didn't get a penny from u, ok he put together stuff that has been discussed and researched before, so what?? we got another good documentary to watch and pass it on.

  • Inochi

    Wow thats funny, took all of 20 seconds to find a complete reference list of all source material for this doc. Credit is given to all original researchers. Your right on one thing, no idea is new, everything you will ever see or hear in your entire life is the evolution of pre existing research and ideas.
    What exactly are you folks trying to accomplish by bashing this doc and claiming its plagiarism?


    Show you have done your research WHILE writing something new and original.
    *Kymatica OK here*

    Appeal to experts and authorities WHILE improving upon, or disagreeing w/experts and authorities.
    *Kymatica OK here as well*

    Give credit where credit is due WHILE making your own significant contribution.
    *Once again Kymatica checks out*

    This doc is not plagiarism, so just ignore the false claims by people unable to do simple research themselves.

  • Justin

    Buddy looks no older than 25....give credit to all those that actually DID THE RESEARCH for you to so calmly act so " Holier than thou" while stating claims of facts or epiphany.This film borders on plagiarism. Nothing new's all been said before...

  • Inochi

    Great doc. Covers a lot of really interesting philisophical ideologies. Although most of this is not original as Satyran was saying, like Zeitgeist it brings it all together into a clear concise message. Which is all you can really ask for from a one hour documentary, so I dont really understand his criticism of the film.

    The linking of philosophy to science and more specifically to the work of biologists like Dr. Bruce Lipton, (someone I've always been a huge fan of) really makes what his research was all about clear to the average person. The terminology and language used in this documentary is at some points confusing if you are not educated to a high standard in english, which I think may have been what caused one person to write: "What a total waste of time and resources.This magic mumbo-jumbo will do no good for anyone. Please do not watch this crap - get an education instead."
    Perhaps its sometimes best to follow ones own advice.

    If you liked Zeitgeist, you'll love this.

  • truthfox

    satyran- you must be confused, there is no need to explain yourself, nobody cares what you think anyway, be happy with that bit of truth, peace...

  • Josah

    Wow, this is a great film, even better than the first one.

    Keep spreading the truth!

  • Satyran

    Let me follow up here. Lonefrog, Destiny, anyone else who feels that my comments offended them. First of all, I love you, I love all people, even the ones I hate, I really don't want them to suffer. It's only out of love that I wanted to point out the flaws of this film and some of the philosophies expounded upon in it. These are dangerous philosophies that create people that are just ascribing to another globalist propoganda. Permissive love isn't love at all. Just like this brand of Enlightenment isn't being enlightened. Are there some great concepts in the film? Sure. Does the film maker plagiarize others work without giving credit? Yes. Are some of the concepts outlined in the works of others twisted to fit the film makers own agenda? Absolutely. There is nothing wrong with egoism as long as it's balanced with respect for others. It's okay to disagree with other people and not one single idea is the right way. There are many different paths, it's up to the individual to choose their own path. That's becoming enlightened.

  • Satyran

    Lonefrog, you just proved my point.

  • lonefrog

    Dear Satyran,

    No where did Destiny state having "no ego", Those were your words coming from your ego. Destiny's ego does seem to be in check though, maybe you could put yours aside long enough to ask how it is done. Like you said, I'm not standing around and being a "pussy" and I'm doing something about it. Back off hypocrite and quit trying to abuse people with your doublespeak!

  • Molly

    in-fucking-credible "what the bleep do we know" changed my life. Ever since then I can't help but think about the bigger picture. I always knew that something wasn't right, now I know that nothing is right.We let somebody else run our lives. We are very much not in control. It's sad that humanity as so little faith in it's self but believes in a man that lives in the clouds. On the flip side, this epidemic is so wide spread that it would take a very big person to go against everything. Also I don't want to be killed by the government. lol. I imagine the ideas presented in this movie might scare those trying to keep control of us but at the same time they're betting we won't believe.

  • chezfontaine

    This movie is spot on those that reveal in its intellect will someday be one with themselves. Those that don't i cant say what will happen, only they will find out for themselves. "The knowledge is truth and the truth shall set you free". Love one self like you are the earth and the spread love instead of fear(which breeds hate) peace be to all and give your responds whether they are positive or negative, you will feel that energy which is alive with in you then, based on that response you shall see were you are really at!

  • Satyran

    IF your mind was open and you had no ego, there would therefore be zero reason to share the information or comment at all because having no ego, the thoughts and actions of others would be rendered irrelevent. The fact that you say you have no ego, and choose to share that, shows that you do indeed have an ego and also have a need to have that ego validated by others. So, in closing, the fact that the film exist is a glowing testament to its colossal failure as both a film and a philosophy.

  • Destiny

    great compound of information. It seems those who criticize may need to face their own demons and confront their egos. pay closer attention to the message of this film and you may find inner peace. maybe you criticize because you see your own lack of ability to open your mind. my mind is open and i do not criticize you because i realize that it is part of your own evolution. thank you for this film and the amount of energy you put into making it, this will not fall on deaf ears.

  • Satyran

    Additional Comment Note: at 1:15 (around that mark) I have absolutely ZERO problem with inflicting conscious harm on people who abuse animals or other people, if inflicting that harm will cease innocents or those who cannot fend for themselves from being harmed. To not do so is tantamount to complicity in the original act itself. Would a mother bear sit by and watch her cub be killed because her conscious was elevated? Of course not! So if you see evil being perpetrated, by all means, do something about it! If you see someone hurting or abusing a person or an animal, don't stand around like a pussy, do something about it!

  • Satyran

    Jordan Maxwell & Michael Tsarion called, they wanted to know when their royalty checks were being sent out.
    On a more serious note, this film borders on plagairism. Lots of information that has been extensively presented before, by the original researchers who EXHAUSTIVELY researched and presented original material. The thing that really bothered me is how little, if at all, the film maker acknowledged the original sources of the material.

  • john

    fantastic film

  • Paul

    What a total waste of time and resources.This magic mumbo-jumbo will do no good for anyone. Please do not watch this crap - get an education instead.

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