Invisible Empire – A New World Order Defined

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Jason Bermas’ highly anticipated documentary Invisible Empire exposes the New World Order in their own words, by painstakingly showing how the elite have not only conspired to create a dictatorial global government in private, but have publicly stated their agenda hundreds of times in public. By highlighting the words of people like Paul Wolfowitz, Michael Mullen, David Cameron, Gordon Brown and many many others, Invisible Empire dispenses with the conjecture and sticks to the cold hard facts. This movie is guaranteed to wake up even the most ardent skeptic to the manifestly provable acceleration towards an authoritarian planetary regime that intends to control and regulate every aspect of our existence. Invisible Empire is all conspiracy and no theory – proving beyond doubt how the elite have openly conspired to insidiously rule the globe via the engines of the CFR, the United Nations, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberg group. The film traces the lineage of the evolution of global governance from Samuel Zane Batten’s 1919 manifesto New World Order, through to Hitler’s vision of a 1000 year Reich, to the modern incarnation of the conspiracy which has its roots in the evil deeds of people like George H. W. Bush, David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger. Invisible Empire catalogues the primary criminal enterprises through which the agenda is financed, operated and advanced – government controlled drug-running, false flag terror, banking scams, and state sponsored assassination.

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  • Pigtails

    Very nice documentary. Well thought out and presented. I must say, though. that the information given in the video is info that is well known to those who have kept up with the issues. I guess that is why it's still on-line.

    It would great for an introduction for those who are wondering what all the fuss is about.

  • Jarrod Allen

    f??k the nwo

  • julien

    Too many factual and conceptual mistakes, especially in the first hour. Not very convincing I must say

  • stevie

    true to the words and those that dont believe have there heads in the sand but there is a hell lot more then what is told in the movie/documenty

  • Miguel

    more than 2 hours of documentary and the Rotschild name never came up, interesting (only 2 pictures)

  • gene

    dont be stupid, this documentary is telling you whats coming. the guy above me said it, read the lyrics to muse - uprising. "drugs dumbing us down = flouride in the water" GMO foods, new world government, the league of nations....we have to all become more aware, and the more of us that become aware, the better chance we have.

  • weeandyrobo

    anoniema. you're absolutely right mate. it's infuriating to watch this.

  • fasterthanu

    Brilliant, thanks man

  • anoniema

    Who knows a better documentary on this subject?

    I can't stand to listen to this crap anymore, jumping the gun on far fetched guesses, while reasning is miles out of sight.

  • Shawn

    what more can be said
    there are more of us then them and they know it
    thats why we have so much dis-information
    thats why they have floride in our water and
    have emposed GMO food on us with out asking
    "WAKE UP"..........or you are going to be really
    surprised when this all goes down

  • zonsb

    Very entertaining and informative documentary. The first 80 minutes are critically important to the final 45 minutes. Excellent documentary. Watch the whole video.

  • blv54

    I liked it but it was way to long, the last 45 minutes was the best.

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