How the Rich Beat the Taxman

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How do the rich avoid paying tax and protect their fortunes? Dispatches reveals the clever devices they use. With more than 20 millionaires in the cabinet, reporter Antony Barnett examines the financial affairs of some ministers and others who have helped the coalition. George Osborne says 'we're all in this together' but are ministers and top Tories paying the same rates of tax as the rest of us? Barnett visits a number of offshore tax havens around the world still under control of Britain, including the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands, to find out more about tax avoidance ploys.

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  • Bullseyeannie40

    Imagine the world, when and if, the 'grossly wealthy' had to pay taxes by the same standards that the 99% pay?  Imagine the regulations, bills, act, laws, etc that would ammended or disappear all together?

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