Hotel Ground Zero

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There is an untold story from 9/11 - the incredible tale of the 940 tourists, visitors and staff in the Marriott WTC Hotel, located beneath and between the Twin Towers, who found themselves at the epicenter of a terrifying disaster. Despite jet engines and burning debris raining down on the building, somehow almost all of the hotel guests escaped. Of those who were still trapped inside, 14 miraculously survived the towers' devastating collapse. Hotel Ground Zero tells the remarkable story of their escape, and the courage and heroism of the victims and their rescuers. This documentary focuses on the overshadowed story of the Marriott World Trade Center (3 WTC) on the day of the 2001 attacks resulting in its destruction caused by the collapse of the adjacent South Tower followed by the North Tower as told by people who had escaped from the hotel.

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  • Ryan

    Dude, 40 people died in that hotel, have some respect. 

  • Cui Bono

    I haven't watched this, but I can tell you a lot of people won't be all that surprised to hear that "somehow almost all of the hotel guests escaped" "from underneath the twin towers. The twin towers did not "collapse" on top of this hotel - they were blown APART all the way down to ground-level.

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