Greenhouse Conspiracy

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The hoax of Global Warming / Green House was exposed 17 years ago by CH 4 UK in this documentary entitled Green House Conspiracy. Those who subscribe to the rubbish trotted out by Al Gore and his mindless followers are not new they were the same arse clowns who were telling us we were all going to freeze to death 30 years ago.

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  • Chris

    Corporations don't want to pay environmental taxes and that means global warming is a hoax? Follow the money trail people and you get to the truth. I seriously doubt 95% of the scientists in the world agreed to create this to get rich. Corporations on the other hand are known for lying and killing for profit. Use your frikin' head people. This video never shows numbers, just opinions of a few corporate sponsored liers.

  • Al Hotz

    The doc clearly takes each theory of warming and exposes it as a thin possibility (at best)using (gasp, choke) scientific method. The physics and science of 20 yrs ago do not change the current facts. The experts speaking in opposition all spoke of career and political suicide, whereas one expert for this supposed phenomena, states: "The physical evidence doesn't impress me." HUH????? What does then? Oh yeah, the other guy talked about his funding...thats a great advertisement for supporting "junk science".

    I live in a family of climatologists, some of us have studied ancient weather patterns in places like the arctic and antarctic, written peer reviewed articles and papers on many of the surrounding issues and I can unequivocally state that: There is NO evidence for human created climate change, regardless of whether you choose to say we help to heat up OR cool down the planet. This, my friend, is human arrogance.

  • larry

    man made global warming is bunk. it's a lie. NONE of the people that have EVER said that there IS man made global warming EVER mentions the MWP (Medieval Warm Period). Look it up people. look into it. and DON'T use wiki-ANYTHING for your research.

    You are a fool if you believe in man made global warming. it's a ploy to put you further under control and take your money.

  • S Sharp

    Folks, don't confuse the issue. It is entirely possible to believe the world is warming and still not believe that humans are causing it.

    If you look up the facts, from both points of view (not just the one you have now), then you can make up your own mind. In the meantime, talking mess here won't change anyone's mind.

  • Erik Dobratz

    Thanks a lot you for your ultimate advice

  • Martin

    The point of this film is not about GW at all. It is simply about statement: There is now global warming, as a result of this we will not have to reduce carbon emissions.

    Have you seen just this film and then wrote your statements? Then you should think how influenceable you are. What about other resources?

    Ask thyself very simple question. Who does it work for? Carbon emissions taxes for these who support existence of GW (stated by screwtranshumanism) are nothing in comparison with loss caused by emission restrictions which would mean death for many companies producing co2 and dioxine as a by-product.

    This comedy is about how to hold or maybe increase productivity of oil companies, heavy industry and make a profit for certain people who are able to control whole governments.

    Why they did not mean global dimming, it would then work partly in their conspiracy favor, would´t it? Because there is big however...Why the scientists supporting the conspiracy were not asked for things like:
    how impact has overplus of co2 or another particles in the air on rains? For some people this would be unimportant, but it is also very tightly connected with living conditions on the Earth.

  • pastowe

    You's have got to kidding. You bring a video from the 90's to say that what is happening today is a hoax. Lets look away from the science aspect. Animals from near to both polar regions have to move further away for food on average each year, why? Do you think they're just bored & they want a change. Anyone who does any winter mountaineering in low altitude will tell you the winter climbing months grow less & less. In this video a guy says its just urban warming, hello where does he think the most c.s gasses are induced into the atmosphere, in the sea, on the mountains, in the desert? A lot of people will say a lot of things for greed, profit, that doesn't mean that its not happening. Even if you want to look at the other foot, people will say that its a hoax for profit as well. Wake up people please, you don't have to listen to what experts have to say to realize that somethings wrong!!

  • 007agentgrace

    Everybody should save the links to these global warming videos; every time you hear the evening news talk about global warming send the links to everybody you know. Our govt should stop spending billions on this hoax! This is pork barrel spending. This hoax will make us pay higher taxes for everything, air tax, heat tax, fart tax for the farmers!If we don't start getting involved we're doomed...we can't just sit back and take everything with a grain of salt anymore...we've been too goodness my poor grandchildren coming up in a horrendeous world ran by a bunch of greedy lying lizard (cold blooded)people!They make me sick, scaring the hell out of our children in school for their greed! Shame on them!

  • boston revolt

    yup al gore is a fraud cause he is funded by the rothchilds

  • global warming is false

    we are all doomed if the global warming alarmists have their way. the CLUB OF ROME admits that they drummed up climate change (human caused) to issue a carbon tax and control everyones' lives. look it up. Al Gore is a propagandist and part of the CLUB OF ROME

  • screwtranshumanism

    climate change is solar and beyond human control. those who say otherwise are trying to push a carbon emissions tax that they hope will be paid to a global bank governed by a global dictatorship

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