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Gordon Ramsay loves sharks, and this passion leads him on his most personal mission yet - to investigate the controversial dish, shark fin soup. To understand more about the kings of the ocean, Gordon plunges in to swim with the deadly bull shark, in his scariest challenge to date. It's estimated that each year 100 million sharks are killed worldwide, and Gordon wants to find out if the slaughter is really necessary. Sharks are both terrifying and beautiful, but experts believe overfishing is threatening to drive a third of the world's open ocean shark species to extinction.Incredibly, some of the most threatened species remain untouched by international fishing regulations. What Gordon discovers on his journey leads him to campaign against the brutal and destructive shark fishing industry. Gordon’s love of sharks leads him on his most personal mission yet, to investigate the controversial dish shark fin soup in his latest TV programme, Gordon Ramsay: Shark Bait,part of Channel 4’s Big Fish Fight season. With an estimated 100 million sharks being killed worldwide and a third of the world’s open ocean shark species being driven to extinction by overfishing, Gordon aims to find out if the slaughter is really necessary. He confronts the horrific fate of these beautiful and majestic creatures and is told their decline is irrevocably damaging the delicate balance of our oceans’ food chain. To understand more about the kings of the ocean, Gordon also plunges in to swim with the deadly bull shark in his scariest challenge to date.

Gordon’s fascinating journey leads him to campaign against the brutal and destructive shark fishing industry. Shark Finning is the slicing off of the shark fin and getting rid of the body of the fish. With the growing demand of shark fin soup in inn and restaurants, this business prosper. Chef Gordon Ramsay makes an effort to stop customer from eating the expensive soup by explaining them the brutal process and the harm it is causing on the shark population.

Shark fin soup used to be an emperor’s dish. However with the anticipated rise in wealth throughout China, the over-priced soup is now accessible to the fast growing Chinese middle-class. Fin is the main part of shark fin soup recipe which are dried out, piled, and offered for sale at shark fin inn or various fine dining. The buyers draw out the collagen fibers, wash them, and then cook them. This soup doesn’t have flavor and virtually no nutritional value. This high-priced dish offered only for high regard occasions. Each bowl sell for about US$50.00 upto US$400.00. Which in turn, several species of sharks, a few of them is endangered by now. Oceans are not safe for sharks anymore. They are being not only overfished, but mutilated while still alive because of their fins. Followed by throwing them back into the sea, to die a painful and dreadful death. 1.5 million sharks encounter this each week. Approximately 70 million annually.

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  • Mjr34

    @a28dc5099ea11b7fec4bc64a33d46eae:disqus I think there's a big difference between that, and the horrific practice in Asia. Whilst the animals are still killed, here there are regulations and guidelines surrounding killing. And the animals are domestic. Here wild animals are being taken from the sea. I'm sorry to say this, but it really is not the same. 

  • Knottyrich

    hey Gordon...i guess maybe you live under a rock?...but that horrible cruelty that you witnessed is done to ALL creatures we've decided tastes good!! think that sickens you..take a tour to a pork slaughter house..or a beef slaughter house or a chicken farm....on on on... you think cause your some fancy chef, million of animals are being tortured and skinned and necks slit all while alive before they are delivered to your restaurants? do some research into how your leather jacket was made. that's a real nice sight. what about that giant salmon that was thrown on the counter in your "hell's kitchen" show? done any research into the terrible state of the salmon fishery?
    good doc. but a little weird coming from a man that cuts and cooks animals for a living.

  • Sisco

     my wife is chinese , she told me a year ago thats shes going out to get a special soup called , shark fin soup ... told me it cost alot of money , as she was out I jumped onto google ... when she returned , I open her eyes with information . and now her and her family and friends will not eat it ..... now gordon made ths video ..  im one step ahead BIG BOY yeah

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