God's Next Army

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A look at Patrick Henry College in Virginia, an evangelical Christian college which was created specifically for students who have been home-schooled, with the intent of developing future leaders with a faith-based background.

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  • John

    A "special" college for "home schooled" christians? It seems that some parents of home schooled children do a wonderful job. There are a few nice success stories. But the overwhelming majority of home schooled children simply can't make it in a real university. This fact has been demonstrated by evidence. Most home schooled children, especially home schooled christians, do not get anything akin to a real education. Education is NOT about understanding math, or memorizing church dogma. Education is about EXPERIENCE combined with usable, practical knowledge -- and about logic, reason and critical thinking skills. Home schoolers learn WHAT to think, children with a REAL education learn HOW to think -- a huge difference. Being a home schooled christian and then going to a "special" college for same, is tantamount to being a brainwashed prisoner who has spent his/her life stewed in a pot of circular, cultural and intellectual inbreeding. It is so sad that the majority of these children grow up to be men and women who really don't have a clue as to the fact that they live in a shallow, intellectually dysfunctional stupor of ignorance. But they almost always imagine -- as they are trained to do so -- that THEY are the ones who know the "truth". 
    So very, very, sad.

  • swiss army luggage

    Well I guess that is really interesting. Hope that there would be more cool posts in here. Thanks and i will be looking forward for it.

  • Guest

    Well I guess that is really interesting. Hope that there would be more cool posts in here. Thanks and i will be looking forward for it.

  • munchkynne

    again... not all americans are this retarded and naive! some are worse!!! haha no but really, we're not all brainwashed republican douches.

  • chim

    Not ALL Americans are like this.

  • panth

    Stay the hell away from Europe, and ruin your own country.

  • Greywall

    What's the difference between them and the suicide-bombers prepared in some fanatic so-called islamic madrassa?

  • Surligneur

    What are you scared of? Really? Please stop pretending you don’t worship, serve, answer to, believe, something or someone. Get over yourself. Or maybe you can’t get over yourself because that’s who you worship. It’s a battle for ideas & those ideas have consequences. As far as our western U.S. sick society and dying & decadent culture is concerned, I think a little integrity, honesty, thinking of others, hard work, teamwork, humility, loyalty, teaching by example, and servant leadership could be a refreshing change full of hope that we have not seen in a very long time.

  • Zappa

    Is it bad that I see absolutely no value in the lives of anyone who makes ALL their decisions based on pleasing a 'god'? I figure they should all be shot, luckily they're not above killing each other, and other religions.

  • Wow

    These poor bastards. They don't even know they never even had a chance. The idea that these simple minded fools are to become succesful is a laugh. This school will never become Ivy League and I bet most of these poor kids get out into the real world after graduation and realize they've been lied to all there lives. What a shame!

  • Tim James

    What a bunch of brainwashed jerks! Looks like my country has a great future with people like this trying to run things. Just look what Bush did,awesome job! Glad to say I live in Thailand and can watch something like this a long way from the red, white, and blues!

  • blahblah

    Death to the USA!!! These people are fucked!!

  • Maks Sikorskiy

    Praise God for such an army. The Lord provides. even though I know that until the end of time there will always be disbelief, its our duty while were here on earth to preach the good news to the lost. Love joy peace. haha hallelujah! =]

  • Mihai Butuc

    I am lucky to live far away from the USA, in Romania. These "fundamentalists" are spreading like the internet worms and viruses. Two weeks ago I lived (for 6 days only) in a small hotel, on the Black Sea's shore. The ownwers (husband and wife), came from LA and are members of the Calvary Bible Church, considering themselves as the ONLY AD TRUE CHRISTIANS ON EARTH (or even maybe in the Universe). They said the only book one must read is the bible, as youcan find answers to all possible questions. They called TV the pipe of Satan and, when I asked who they love most -their 5 years old boy, or god- they both saud GOD. They also said the Universe is not older than 6-7000 years and many other stupidities.
    It is unbelievable how such people can trust nonsenses. Are we in the 21st century, or not? Why do we only condemn some fundamentalists (the muslims for example), when fundamentalism is always the same, regardless the religion?

  • brad

    I have a question. If (as these people believe)everything that happens is the will of God then why is it that the majority of the population disagrees with their point of view as to what God wants? And if they actually know what God wants then that proves that God is not all knowing and all powerful or he would change things. These kids have been brainwashed. They have not been allowed to experience mainstream culture or decide for themselves the direction they want to take. It is truly sad.

  • Moe

    Well its a good thing these tards don't know how government actually works.


    I believe the word I´m looking for is - "Morons".
    Great Documentary, scared me.

  • da zuut

    scary people!!! When will people realise that religion is a sham?!?! Its MIND CONTROL!!! This documentary should be re-titled, "God's Next Zombies"!!! Keep religion away from us.....more Bill Hicks!!!

  • Iseult

    This really, really terrifies me.

    And makes me want to move far away from the United States.

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