Global Eugenics - Using Medicine to Kill

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Global Eugenics – Using Medicine To Kill’ is a feature length documentary using a collaboration of various materials. It covers topics such as the swine flu, vaccines and vaccinations, quarantine, water, depopulation, eugenics, Monsanto, gm seeds, Agenda 21, and Codex Alimentarius. In 2008, B.A. Brooks, a director specialized in meanwhile at The New York Film Academy in the creation of digital movies, launched his first exclusive documentary created with videos downloaded from YouTube, a technique that was used successfully in the documentary at hand, Global EUGENlCS – Using Medicine to Kill, from 2009, which in over two hours of footage, he could afford to treat a wide range of topics: the avian flu and swine and their possible genetic manipulation, the vaccines and the aggressive vaccination campaigns, the origins of AIDS / HIV , martial law, medical news, water, GD Searle and genetically modified food, Agenda 21 – the imposition of “sustainable development”, HR 875 – the legislation enforcement of the Codex Alimentarius in the U.S. and others, all of which can be grouped under a single logo – eugenic politics.

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  • Danny Draper

     What di you mean organic sulfur?

  • Patrick McGean

    Death is big business and some of us are stupid enough to fall for Mary Harriman's plan to "purify the races" meaning get rid of color, she so hated color.  But Organic Sulfur the musical will trump eugenics in reality.  What will medicine and the evil of profit do when we are all healthy?  Boycott to Bankruptcy with a chorus line.

    The endgame is we are not going to play any more.

    Organic Sulfur can reverse the intended eugenics and "kill" the medicine that would kill us, along with the leaders who think war is also good business.

    The Agents of the Crystalline Matrix

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