First Earth - Uncompromising Ecological Architecture

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First Earth - Uncompromising Ecological Architecture is a fantastic documentary, released in 2009, embodying an extensive research work carried out for four years, on four continents, directed by David Sheen, that militates in favor of a massive paradigm shift in architecture, revitalizing traditional skills and materials, promoting simple living closer to Earth and regeneration of rural communities. “Filmmaker David Sheen explores the potential benefits of creating ecological villages, as a method of expressing respect for the earth and as a means of establishing stronger communities. Because of the extended suburbs, our society has become more isolated and more dismantled than ever . Proponents of green architecture argue that by building our houses of clay and working together, we can rediscover spirituality and compassion, which seem to be lost in the din of modern life. ” This documentary is a visual manifesto, filmed on the west coast of America to the west coast of Africa and Europe to Asia, a pleading for a compelling long-forgotten truth: the houses of clay are the healthiest and cheapest alternative possible for the current world, suffocated by concrete, metal and glass, in dehumanizing urban communities. The documentary points out the similarities and, who knows, perhaps a common origin lost in the mists of time, between the construction techniques of clay houses, in almost any cultural context, in all the social conditions, from the communities called Third World, to the rural communities in developed countries and Arabic deserts, through urban jungles of America.

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