Facing the Fat

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Obesity has become one of the most overwhelming diseases in our modern society, even now considered to be of epidemic proportions. This documentary film dives into this sensitive, but socially powerful topic and exposes shocking statistics of the fattening of our culture. Kenny Saylors, overweight himself, faces his own fat in his life as he embarks upon a 55 day, Doctor supervised, water fast to see the affects of this ancient practice on our bodies today and to examine if healing properties truly do exist within our own bodies in this extreme method of food restriction. A man who weighs over 300 pounds goes under a medically supervised fast for 55 days with no food, only water. His journey details what happens physically, mentally and spiritually to a person during the course of 55 days of food deprivation, starting up a controversy whether this is truly a means to heal your own body or if it causes more harm than good. Facing The Fat documents the extraordinary story of one obese man and the 55-day journey that changed his life. From a perspective unlike any other film on obesity, Facing the Fat will inspire you, make you laugh and leave everyone with a greater understanding of the psychology of weight problems within our society today. The film chronicles the world's longest water fast, while taking a glaring look at the obesity epidemic, and its fiscal and health implications on our global community. Facing the Fat is an immensely powerful documentary that hits on every human emotion. Whether you are physically fit, or struggle with weight issues, everyone can relate to the challenges portrayed in this documentary,” said producer John Edde. “the important things is that you leave the theatre feeling motivated and empowered to make yourself a better person in whatever way you can. Everyone has some sort of fat in their life, and sometimes it takes going to an extreme to overcome it. Facing the Fat has had success in several national and International film festivals, and is adding New York to its list of premiere cities, which includes Los Angeles and Chicago. It was also well received at the Lighthouse International Film Festival in New Jersey. This documentary has been continually recognized for its human touch and inspiring story of a man seeking more out of his life. Director and star Kenny Saylors adds, Facing the Fat tackles the seriousness of the obesity epidemic in a tasteful and upbeat way. This will be our first screening in the Big Apple, and we are thrilled to share this film with the wonderful people of New York City.

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  • BlogShag

    I don't get it. He's still too fat

  • Lilu

    Was heart warming and uplifting. Kenny is a cutie! I  hope people see this as a documentary and not a diet instruction video. A good film which clearly shows a man being made over in mind body and soul.

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