Endgame - Blueprint for Global Enslavement

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Alex Jones' documentary Endgame charts the history of the elite blueprint for social domination and control, outlining the ultimate plans that those who consider themselves the anointed have for our planet. The first section of the film documents the rise of the banking cartels, who since 1800 have funded both sides of almost every war. Endgame charts the usurpation of the British economy by the Rothchild family who went on to bankroll all factions during the first world war providing armaments companies through banks in France, Austria, Germany and England. Endgame then documents the fallout of the great war and the attempts to form a controlling League of Nations, which was ultimately blocked by Congress. Such frustration on the part of the elite led to the rise of two factions, fascists and Fabian socialists. Endgame documents how bankers again funded both sides during WW2 which ultimately led to the creation of the UN and the beginning of the movement to implement three power blocs via incremental globalism. The second section of the film covers the Bilderberg group and Alex's documentation of the elite group at the 2006 meeting in Ottawa. It covers Alex's detention on the Canadian border at the behest of Bilderberg insiders themselves. Alex and his crew describe how they were interrogated for nearly twelve hours before finally being allowed entry into the country. Featuring extensive interviews with Jim Tucker and Daniel Estulin, veteran reporters who have been covering the meetings for 27 and 15 years respectively, Alex reveals how it is an offence for any member of the federal or state government to meet with foreign power brokers without the express authority of the president or Congress. Endgame then shifts focus to the impending movement towards a North American Union, presenting reports and documentation relating to the efforts toward regional harmonization between the US Mexico and Canada at the secretive Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) summits, which refer to an "evolution by stealth" agenda. The later parts of the film deal firstly with the hijacking of the environmental movement. Experts and former insiders describe how there has been a long term goal spanning back decades to use an exaggerated threat from mother nature in order to control energy markets, regulate the progression of lesser economies and increase the rich poor divide by pricing out the middle classes. This then dovetails with the ultimate endgame, the depopulation agenda. The film's gripping climax delves into the history of eugenics mindset. Endgame lays out the evidence that humans are being portrayed as a virus upon the earth, as we are increasingly being told to believe by cultural and academic kingpins. From the teachings of "Dr Death" Eric Pianka, to German film fest cartoons, to New York Times best selling books, we are being saturated with the idea that humanity itself must be culled in order to save mother earth. Endgame reveals how The eugenics movement never went away, it simply re-packaged itself to be more palatable to an increasingly skeptical public. Looking more slick and professionally produced than ever with an intense soundtrack and filmed in super quality high definition, Endgame is a must watch for anyone seriously concerned with the world we live in today.

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  • Sdf

    alex jones bull craps his stuff. Yea he gives examples but his statements aren't even justified with substantial evidence. He just hard smacks people into stuff and doesn't give proper logic about certain things. We all obviously know that there is something with the rockefellers Bilderberg group but never attacks the system nor about society in general. Infact alex jones supports our consumerist society. Then he attacks the environmental movement claiming that it is "owned by these elites". The environmental movement doesn't have major oil corporations supporting it. I think alex jones gets paid to say crap about the environmental movement and GETS PAID. I remember him saying something about the climate gate incident. He says its real. Sucks for him cause climate gate was proven to be fake TWICE by federal courts by fair trial.

  • Bob

    complete fear-mongering lunacy

  • poopsmith

    Scary and convincing. There's some good info here that I can't ignore. Documentary wise, it's pretty drawn out and repetitive. You could easily chop an hour off this beast without losing any integrity.

  • Wolf

    This man is a total joke! He cann`t control his temperament and cann`t adress his opinion to his fans in a proper way. He found himself a way to make money out of you.
    I mean, some people know that there is a shadow goverment inside goverments, but he compares Third Reich with the rest of the world which is absolutely a redicilous thought. What Iam trying to say is: stop using Third Reich or Nazi`s to make propaganda out of it because this looks more like a jewish propaganda.

    Maybe after some time, some 100 years we will know the truth about Third Reich and the real tyrans US and UK!

    Of all documentaries I have seen (Zeitgeist, The American conspiracy, etc.), this one doesn`t even come closer to the truth.

  • Jim

    Every generation fights a monster. This monster is our fight. Will we win or go silently into the night?
    Every individual must stand and be heroic now. The consequences are laid out in front of us. So, losing is not an option. We cannot afford to wait on others. Don't accept the chip. Refuse and reject their plans. God help us all.

  • B

    Keep going Alex,we need people like you!

  • andy

    That is some scary shit.

  • andy

    That was some scary shit. Sad but true.

  • Amber

    i so support alex jones this movie and the fall of the republic the best movies i have ever watched

  • Jamie

    Excellent documentary from Alex Jones of course :) I love that he's getting this information out there. Thank GOD cause someones gotta do it and we won't accept a NWO!!

  • no terrorist

    no sound on any of the videos on this sight any more hmmmmmm
    figures wouldn't want the entire public that’s trance fixed on their TV’s to catch wind and be able to see for themselves instead they will put out endless documentaries to confuse us and make us totally numb and totally disconnected so we separate ourselves to what is really going on good way to make us feel as though we shouldn't feel morally responsible for the tyranny and crimes against humanity that are and continue to go on, we need to reconnect with the other humans of the world and realise murder is murder whether it is for progress or oil or whatever greed you may call it.. it just seems funny how they keep the documentaries with endless evidence from the masses same old stuff.. thank fully i have copies loll

  • me

    its a sad day when you realise any and all my ancestors that fought and died for freedom was for nothing as the same people change their face and keep right on going only from a different angle all i have to say is i am and will be pushing for my government to separate itself from the united states socially economically and politically and any other way that matters as i am not a very smart person but it is not hard to see who the true terrorists are in the world. to support them and have anything to do with them would make me out as a terrorist to the rest of the world and well that could make us liable later if by some chance we as a society have to answer to these acts that have and continue to happen all for the all mighty dollar and it is not even the people that are benefiting from all this money but just enabling those to tighten their grip on us and continue to manipulate us to agree with their agenda's .. now i have never voted in my life i figured i would leave it to those that new what was going on. Now if everyone was to do the same fine but it is those that do not have a clue that vote and that is who they appeal to and brain wash everyone through main stream media and that is how they go about staying in power we have to take the time to really study what is going on and no what it is we are voting for before we vote ..
    now back to wanting to distance myself and my country from the states .. the way that the american government has worded and defined a terrorist makes them absolutely guilty of such crimes and some day they will have to answer to this we as canadians have a duty to wake up and acually put an effort into learing about current events and politics and saving ourselves from being guilty of acts of terrorism because we have no excuse with all the info out there we know what is going on and to continue to support such acts would without a doubt make us out to be terrorists to the rest of the world..
    we have to save our childrens futures and their childrens children and stop thinking for ourselves and letting everything go because you just want to be left alone in your little bubble i urge anyone that reads this comment to stop and look at all the evidence out there and nver mind all the disinformation that is being put out there to confusse the situation but stop[ everything and really take a good look at whats going on out there.. wheather you are north south or central americain you need to take a good look at everything that has been going on for the past 60 70 years we have no excuse and really stop everything youare doing and forget the mainstream news it only tells you what they want you to hear and if something is brought up that they have to retract you never hear about it again and it is all that evidence compiled with everything else that is you absolute proof and once you do can you live knowing what is going on if you can well yopu haven't studied the issue enough we have never needed a bigger wake up call in the history of humanity and it is happening but those that oppose are aware and will and are speeding up their agendas and doing so they are making many mistakes and they have made plenty when will we make those truly responsible for all the suffering in this world answer to it. as i said i am not the most intelligent but i can see for myself who is and has the means to do the things that are being doing and it is not the average person as we have all the evidence in the world that shows how inteligent the govourement is when it serves their agenda
    any and all Americans north south or central can prove to the rest of the world they are not terrorists or do they support them, by seperating themselves from those that are
    sorry about grammar but i have not been claiming to be the smartest sheep out there but thank good i am not the slowest get on the band wagon before you are the last one to wake up and see for themselves not just continue preaching whats on the mainstream news and lobying and debating like you actually have a clue
    I am sorry iof i am offensive but this is not unseen evil untouchable ..this is not satan and something we have to just beleive in with no proof this is an actuall force and it is time we used this force for the good we are being made to beleive it is being used for. how can anyone ever justify deaths with thousands of times more deaths and i am not just trying do preach that we have to stop fighting killings bad but we have to be sure we are dying for the right reasons and not just because we are told to .war and death are inevitable and i will be a patriot and fight for the right reasons but to be fooled into doing someones bidden in todays age can only go on for so long untill we are just as guilty as those involved
    in nazi germany after hitler was defeated those that were as guilty as he, were tried and convited, except his scientists (and another sad peice of history is the fact that those scientists guilty of helping hitler in his many crimes against humanity wer called to work for the american govourement) and well you can make your own opinion on this when you learn about it but anyone else was just as guilty so i have to ask myself now that i am aware does it not make me just as guilty hmmmmmm
    its time we came up with a plan for ourselves as canadians and really decide what it is we want for our childrens future i vote as a canadian we use our own resources for our own people and start to think up a plan that does not go along with the united states agenda

    I know this is a long comment and i am going on alkot but with november 11 comming it makes me think those that know all the truths and are benefiting from these acts well i would have to say we are being played for fools and being laughed at because they wouldn't care if we lost 20 million Americans including canadians as they profit from all this and allows them to take over everything else while we are fighting they are purposely provoking the public into rioting and marching as then they can implement more laws to control and take away our freedom with remembrance day comming we as canadians owe it to ourselves our children and above all those that have already died and not mocked

  • me

    he is spreeding the word to educate the masses as someone has had to do obviously i jut hope the publics eyes are opened up wide enough before it is to late if it isn't already because if it is the sad thing is the only way to stop it is through more deaths and that is all they want and well all i have to say is this crap has got to be stopped we have been played for fools for to long and well i just wish that those that live in their bubble and do not want to be bothered wake up and realise that this is exactly what they are banking on and if you are not part of the sollution you are obviously part of the problem becuse then just like robots they do the bidding of these money driven individuals now do not get me wrong there is nothing wrong with making money but when it is at the cost of lives freedom and out country well all i have to say is our antcesters would roll in their grave if they knoew what was going on in the world today and with november 11 comming up we should be ashamed of ourselves all the dieing that was done for our freedoms all for nothing when the same individuals are still ruleing and killing and manipulating and using the public as giunie pigs when will enough be enough they kill people at willl and we are supposed to be involved in a war on terror and the terrorists are right in their own back yards this is a sad sad day to be a north american

  • america

    you all need to listen and diside for ur self dnt take his word but look @ the facts and I've watched alot of theses docs bye different patriots and they all make scince and the revolution is comming weather u beleve it or not and unfortunetly all us blogers and internet surfers are gone be the first leaders in this war to come if we dnt stand up and fight for our freedoms the European union is alreday a reality with a constitution emposed on countries that aposed it NOrth america is next

  • nash

    why is the sound so fucked up?.... its like listening to a radio...

  • De Realist

    Alex Jones is trying to wake up peaple.
    Michael Moor is trying to wake up his wallet.

  • A.J.

    why is alex jones always doing anti-government documentaries? Personally, i think too much is a bad thing.
    i much prefer Michael Moor's documentaries though.

  • shut up and fight back

    probably the best documentary of alex jones.


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