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Information is power, but 21st century technology has unleashed an information revolution, and now the genie is out of the bottle. Youtube, Facebook and Twitter have become the new weapons of mass mobilisation; geeks have taken on dictators; bloggers are dissidents; and social networks have become rallying forces for social justice. As people around the world challenge authorities, from Iran to Tunisia, Egypt to Yemen, entire societies are being transformed as ordinary citizens see the difference, imagine the alternative, and come together to organise for a better future. So, are social networks triggering social revolution? And where will the next domino fall? Empire finds out. Joining Marwan Bishara to discuss these issues are: Carl Bernstein, a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist; Amy Goodman, the host and executive producer of Democracy Now!; Professor Emily Bell, the director of digital journalism at Columbia University; Evgeny Morozov, the author of The Net Delusion: The Dark Side of Internet Freedom; Professor Clay Shirky, the author of Cognitive Surplus: Creativity and Generosity in a Connected Age.

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  • Sparta Man3

    just say there may be a prediction for the NEW MADRID FAULT-LINE in this Arkansas
    story with quakes/oil! OK! Everyone REMEMBER seeing a particular/specific map
    that shows what the United States might look like if the New Madrid fault-line Area
    were to have a major shift and/or major flooding of the mississippi which would
    happen if landmass splits at such a rate of ass whoopin and not in that
    particular order or cause. WELL! HMMMM! Georgia Guide stones, study maps from
    the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Geological Survey, Geologist and private research
    services from across the world all ended up with their future predicted maps
    independently of each other. What do ya’ll think? IF I have to hear OFFICIALS /
    ELITE say that everything going on in the world today is coincidence well then
    I'm thinking HYPOTHETICALLY when I start my new pointless job come Monday
    I.........will be exempt from paying any taxes Ha Ha Ha! ,.... will close my
    bank account with Bank of America-J.P. Morgan Chase-Citibank and World $,....
    will cease buying and start selling my gold/silver since the market for
    precious metals is getting so UP THERE^ that it's just a matter of WHEN the
    market for them crashes and it devalues such prized metals World-Wide to the
    price of pot-metal "which has almost no value, not in this civilization
    anyway",.... I will then...  after
    selling off all my society-been-brainwashed-into-drooling-over-material-things
    things that distract humanity from
    their real purpose which is not
    beyond imagination btw as well as not impossible, I can now have more money to
    do with as I choose: hence now having enough monopoly paper to buy me
    self-sufficiency , WE will if we are willing to be truly free---grow your own
    food!--- Our world for lack of a better word is a Corporate one, so how hard are
    we willing to work at it. We as a civilization WILL get out of life exactly
    what we put into it. Actions speak louder than words and can Be if the
    non-elite class "HUMANITY" create a domino effect and so on.


    about me I was born, raised and still live in TEXAS, when I was growing up in a
    sandy cow-town I would walk outside and occasionally would smell manure in the
    air and that ain't normal every day!!!  
    Because like most towns out of consideration for others, when they were
    established, the feed lots were built down - wind from town due to regular wind
    direction.  So common sense tells me that
    the wind has changed direction ....if I hadn't already noticed that lol!  RIGHT! 
    It's not rocket science man! "Common Sense is Simply
    Priceless".  I hope that when you
    finish reading this you will have been rocketed into a 4th dimension of
    existence of which you had not even dreamed and by not watching your television
    or reading the newspaper which are mostly disinformation in the United States you
    will no longer be blind. By the way there is no more free press or is there?
    Yes there is but you’re never gunna find it on the TV/Newspapers “no
    different than monopoly paper” it can be only found on the Internet. Times
    have changed in the sense that we now actually have a real free world press
    known as the World Wide Web   it’s not limited to only propaganda which is
    the majority of what we see almost every day on TV and pressed on the newspapers.


     Trust websites especially like this one that
    state facts and events and let us put two and two together if you choose to and
    free to think for ourselves. Set forth your opinions on the bigger picture of
    things to come, and tell the world your information so that cause and effect
    domino's transition in this civilization, or "Or Else" will be
    exactly what we get of it!!!!


    Mean while I will be living it up with nothing to lose accepting the
    possibility "when the SHTF". I’ll choose to be happy, joyous and
    free. There for nothing to fear anymore and problem solved for me and I’m only
    one person. What is your choice to be…..continue to live in misery or be Happy
    Joyous and Free


    30,  2011 - 1:45am

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