Egypt's Mystery Chamber

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Journey into the valley of the kings as discovery channel uncovers the secrets of Egypt's Mystery Chamber. Though the tomb KV63 in Egypt's Valley of the Kings was discovered in 2006, it has remained shut to the outside world. The meaning and significance of the tomb's contents - which include unopened relics, blemished inscriptions and delicate artifacts - were left shrouded in mystery. This month, Discovery Channel searches for answers in Egypt's Mystery Chamber and reveals, for the first time ever, important information about the mummification of Egyptian pharaohs. KV63 was the first tomb to be found in the Valley of the Kings since the discovery of King Tutankhamen's burial spot more than 80 years ago. However, the team of archaeologists had to abandon their work as conditions became inhospitable with blinding sandstorms and scorching temperatures at the excavation site. For the first time since KV63's unearthing, the archaeologist team returns to examine the tomb's contents in order to uncover its true purpose. With the entrance of the new tomb a mere 14 metres away from that of the boy king's, this exploration could perhaps also answer the pressing question: could this tomb be directly related to Tutankhamen? Using the latest scientific techniques and state-of-the-art archaeological equipment, the team sets out to make sense of this forgotten world. Will they find the answers to the puzzle in the 4000-year-old sealed jars and the exquisite gold coffins found within the tomb?

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  • Bugbusters_la

    all the pictures on the wall have people of color, but on the reinactment the people are white looking, stop you're racist ways

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