David Icke – Was He Right?

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Channel 5 documentary from 12/26/06 which chronicles David Icke's career to present day, and asks the big question - Was he right?

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  • Stan

    Let me ask you this?  If a TV show or video is aired....is it life imitating reality?  Or reality imitating life? 

    And what BETTER way of reducing someone to insanity than reflecting what might be true by making the issue into a movie?

    David, has brought up some very real issues in his talks...and people like Emuna, will hang on, until they are dragged away by the storm troopers.....  who by the way were chronicled in another fantasy, (WWII) that didn't happen.....

  • Stan

    NOT was he right...but, IS he right?

  • g flo

    David Icke is the shit!!!

  • Lillith

    Was he right....Umm, No...he is a self aggrandizing lunatic!

  • Rick

    @IMUNA, you havent done your research! his beliefs were before the original V tv series. not to mention, that that show aired mainly in America when it came on. His residence wasnt in america or britain at the time. He has predicted too much, and has a good track record to be looney. sry

  • Emuna

    David isn't well. I think he has a delusional psychosis and should be looked after. His belief in reptilian type humans came about after the TV series 'V' was on TV. I get annoyed with the people around him who go along with the nonsense and probably profit from it. They should get him to a psychiatrist.

  • True dominant

    Nice one , do you know a lot about BDSM :) I ll bookmark you right now!

  • Chanelle Kunimitsu

    I truly liked the mistress thing , can you post more?

  • chitter chatter

    rencas, pleas could you give a reason to why you think he is a deceiver. I cannot see whos question you are answering.


  • joe

    great! Watch with family!!

  • Boston Revolutionairy

    All good men wish the entire abolition of slavery, as soon as it can take place with safety to the public, and for the lasting good of the present wretched race of slaves. The only possible step that could be taken towards it by the convention was to fix a period after which they should not be imported.

  • rencas

    He was right only up to a point..and that's all. A part from a few other things he is just normal..and yes your answer to your other question is YES he is a deciever whether he knows it or not ...but I think he does.

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