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Exposing the real story behind global events, which shape the future of human existence and the world we leave our children. The veil lifts on an astonishing web of interconnected manipulation to reveal that the same few people, secret societies and organizations control the daily direction of our lives, & how the same people on apparently different sides of politics are actually connected to the same elite organizations. These organizations have the same proven agenda of a world government, a world central bank, a world army, a world currency, and some say a micro-chipped population. "OPPO-SAMES" These apparent opposites in politics are there to persuade us that we are not living in a prison, that we have a choice. Yet these persons are not opposites at all but are part of a one-party state. The last two US Presidents were apparently opposites and on different sides - Bill Clinton and George Bush - yet they were both heavily involved within the same elite organizations. David Icke explains: "What happens in practice is that if you look at all the dogmas in all cultures, all societies have what I call a 'hassle-free zone.' It is that area within any culture, within each dogma (religious, economic, political etc) wherein if you conform to it, you are in the comfort zone. No one's going to laugh at you, condemn you for being different, or for expressing your uniqueness, because you are locked into the herd mentality, and you are conforming to what you are told you should be and do. When you step out of this mind-set and express your unique aspect of all that exists and refuse to be frightened, or controlled, you immediately face ridicule or condemnation as I have in England." "THE SHEEPLE" "Whatever happened to living? The vast majority of people, rich and poor, on this planet are enslaved. Enslaved by the system's robotic programming, its economic imprisonment, and by their own refusal to think, question and find the liberation that comes with an open mind. We don't live in a free society, we live as robots in a society in which you are free to do what the society wants you to do - produce and consume - that's the reality.

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  • Raoul

    Two hours of David Icke...lol..!

  • Chris'e The Aussie Surfer

    Icke you have raised some interesting ideas relating to global politics, though they are almost main stream for most interet users these days. I must say your delivery of the facts lack any deepth and your Lectures contain so much woful one must find it hard to stay interested. Stop Bragging Icke how you have know about these ideas since the 80's and start producing lectures pretaining 30 years of good hard reasearch. Your a Ledgend Mate but fresh'n it UP!!!!!

  • wellington von farthammer

    Aluminum foil hats need to be worn at all times

  • gada

    he is angel the saver of humandkind and many like him
    are here to save as we must pay attention before is too late ( i mean them)??/?????? we have sheet-hole,eat and sheet
    but we don't feed others we kill others and laugh our
    assholes ha what else... i think i never can said enough, right?? good luck to as all i belive we can doit and feed everyone and take them out from the cage set them free birdy go free be free ahhahaha sametime after our asss would be woupt free ?????? hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhah.sry for my bad lounge?

  • Justin

    Crazy as catshit, but i keep watching his stuff.. lol =p

  • Bunnington

    Icke is such a genius.

  • Olaf Starmace

    He speaks the truth

  • Kevin

    David Icke is to be commended for his work, though I don't always agree with all of his views. He is encouraging people to think outside the box. It is so very true that a small group do indeed manipulate us by virtue of the fact they own most of the media and the governments on earth. The good news I believe is, many human souls on this planet are waking up to it and maybe will take their lives back.

  • Danny Cunnington

    I quite like this guy. He makes a lot of sense and he's got it right about the global elite. What he doesn't have is very much form in that he jumps about with his subjects and although it contains lots of good information, at the end of the day, he's doing what he says you should not do. That's let someone else tell you what to do and how to think!

  • Standing Strong

    Its sad that he knows about the conspiracy but falls for the same occult belief system that the elite subscribe to.

  • rencas

    but about the conspiracy of world domination I must say he has nailed it.. good video though!!!!!!

  • rencas

    This guys has truly lost the plot!
    Yes he is right with some of the points he makes but again.... overall he is confused.

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