Confessions of an Undercover Cop

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The inside story of Mark Kennedy, the police officer who spent eight years undercover as a dedicated activist, having infiltrated the environmental movement and Europe's left-wing extremist political groups. Now, with his cover blown, Kennedy has lost his wife and children, and the friends he made during his time with the protesters have labelled him a traitor. In this Cutting Edge film, he discusses the consequences of his actions, as police bosses claim he has forgotten who he really is. With exclusive access to Mark Kennedy, Britain's most controversial undercover police officer, this gripping and revelatory documentary tells the definitive, inside story of Mark Stone/Kennedy. Directed by Bafta Award-winner Brian Hill and narrated by Kennedy, the Cutting Edge film also features interviews with the police to reconstruct the story of how Mark Kennedy went from being a regular south London police officer, with a wife and two children, to becoming Mark Stone. This was Mark the environmental campaigner, militant activist and undercover cop who broke into power stations, learned how to make bombs, infiltrated groups hell-bent on attacking major corporations and stood arm-in-arm with anti-capitalist anarchists. He also had a relationship with a female activist for four years and was even beaten up by fellow police officers who were unaware he was undercover. All the time he was feeding intelligence back to his handlers. Now, with his cover blown, he lives in fear for his life. He is separated from his wife and family. The woman he fell deeply in love with as Mark Stone never wants to see him again. For the first time, Kennedy is returning to face up to himself, his actions and to the people who claim he betrayed them.

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  • ACAB

    Did anyone else notice the t-shirt he was wearing at 18:14? 


  • Guest

    @ rfmcc the problem was if they closed the case  he would have continued working with and helping the people who trusted him he was just a spy but the handlers had to make shore their asset didnt embrace the cause of the people who loved him and cared for him, once they decided they had enough info or maybe it was they could tell that they werent going to be able to get this man to go against his own heart much longer  thus the need for his exposure plus spending 7 years with the "enemy" protesting freedom the effect of that on him would mean its  not possible to be re-intergrate back into the police force thats subjected to fear based mind programming

  • Rfmcc

    There is more to this than meets the eye. He goes from an internationally known expert of leftist operations and infiltration to nobody overnight. Something more must have taken place that neither he nor the police will discuss.

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