Chasing Mummies - 5 Chambers

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If you thought archaeology was for mild-mannered folk who like standing around in fields digging up old coins, then think again. Angry archaeologist Dr Zahi Hawass runs 250 digs throughout Egypt – and makes Indiana Jones look like a wimp. This brand new ground-breaking series follows the master at work, as he and his crew explore the pyramids, crypts and tombs of the ancient land. A nightmare boss Dr Hawass may be, as he runs his teams of interns ragged and has zero tolerance for mistakes. But, nicknamed The Pharoah, there’s possibly no-one alive who knows more about the ancient dead. Unfortunately the legendary Egyptologist’s people skills don’t exactly match up to his archeology skills. So woe betide any of the keen and eager – but naïve and often clueless – interns who join him in his ancient explorations. Zahi doesn’t suffer fools at all, never mind gladly, so when a desperate girl relieves herself in a pyramid, a volunteer turns up late or his interns don’t get excited enough at a discovery, their place on the dig is immediately thrown into jeopardy. And conditions are already dangerous enough, as the interns and camera crews – who also feel the wrath of Zahi’s temper – are encouraged down deep, narrow holes on ropes and have to venture through crumbling and cramped maze-like tunnels metres underground. There’s not only their boss’s poisonous tongue to worry about, but snakes and scorpions and corridors full of bats as well. So why on earth do they do it? Well, for the chance to make some amazing discoveries, open tombs that have been sealed for thousands of years or find headless mummies, priceless pottery and forgotten underground chambers. That’s if they can hack the heat, the hard work and Dr Hawass’ famous temper.

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  • Luayursula

    Daaamn.. That was pure Hollywood. The man could be making it all up, for all we know. There were thousands of graffiti in there. And "he" discovered it in his "2" visits, there... right... 80% humidity of his own pee, most likely... those had to be looong visits.
     But again, the Dr. shows being framed... kinda, (by himself, mostly?) and his name did show up more than once during Egypt's uprising. Not certain of the intent, but I sure do smell politics, here.

     Those "gangs" sure did know how to to move rocks, btw. Kufu, respect.

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