Can We Save Planet Earth?

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Can We Save Planet Earth? a documentary about global warming, presented by David Attenborough. They were first broadcast in the UK on 24 May and 1 June 2006 respectively. Part of a themed season by the BBC entitled "Climate Chaos", the programmes were produced in conjunction with the Discovery Channel and the Open University. They were directed by Nicolas Brown and produced by Jeremy Bristow. The music was composed by Samuel Sim. The show presents potential solutions to global warming, followed by a panel discussion about the road ahead. Acknowledging the scientific consensus on the issue, the debate will steer clear of the pointless "skeptics vs. alarmist" angle and focus on what we can do as individuals, a nation and a species to avert the impacts of climate change. Attenborough's film lays out seven components of a sane response to global warming - strategies and targets from the household to big industries and government. But each one has implications, and many - like a growing reliance on nuclear power - are highly contentious. Our goal is to debate these strategies in a positive and constructive spirit: combating the paralysis of swirling fears with concrete ideas for informed action." But in retrospective, in 2006, Attenborough did not have enough scientific evidence to be more blunt. So, the author of this review simply summarizes the situation of year 2011 as following: Pollution, eating species into extinction and massacre of environment happens on global scale: sacred and very needed by life on Earth trees are being massacred by human predator. Gold mining, illegal tree cutting, illegal ranching in Amazon already destroyed a lot of sacred trees.

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