Behind the Green Curtain

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Our right to own property is at the core of freedom and liberty. Simply put, if you can't own property, you become property! Is the environmental movement really concerned with protecting nature or is there a hidden agenda to control and eliminate private property? Who is behind this movement? Are the constitutional rights of ordinary citizens being systematically violated? Behind The Green Curtain blows back the green veil hiding the environmental movement. It reveals a dark, cynical reality of the movement unconcerned about nature and the environment. It focuses on the mega-foundations and the financial elite behind them. Learn about their hidden agenda of power, control and the goal of eliminating private property altogether!

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  • Ped200014

    more corporate propaganda.

  • Every bit of information to open your mind is one more piece of the puzzle. This, like other such videos, I at first thought about sceptically. But once the case was made I could see the direction. This may not touch everyone but it is important to know every way in which they are attacking us. Great video. Thanks again.

  • Repo

    good info

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